No one really knows exactly what happened. No one was prepared, nor do we except this. Our city is gone, ruined for yet eternity. All I can say is I will start from the beginning to hopefully clear up some of the confusion on what really did happen. I lost many friends and family, everyone more the less, lost themselves. We didn't have much order at first. People ran around killing, hunting for food and doing the unimaginable. You smelled the burning of wood and rubber in the streets almost everyday. People's screams as they saw the dead or where almost there. The crying of lost children and the rage of the old. It frightened me, not knowing anyone, no one would help me. They all kept running around like wild deer in a shooting range, looking for a fence to hop, a way out. But if some people didn't already realize, there was no way out.

We were trapped, we either died of starvation, or was killed. I lingered in the shadows most of my days, watching the bustling people, I survived. The "cage" that we were in, or the trapped mind state, felt like it got smaller, and smaller by day, by hour, and as a result this is what happened.

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