Hey guys, I'll make this quick. First Royai, Fullmetal fic. Just something that I have played in my mind over and over again, and finally decided to write it down. Hope you like!

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'Riza. Are you awake?'


Riza. He hardly ever called her by her first name. The word was enough to sit her up in her hospital bed. Mustang was sitting up in his own bed, his head turned towards her position, but the gaze of his eyes missing her by a few inches.

'Colonel, do you need something?'

She didn't know why she asked, she was pretty much unable to do anything as she couldn't turn her neck far for fear of re-opening the gash.

'Can you get out of bed?' He asked, still unable to look directly at her without his eyesight.

'Yes Sir, but I can't go far.'

'You don't need to, Riza. Just come here.'

Again he used her first name.


'Just come here… Please? And there's no need to be so formal. You know my name.'

It was the please that really pushed her out of her bed. She moved over, watching her feet for fear of falling in the slight dimness of the room. He patted a spot on his bed, indicating for her to sit there. She settled herself and waited for him to speak. For a long while he said nothing, and then he reached out a hand, fumbling through the air to find her. She hated to see him struggle, so she took her hand to meet his. An intense look of concentration showed on his face as he began to get his bearings on her body; but not the usual frown, she noticed, a new face she was unfamiliar with. He ran a hand up her arm to her shoulder until he found a strand of hair. He began to play with it, running it through his fingers, twisting it into loops. She realised they hadn't spoken a word for a long time.


He grimaced at her choice of name.

'I'm sorry... Roy. Roy, is everything okay?'

He dropped his free hand from her hair; the other remaining entwined with hers, and sighed, a long low sound that reminded Hawkeye of a defeated animal.

'A lot happened today, ya' know…' he mumbled. 'I really thought you were going to leave me. I really thought…'

She didn't know what to say. For years, any emotion one of them felt was hastily hid from the other. Of course things came across but they always chose not to talk about it, but now he was letting her in. He made a noise, something between a choke and a sob, and his inhaled breath sounded broken. How did she let this happen? This Roy was vulnerable, fearful and pretty much heart breaking. Not the lazy ladies' man, who would do anything to protect what needed to be protected. Right now she felt the need to protect him. She felt like she needed him to know that he meant something. That he meant something big to her.

He flinched at the unexpected touch of hand on his face, but leant into them as they explored his face. Her fingers went to his brow, smoothing out the wrinkles caused by the frown he had worn until he looked more like himself. Then she leant forward, gently pressing her lips onto his. Before he had even had time to respond, she had pulled away. He felt the weight of her leave his bed and the rustle of her own bed sheets.

'I'm staying right here. Wherever you go, I will follow. I'm never leaving your side, Roy.'