(1) Alone in the darkness...

Summary: Iku wants to train in the gym, but somebody looks the door and she can't get out...

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Library Wars... only some parts of the story!

Iku walked through the snow towards the gym to train self-defence. It was already nine o'clock and really dark. Only a few lanterns spend some light. It was a bit scary walking here alone, besides Iku didn't like darkness. The girl sighed and straightened her back. Doujou probably would let her make fifty push-ups if she came too late!

She sped up her steps and finally reached her aim. Iku slipped in from the rear entrance and made her way to the training room. Carefully she peeked into it and realized that there wasn't anyone. Staggered she stepped in and looked around.

"Hey guys, where are you?", she asked loudly, but of course nobody answered. Iku sighed again. Somebody must have forgotten to tell her that the training was cancelled. Maybe Doujou did this on purpose to tease me, she thought and clenched her fists.

That idiot! That would really fit him! Of course she was angry because he always did something like that! Did he even think about how she would feel standing here alone?

She mumbled something that sounded a lot like "small sized idiot".

Then suddenly the lights went out and the girl stood there in darkness. Probably a blackout... Nervous she reached out for the wall. Being alone in a place like that without any lights was really scary. When she felt the light switch she tried to turn the light on, but it didn't work.

Iku hasty searched for the door. After a few minutes she finally found it and tried to open it, but it didn't work either! Frantic the girl pulled on the door.

"Open…please", she begged while clenching her teeth. Next she kicked against the door, but it was very robust so she had to give up. Somebody must have locked it because the door never jammed before.

"Hello?! HELLO?! Anybody help me please!", she screamed, but no one seemed to hear her. Whoever locked the door wanted to play a trick on her and Iku didn't think that he or she would come back to help her now…

The girl attempted to calm down. She knew that there weren't any windows in this room and even if so they would be made out of bulletproof glas anyway. Of course the wall wasn't a good idea, too and the door wouldn't open! So there was no escape for her…

"Ok no problem, Iku… you only have to wait until somebody misses you…", suddenly she remembered that Shibazaki, her room mate, went out for a date and IF she came back this night, she definitely would be too drunken to realize Iku's absence.

"Ok, no problem either…I will wait until tomorrow then…", she said quietly.

She sat down and wrapped her arms around her knees. There was only silence except the snow falling onto the roof. Iku began to shiver. Not only because it was really cold.

That was all Doujou's fault… Only a few hours ago she had looked forward to see him because only seeing him always gave her a good feeling. Even if they fight the most of the time…

"Doujou you fool…do you really need to tease me all the time? Don't you think that it makes me sad?", Iku mumbled while some tears slowly ran down her face. Her whole body shivered, she really would like to have a blanket here.

After a couple of hours had passed Iku only sat there shivering. There wasn't any heater in this room and the temperature still seemed to drop. Her breath froze in a puff of white and it became more and more painful to inhale. The girl's eyes were half closed, starring into the darkness.

A while ago she had considered that maybe Doujou was the one who locked her in this room and started screaming and crying again. But then she thought that he wouldn't do this to her. That was too childish and even he didn't hate her that much… But who did it then?

All of a sudden she heard a sound. Usually she would have screamed for help again, but Iku was too afraid. Certainly it wasn't morning and who would come to this place in the night?

The coldness had made her weak and she realized that there wasn't even enough energy left to stand up.

"H-help!", she whispered when the door opened.

She heard the steps coming closer while she tried to hide still whispering for help.

"P-please D-doujou…p-please save me…!"

"Iku is this you?", a familiar voice asked her.


He grabbed her hand.

"You're cold as ice! What are you doing, blockhead?!" , he pulled her in his arms.

"D-doujou…somebody locked the door…I couldn't get out and when I screamed nobody heard me…", she sobbed and clung tightly on him.

"Shhh…it's okay…I'm here now", he whispered in her ear.

Iku coughed and Doujou looked worried at her.

"We better go now…", he picked her up and carried the girl in his arms to the door.

"Don't I can walk…if somebody sees us…it would be embarrassing…"

"You can't."

"Sure I-…!", Iku began coughing again.

"See? You caught a cold!"

The girl didn't want to argue again so she just nodded.

This is the first chap...hope you liked it :))

pls try to ignore the grammar mistakes...it's my first ff in eng...

I love Library Wars and wanted to write a short story (I'll finish the second and last chap soon)

and i know... Iku and Doujou are a bit OC (but only in this chap!)

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