"Where's Danny?" Dupe asked as he sat down for breakfast.

"He got up early, something about going to see Mr Logan about a dog. I've learnt not to ask questions." Alice replied. She was helping Robbie with his breakfast while at the same time telling Charlotte to get a move on before she was late.

"Who's taking me to school mum?" asked Charlotte picking up the piece of homework she'd frantically been scribbling on under disapproving looks from her mum.

"I will, now move." Charlotte rolled her eyes as she left.

"itchy mummy." Robert moaned squirming in an attempt to prevent himself from scratching. Alice sighed and picked him up.

"Will we put a film on you can watch?" He nodded against her shoulder. "You lie up on the couch and I'll stick one on."

She sat him down and he toddled off, "Nemo! Mum!"

"OK Robbie." She turned to Caroline, "Are you sure you're OK to keep an eye on him for a bit?"

Caroline nodded, "Don't worry, take Charlotte to school, get the hospital open. Robert will be absolutely fine."

"Thanks, Caroline. Danny will probably be home soon anyway. God knows where he's got to!"


Danny sat in the waiting room. He went from studying the posters on the walls, to pacing, to sitting back down and wringing his hands nervously. He was terrified. Absolutely terrified. This was life changing. Changing! Ending he thought rather morbidly. He quickly shook that kind of thought from his head. If he was going to face this that wouldn't help. He looked at the clock. Everyone would be up now probably. He wondered how Robbie was this morning. The spots had definitely seemed less red when he'd popped his head in this morning. Alice would probably still be trying to get Charlotte out the door.


He should have told her. But at the same time, how? How do you even bring it up without it ending in heartbreak and tears? He didn't know for sure yet and there was no point in worrying her. Even that excuse sounded pathetic in his head. If the roles were, God forbid, reversed he'd have wanted her to tell him. He would've been here at this moment to support her. And that's exactly what he needed right now: her support. But that was selfish what was the point in stressing her out even more about something that might not even be happening.

Oh shut up Danny.

"Daniel Trevanion to Room 2 please. Mr Trevanion, room 2"

He stood and nearly fell right back down again his legs were shaking so much. The walk to the consult room was the longest journey he'd ever made. He wanted to turn and bolt. He wanted to throw up. In fact-

"Danny! Come in sit down, please." He took the seat in front of Harry's desk.

"well?" Danny asked. His mouth had gone dry.

"We got your results back. Danny I'm sorry."

Back in the Jeep Danny headed home in a daze. It probably wasn't even safe for him to be driving in this condition. Reaching the Leopard's Den sign at the entrance he killed the engine.

The writing became blurred as his eyes filled. He sniffed fiercely, digging his palms right into his eyes in an attempt to stop any tears falling. He'd fight this. He wasn't weak, he wouldn't cry.

Harry had said they wanted him in as soon as possible. And that would mean telling Alice, telling Rosie, Robert, Charlotte, Liv, Evan...

"Daddy! Daddy!" Robert jumped off the couch and into his arms when he walked in. Finding nemo was just coming to an end. Danny lifted Robert and hugged him tight to his chest. Robert snuggled in slightly confused by his father's reaction. "where's mummy?"

Swallowing the large lump, Danny painted on a smile. "We'll go get her."

Alice was sitting in the office when they walked in. She was shocked when she saw Danny's face. He looked worse and she hadn't thought that possible. Robert held out his arms for her to take him. "Where you been, you were ages?"

"Traffic" he answered ruffling Robert's hair. "Sorry."

"Don't be daft. Just kiss me." she laughed. He didn't.

As he pressed his lips to hers he took her by surprise. The kiss was slow, deep and meaningful. His hand came up to stroke her hair. She almost forgot her own name till Robert interrupted by tapping the side of Danny's face. She laughed at their son as Danny pulled away but keeping his arm around her. He too chuckled softly at Robbie's disgusted expression. Alice looked up at Danny. "what was that for?" And it was with fear more than anything she asked it with.

"I just love you." And he wrapped his arms around both of them.

The moment was interrupted by the radio. "I'll go." Said Danny quickly kissing them before grabbing his keys.

Alice was left bereft. The feel of her husbands strong arms should have made her fell secure. That kiss should have have left her feeling all giggly, the way Danny always made her feel: like a teenager!

Instead she felt a deep unsettling in her stomach. A feeling that something was wrong.