Danny woke. He felt awful, ill, beyond ill. He was coated in sweat but at the same time felt bloody freezing. So cold he was shivering. He glanced at the clock, it was 2am he'd only been asleep for a couple of hours.

Alice was still breathing softly beside him, sleeping soundly. Making sure not to wake her he got up planning on making a cup of tea and taking a couple of paracetamol. He must have come down with the flu there had been some going about and Danny had been on call outs all over the province the past few weeks. He flicked the switch on the kettle and sat down at the table waiting for the water to boil. He was exhausted the joys of working full time and having a toddler not to mention teenage girls to live with. His eyes were getting heavier and heavier and his head was starting to pound now too. He was only woken by a hand on his shoulder.

"Danny?" It was Alice, looking worried. "You OK, sweetheart? You look awful."

He shrugged it was all he could manage, "I think it's flu." he whispered exhaustion evident in his voice.

"Go back to bed, I'll make you tea."She said softly placing her hand on his forehead.

He nodded and gratefully made his way back to their room. Alice busied herself making him tea. No one wonder he was ill, the ridiculous amount of work he'd been doing. He could do with a day of rest.

Danny lay back in bed, he ached all over.

Alice carried the hot mug through to their room but smiled to herself as she saw him. He was sprawled on the bed fast asleep. Poor Danny.

She placed the mug on the side and grabbed the spare duvet from the top of the wardrobe to place over him. His forehead was burning but if it was flu he'd most likely be cold, she thought. She then climbed carefully in beside him and drifted into a light sleep.


"Morning Alice." said Rosie cheerily entering the animal hospital.

"Good morning," said Alice looking up from the rooikat she was feeding.

"Where's dad?" Asked Rosie immediately getting to work, starting to put feed in the different animals cages.

"Still in bed." replied Alice placing the rooikat back in his cage so she could help Rosie.

"Shocking! Leaving us all the hard work."

Alice laughed, "I'd normally agree completely but he was up in the middle of the night. I think it's a flu he's got plus he was completely exhausted when he came in last night. He was asleep before me."

"Is he ok?"

"I think it's just a flu."

Rosie nodded, "Men!"

Alice laughed, "What would they do without us? How is Dylan by the way?"

"He's fine." Rosie said cheerily. Although the whole family had never really taking to Rosie's new husband they'd all resolved to be tolerant for Rosie's sake. And actually everyone was coming round to him especially Alice who hadn't had much of a problem in the first place. "Actually Alice, I kinda needed to talk to you about something."


Charlie was playing tig with Robbie. The racket had Dupe escaping to Fatani's. Alice was just entering the house when four year old Robbie came running into her legs.

"Woah there wee man, where you off to?"

"Charlie's coming! Charlie's coming!" he shouted in his baby voice. Alice picked him up and he squealed as Charlotte came running into the hall.

"Oh..." said Charlotte sheepishly, "hi mum."

"Thought I said no more playing tig in the house. Come on Charlie your meant to be the mature big sister." Robbie's face held a solemn expression, Charlotte was fighting the urge not to laugh at him.

"Sorry mum."

Alice rolled her eyes. "Lunch will be ready soon, the pair of you go see if Nomsa needs a hand. And keep it down your dad's not well remember."

She placed Robbie down on his feet and watched the pair walked off. Partners in crime the pair of them. Both equally as hyper. Charlotte loved having someone to run about with and Robbie was just his big sister's shadow. She walked into her and Danny's room. He was still fast asleep in the position she'd left him earlier, how on earth could he sleep with all that noise? Even when she sat down on the bed beside him he didn't stir. "Danny?" She placed a hand on his cheek. It wasn't as warm. Danny groaned and opened his eyes. Alice smiled, he was so cute when he woke up. "How you feeling?"

He nodded blinking still tiredly, "Bit better."

"You don't feel as hot as you did, you still cold?"

He sat up, "Alice, I'm fine." She was such a mum. "What time is it anyway?" He asked stretching.

"Just after one, I thought you needed the sleep."

"thanks." He gave her a quick kiss.

"I'm surprised you got any sleep, I'll be glad when the schools get back. Charlotte and Robert are driving me mad."

Danny laughed, "I'll get up and see to them, we can put a film on. I need a shower but I might come try some lunch I'm pretty hungry actually."

"I'll save you some. You sure you're ok Danny? You still don't look well." She asked concerned as he got up and grabbed a towel.

He rolled his eyes. "Stop fussing! I'm fine." They shared a quick kiss before Danny left the room.

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