For those who have already read this, I have changed something about the wedding anniversary. Instead of two weeks its three months away now, just because it fits better with the story.
So I read the Fifty Shades Trilogy and thought the storyline was quite good (ignoring the details). I read some other fanfic's and before attempting one myself. I got a few ideas for different ones but I'm afraid I'm quite sad and only got ideas for Christian and Ana's daughter Phoebe. Been trying to think of some different ideas for other characters (like Teddy, Christian and Ana or even their parents and friends etc) with not much luck.

By the way I have this idea of music involved and you may see some band/groups and names that you may recognise. That's because I used real life performers, as I couldn't be bothered to come up with other names and bands. Sorry that I sound lazy but coming up with characters is hard.

Chapter 1: Normal Grey Day

"Daddy," she said, nodding her head at him, sitting down.

"Phoebe," he replied, his head at her. They were sitting at the breakfast bar waiting for the rest of their family, her mother and brothers, his wife and sons. "You're up early," he commented.

"Yeah, been doing some last minute revision for a test later," she replied. He smiled. Christian Grey was always proud at how his daughter took her education seriously and even more so at her grades. Phoebe was top in most of her classes and that was down to him and her mother, Anastasia, for always pushing their children to get their homework down and rewards for good comments from teachers and good grades. He knew they all had potential and was determined to get it out of them.

"That's good, what test is it?" he asked.

"A ratio test for accounting, (AN: I don't know if they really do this, it's just one of my favourite subjects at college) Angus wants us to know all 16 of them but I can never remember Dividend Yield or Gearing,"

"Those two, eh?" he smiled. He'd often tested her on those questions and she could only get them right after staring at the equation at least 5 minutes before she took the test. "Don't worry; you'll learn them eventually,"

"Learn what?" a new, familiar voice asked. Christian turned around to find the love of his life entering the kitchen, followed by Mrs Taylor, the housekeeper.

"Phoebe's ratios for accounting, Mrs Grey. And good morning to you," he said standing to give her a kiss. She smiled and Phoebe smiled at them. She didn't like her parents making out in front of her and her brothers but it showed that they were still completely in love after nearly 20 years of marriage. Their wedding anniversary was in three months and there was a lot to put together for the celebration the family was organising for them, behind their backs. It was more like a ball, there were so many guests going. Hence all the early planning. "Did you sleep well?" Christian asked his wife.

"You know very well how I slept Mr Grey," Ana said, smiling.

"Ok guys, you can leave that conversation at that as my sister and I would not like another horrible in our heads, and Nick is too young to hear about it" Teddy said walking into the kitchen followed by fourteen-year-old Nick, one of his and Phoebe's younger brothers. Ana and Christian laughed as Nick playfully punched his brother on the arm.

"I'm not that young, Ted. James and Ashley are younger," he said.

"Ok you two sit down and get some breakfast, please. I'm going to go and wake those brothers of yours," Christian said, then looking at Ana, "when I come back I expect to find you've eaten as well Mrs Grey,"

"Whatever you say Mr Grey," she replied going to get a bowl of granola from Mrs Taylor, while Mr Grey exited the kitchen, "thank you Gail," she thanked and sat down next to her only daughter. Teddy and Nick were having a heated conversation about baseball. "You ready for your test baby girl?" she asked

"Yeah, kind of. I just know I'm going to fail at the Gearing and Dividend Yield. So hopefully 14 out of 16 will be ok. I just hope dad won't be disappointed in me,"

"Your father loves you, Cupcake, he only expects you to do the best you can. He's always proud of you, no matter what. Not even he can get every question right on tests baby. You should hear him at night though, before going to sleep. "I'm so proud of Phoebe" "Phoebe's teacher called to say how well she's doing in school again" "I'm glad she likes that jewellery set, she deserved it". You'd be surprised how much he talks about you. And the boys,"

"How did he know I wanted that jewellery set anyway?" Ana looked up innocently. "Mum!" the jewellery set had a pair of heart stud diamond earrings with a matching necklace and a thick platinum bracelet with a diamond heart engraved in it. Phoebe saw it when she went shopping with her mum for a ballgown for her grandparents' annual charity event. It cost a fortune and she and her mother agreed not to get it that day as they were using Christian's credit card.

"I only suggested that you may like it, baby. He was thrilled to buy it for you and you deserved it," Phoebe smiled. She'd had a practise exam and got top marks in the class. Christian was so proud he bought her the jewellery and took the whole family out to dinner to the most posh, expensive restaurant he could find. Soon enough twelve-year-old James and nine-year-old Ashley followed by Christian with an unamused look on his face interrupted them.

"I don't want to go to school," James was moaning, "it's only my teacher being moody again today. I swear she's on her period," he moaned.

"James!" Christian snapped, "You don't talk about your teacher that way. You've been brought up better than that. You have to go to school, as you are not ill. I am sick of the argument every morning," he sighed. James really hated going to school as he had the worst teacher in his year, Mrs Frogwart. She was as horrible as her name but she got results in her classes. "Mrs Grey, I'm glad to see you've eaten and by the looks on your faces you two were just talking about me," he said. Ana smiled again and looked at Phoebe who returned that smile. They said nothing as Phoebe stood up from her stool to go a brush her teeth ready for school.

"Christian, can you pick up Ashley tonight? It's just I've got a meeting later and his teacher wanted to talk to one of us. Unfortunately it's a meeting I can't get out of as I've already postponed it once, if not twice." Ana asked nicely but businesslike.

"Of course, I can. Although I may have to go back to work afterward,"

"That's fine, Gail will be here. Just as long as you speak to his teacher," she stood up and kissed him, he kissed her back but Teddy interrupted them before they could go any further.

"Guys your room is upstairs. I don't want to see your make-out session while eating!" they laughed and went to finish getting ready for work. When they went back downstairs, the boys were ready even though they didn't actually have to leave for half hour. Phoebe came down and kissed her parents on the cheek. "I'll see you later," she said.

"Where you going?" Ana asked.

"School. Gotta be there early as I'm meeting Ava to test each other on ratios, also to help set up for music. The class is getting together for a rehearsal in our free lesson."

"And you need half-an-hour to do that?" she asked unsure, "how are going to get there?"

"Well, I was thinking instead of Mason and Ryan going out twice I would get the bus,"

"Nonsense. I'll take you," Christian said, walking over to the door where Taylor was waiting. Phoebe followed him out the door after kissing Ana on the cheek and saying bye to her brothers. Her security guard, Mason was there too. They went out to the waiting car and got in the back. Phoebe liked going to school with her father, it was their time together even if it was a ten-minute car drive. He was always working or helping Ana with her younger siblings and they rarely got to spend time together, even though they had a close father-daughter relationship. "So, looking forward to a hard day's work at school?" he asked.

"Yes but only because I know that compared to yours and mums jobs, my school work is easy." He laughed softly. She'd seen the workload he had every day.

"And don't worry about that test Cupcake, you'll be fine. Just do the best you can, that's all I ask." Too soon, Taylor pulled up in front of the school gates and it was time for Phoebe to leave her father for the day.

"I'll see you later then?" she asked.

"Yes. What time do you finish today?" He asked.

"Got another rehearsal tonight so probably about six, why?"

"Ok, I'll pick you up," he said and leaned forward to place a kiss on her forehead. "I'll see you tonight. Let me know how you do in your test."

"I will, don't worry. I'm sure it'll be fine, dad. I love you," she said giving him a hug.

"I love you too. Now off you go. I've a meeting to get to this morning," he replied giving her a slight push towards the door, which Taylor kindly got out and opened for her. She smiled at him as she stepped onto the pavement and noticed the first years staring at her getting out of the Audi. Even though she sometimes felt uncomfortable with all the looks she gets from people's awe. Mason was standing next to Taylor, waiting to follow the teen into the school.

Ava Grey, Phoebe's slightly older cousin, was waiting at the gates for her, patiently. She and Phoebe always met there in the morning and when they met early she always arrived early to see the looks people gave her cousin as she got out if the car. She knew that Mr Grey would take her in early as he despised public transport. "You never known who kind of weirdo's are on those things," he'd said to them one time they wanted to get the bus to friend's birthday party. She smiled at the memory.

"What you smiling at, Grey?" Phoebe asked smiling herself.

"Public transport and your dad's opinion on it."


"Yep. Every early morning when he drops you off. So you ready for the test?"

"Kind of. Dad tested me again last night but it's still those last two ratios I can't get my head around."

"Don't worry. Isn't that why we met early?"

"I thought it was to get one more rehearsal in before music? And so that you wouldn't be alone waiting for Matt, when your parents told you not to."

"Actually it was all three." They laughed as they walked into the building towards Ava's locker. "So does your dad know about Nicky yet?"

"No and he's not gonna. He doesn't like Nicky that much knowing he's just my friend. Anyway, we're not together."

"Why not?"

"He doesn't seem that interested. And he's not ready to break up with Carly. I'm not all that bothered about him anymore to be honest,"

"Oh, Bee, I'm sorry."

"Don't be. He's the one missing out," she laughed. Once Ava got the books she needed from her locker, they headed to the library, where they can test each other quietly, without being disturbed. They each took turns in testing each other, in a way they couldn't memorized what the other said. Ava wrote down the answers first, while Phoebe had to say them aloud. They were nearly finished when Rebecca and Susan, their best friends, entered the library and saw them. Smiling they made their way over to join their friends.

Rebecca and Susan were cousins, like Phoebe and Ava, but they looked more like twin sisters. Rebecca's mum and Susan's dad were brother and sister, which is why the girls had different surnames. They both had black hair, which was always dead straight on both of them, and chocolate brown eyes inherited from their parents. Their skin was similar in tone and were both tall and slim. The difference was that Rebecca had her mum's thin pink lips and small straight nose whereas Susan had her mums slightly bigger lips and her dads big nose, also Rebecca's eyes were bigger than Susan's. Both of them were wearing too much eye make-up and Susan had too much red lipstick. They were quite the opposite of their cousin friends.

"Morning, Greys," Susan said.

"Morning Peeve. Marsh," Ava nodded to them.

"Ugh! Don't call me that. You know I hate being call 'Peeve'," Susan said.

"Don't call me Grey then. It reminds me that I'm related to my uncle,"

"Hey, there's nothing wrong with your uncle, Ava," Phoebe protested.

"You have to say that. He's your dad," she said back, getting them told off for being too loud. They agreed to leave the library, walking to their music room where the class was meeting for rehearsal.

"I don't have to say that about my dad, Ava. He can be incredibly annoying and control freak but he's not that bad,"

"Whenever he comes over, Bee, he brings loads of security with him and they have to scan our house for anything out of the ordinary," Ava scowled. She hated her uncle's over protectiveness.

"Oh, no. Try living with him, Ava. At least you don't have security following you everywhere you go,"

"You don't have them in school though, do you?" Rebecca asked. She didn't know the truth because they were good at hiding. Phoebe saw her brother entering the building and started laughing. Ava joined in.

"Turn around." Phoebe said, Rebecca and Susan both turned and saw the man wearing black discreetly walk towards them. "My brothers and I have a member of security with us everywhere. That would be Ryan, Ted's guard. Mines hiding somewhere close by."

Ryan stopped in front of Phoebe and handed her a plastic bag. "Miss Grey, your mother sent you this. You left it in the kitchen and I was ordered to bring it to you immediately. You know how your father feels about you forgetting it," He said as she took her lunch.

"Thanks Ryan," he smiled and slipped away out of sight, but Phoebe knew he was still nearby, although he'd be watching Teddy. Students were starting to arrive and the corridors were soon crowded. They managed to get to music without getting trampled on too much and they all sat together waiting for the rest of the class. They were talking amongst themselves about weekend plans and Christian, for some reason, when Matt joined them, kissing Ava quickly on the cheek. "Hey babe," he said.

"Morning, Willis," she grinned.

"Do you insist on calling everyone by their last name this morning, Grey?" Phoebe asked.

"Of course, Grey. But in case you didn't notice I didn't call you by your last name this morning did I?"

"You just did. Oh great, here comes Nicky," she said as Nicky sat down by her.

"Hey, Bee," he said.

"Hi, Nick," she replied coldly.

"You look nice," he commented looking at her outfit. She was wearing a tight red vest top with a grey and white stripy jumper and pair of dark blue skinny jeans with black knee high boots. She was wearing clear heart stud earrings and a gold chain necklace with an angel made of 'emeralds' and also a long necklace with a red heart inside gold looking angel wings. Her copper hair was straight and in a neat one-sided ponytail. No make-up as Christian doesn't like it. She frowned.

"Nicky, I've been wearing this style all week and all week you've been saying I look nice. What do you want?" she asked, annoyed. Yesterday she was wearing black jeans with a blue top and the same jumper and Monday a green top with grey skinny jeans with a plain red jumper, he said she looked nice both day as well. He didn't get to reply to her question as Carly walked in. She sat next to him and kissed his cheek. "Morning, baby,"

"Morning, Carly," he replied.

"Hello, Phoebe," Carly said coldly. "What are you lot talking about?"

"Getting rid of you," Ava said, smiling. Carly closed her mouth and pulled at Nicky's hand.

"Come on babe. Let's find a better place to sit," she said. He stood and they went to the other side of the room where the rest of his group 'Westlife' (AN: I know they already exist but just pretend that they're teenagers who go to school with Phoebe) were sitting laughing.

"Ugh, I hate that girl so much," Ava said. She flicked her long blonde hair over her shoulder giving Matt easier access to kiss her neck while his hand stroked over her black shirt. She was wearing a short-sleeved tight black shirt that showed off her slim figure with a navy cardigan whose sleeves stopped at her elbows showing off her silver bracelets that covered her wrists. She had a small silver necklace with a little blue butterfly with 'best' written on it. Phoebe had the other half, which was pink. Her three quarter length jeans were dark purple and very tight, showing her phone imprinted on her leg from being in her pocket. She was wearing black sandals with small heels and no socks. Phoebe was surprised she wasn't cold considering it was meant to only be 5 degrees outside. She wore her hair down and it was always curly. She looked liked a supermodel. Phoebe nodded in agreement to her comment.

Their teacher, Miss Song, arrived before she had time to reply, however, and soon the class were silent while she saw who was in and who wasn't. "Right guys, thank you for all coming in early. And those who helped set up the classroom for first period. After you've all gone to registration, hurry back here for quick rehearsals. Julie, you're going to go first so make sure you're here as soon as possible. Phoebe don't forget you need to help Shanice with the dance for her performance. And Busted? Don't be late today, ok? Right everyone off you go and don't be late," she said preparing her desk for the classes she had for the day. The class got up quickly and left for registration. Phoebe and Ava walked together.

"You know, I think Nicky really does like you Phoebe. He wouldn't keep telling you that you look nice when you wear a similar outfit every day. That must mean something,"

"Ava, he's probably just after something and then dump me. Anyway, I doubt Carly's gonna let him go anytime soon. He's just not worth it and he can't make a decision between his girlfriend and friend." Ava decided not to push the subject further as they entered their form for registration. They sat at the back with Susan and Rebecca and there was a new kid there too sitting a row in front. Their tutor, Mr Ryan, came in and started to take the register. He was the kind of person to call the students by their last name but in a jokey way. It always made the class laugh when he got to Phoebe and Ava's names. "Grey," he said.

"Which one?" Ava asked jokily.

"The one first alphabetically, Miss Grey. I assume you learnt the alphabet in year 1?" he asked smiling.

"Yes, 'P' comes before 'A' right?" she asked, the whole class laughed including Mr Ryan. The new kid looked confused not understanding the joke.

"Ava Grey, are you here?" Mr Ryan asked. Ava declared that she was and he moved on. "Grey? That is the second one," he added quickly. Phoebe laughed.

"Here, sir," the new kid looked around to see whose voices belonged to the Grey's. When he saw Phoebe his mouth dropped open at her beauty. She really was a beautiful girl. But she had never been asked out, had her hand held or even been kissed. When Mr Ryan finished the register he introduced him.

"Class, this is Kenny. He has just moved here from Britain. I expect you all to be nice and make him feel welcome. Ava, that means no teasing," he said accusingly. The class laughed except Ava who scowled at the accusation. "And just to make sure you be nice, you and Phoebe can look after him," Phoebe stopped laughing. She didn't want to look after the new kid and Ava certainly didn't. What would her dad say if he found out she had to look after, and therefore hang out with, a boy? He won't be very happy. "And don't even think about arguing. My mind is made up. Now off you all go before you're late for your first class," Phoebe sighed as she stood up with Ava. She didn't like hanging out with boys unless they were in her music class or her brothers. They went to the door and waited for Kenny to catch up. Ava, as usual, took charge of the situation. Phoebe liked to keep to herself unless she knew the person she was with.

"Alright. So you're Kenny?" she asked, smiling. He nodded shyly and her smile dropped. "Listen Kenny, I don't do the whole babysitting thing so unless you are dying or completely lost, don't bother me ok?" she could be so demanding when she wanted to be. She turned and walked away tugging at Phoebe's arm but she didn't go with her cousin as she felt sorry for her attitude towards Kenny.

"Sorry about her. She can get a little attitudy sometimes. Ava is the kind of girl who likes to show off with her friends, not people she doesn't really know," Phoebe said.

"It's alright." He replied. He had a nice British accent. "I know what it's liked to have the new kid dumped on me. I just hope I can get used to it here fast so I won't be a nuisance." Phoebe smiled.

"Don't worry, you won't be. So what's your first lesson?"

"Um," he checked his timetable, "I have a free," he said.

"Oh, same as me. Come on, you can join our music class and see what we get up to. Then I can show you around,"

"Thank you. I'm sorry but I didn't catch your name?" he wanted to make sure he didn't get the Grey girls mixed up.

"Phoebe. But everyone calls me Bee or Feebs," she smiled as she led him to her music class. They talked about his life in England. He was an only child and his parents had recently divorced and he moved here with his father as his mother used violence on the pair of them. She was in prison in England and he and his father started a new life away from Hampshire, where he grew up. He didn't have many friends back home and had no cousins or aunts and uncles. As far as he was concerned, his life was boring but Phoebe found it all interesting as she lived a pretty sheltered life with her father being the control freak he is. When he asked her about her life she felt bad because she didn't want to tell him that her father was the richest man in Seattle. She wanted to see what someone who didn't know who she really was thought of her. He had revealed something personal about him but she didn't want to return the favour. They soon arrived outside her music class where Julie was getting ready.

"Phoebe, where have you been? We need your iPod for the music," Miss Song asked.

"Oh, sorry miss," she took her iPod out of her flower backpack, plugged it into the computer, and loaded up the playlist she put together for the classes show. Julie stepped up to the front of the room where the tables had been moved for the rehearsals. The rest of the class sat on the tables at the back of the room watching each other. Miss Song noticed Kenny and inquired about why he was there. "Ava and I are supposed to be looking after him, miss," Phoebe explained, "He had a free so I thought I'd bring him along to help out where he can?"

"Ok, Bee. So, Kenny, have an interest in music?" Miss Song asked. He nodded and turned out he was quite good at music at his last school. Miss Song promised that at some point he would get up and show everyone what he could do.

After an hour and a half everyone had done one rehearsal of their performance, taking breaks in between for quick feedback. The whole class was doing a show for friends and family on Saturday so it was last minute changes and rehearsals going on. Phoebe was not happy when the free finished as that meant she had that Accounting test to attend. Kenny had history, as he was never any good at anything mathematical. She showed him to where his classroom was and headed over to hers. She nearly bumped into Teddy though as he was rushing toward her.

"Hey, Bumble Bee. Good luck with your test. I know you'll be great." He said.

"What'd you do?" she asked, not bothering to mention the horrible nickname he gave her when they were children. He feigned shock.

"What makes you think I done anything?" she glared at him until he gave in. "My English teacher gave me a lecture about not trying hard enough in class and I told him where he could stick his subject. Let's just say when dad finds out I got kicked out of my lesson he won't be happy,"

"So you need me to get a good mark so he'll pay attention to my awesomeness? You know that won't last for long right?" she said knowing he agreed. He nodded and she sighed. "I'll see you later. Can't wait to see your punishment later about your bad attitude. Oh and by the way, you keep calling my 'bumble bee' you'll have more than dad to worry about," she said before running towards her accounting class. She was just in time as Angus was just handing out the tests. He was the only teacher where the students were allowed to call him by his first name and he was pretty relaxed in lessons. Although strict enough to get the students to work. When she received her test she noticed that last time she got another sixteen out of sixteen, because she had been constantly revising. Christian would be happy if he found out, and she wasn't planning on letting that happen. Two minutes later the class was told to start, and Phoebe put her knowledge to use.

(Christian's office)

"Grey," he said curtly over the phone. He was very busy so he didn't bother to check the caller ID as he answered. Luckily the Principle of his children's school wasn't intimidated by him.

"Mr Grey, this is Principle Gilbert from Seattle High School (AN: I'm English so I don't have much knowledge about these places) I am calling regarding your son Theodore. Is it possible for you to drop by at some point today?" he was silent. That female voice did not sound happy. Teddy was in trouble with the Principle? He thought.

"What does it concern? I am a busy man," he was hoping it was to say that Teddy had won an award not that he was in trouble. How wrong Christian Grey was that morning.

"I'm afraid it's his manner toward his English teacher. I am not impressed with his behaviour," Christian sighed and tried to calm himself.

"Yes of course. I shall come immediately," he said curtly. He hung up the phone only for it to ring again. "Grey,"

"Mr Grey, this is Mrs Frogwart. I am afraid I am going to have to request a meeting with you concerning James. I am not very impressed with his behaviour," Oh great! He thought. Two of his sons in trouble in one day, and he had a meeting with Ashley's teacher later. He quickly calmed down enough to talk to the seriously strict teacher.

"What's he done this time?" he asked. He needed to what was worse. Theodore or James' behaviour.

"He decided to start shouting out rude words in class and then having the nerve to backchat me about it," Christian sighed. The same thing as last time. He decided he'd better go to sort out Teddy first. That woman's wart on her nose freaked him out.

"Yes, Mrs Frogwart, I will come in and talk to you as soon as possible. However I have a meeting with my other son's teacher first but I shall be with you as soon as I am finished," he hung up, not bothering to listen to her reply, if she gave one. He left his office and told Andrea to cancel his appointments for the rest of the day. If he knew these teachers these meeting were going to take a while. He rung Ros and told her to handle anything major for the rest of the day and he'd be back tomorrow. Taylor was waiting for him as he had been called from Christian's office and opened the door to the Audi SUV, receiving his instructions to go to Teddy's school first. They pulled up outside the gates and Christian got out while Taylor went to park the car. The amount of students hanging around outside the building chilling out told him it must've been lunchtime. He heard music and saw a group of teens messing around with guitars and iPods at one side of the field away from the gates.

Christian found the Principles office in no time and after talking to the receptionist entered the office to see his eldest son sitting opposite the desk where a tall woman with blonde hair tied in a bun stood showing off her navy suit. They shook hands and he sat down to find out why he had been called away from work. "Mr Grey, I am sorry for interrupting you at work but I need you to know that Theodore has behaved inappropriately today," she said. Christian looked at his son.

"What'd he do?"

"Teddy? Would you like to tell your father what you said to Mr Reynolds?" she asked. Teddy sighed and looked away from his father.

"I told him to stick his English lessons up where the sun don't shine," in the corner of his eye he saw his father tense up. He was angry with him now. Theodore knew he would be in so much trouble when he gets home.

"I hope that you are pulling a practical joke young man," Christian said slowly.

"I wish he was Mr Grey," Principle Gilbert said. "But I'm afraid he did say that. Theodore you know we have a zero tolerance of rudeness towards teachers and other students. Since you have had a good record until today I will only give you two weeks detention after school, you will apologise to Mr Reynolds and spend your detentions with him. Make sure it doesn't happen again," she said. Christian thanked her for going easy and as soon as they left the office, Christian had something else to say.

"What on earth were you thinking?" he nearly shouted.

"That Mr Reynolds wouldn't stop lecturing me about not trying hard enough in class when I'm doing the best I can. Dad he hasn't left me alone all year and I'm sick of him."

"That is still no way to talk to him, young man. Wait until your mother hears about this. She won't be happy and I can guarantee that you are grounded. How long will be decided between me and your mother,"

"Yes sir," was all Teddy had to say. Christian was just leaving the building when he saw Angus, Phoebe's accounting teacher, calling after him. "Mr Grey, do you have a minute?"

"Mr Goodenough. How can I help you?"

"I just wanted to have a quick word about Phoebe,"

"Oh what's she done?" he was suddenly worried his daughter had gotten into trouble as well.

"Nothing, sir. Well, nothing that you shouldn't be proud of. I just wanted to tell you that I'm really proud of her progress. I think that you should know that she's been getting sixteen out of sixteen on our ratios tests."

"Really? She hasn't been having trouble with those two ratios?"

"She did at first but for the last eight tests she's been getting 100% making top of the class. Did she not tell you?"

"No, she didn't. But thank you anyway. I'm afraid to cut this short but I have one of my other sons to attend to," he left and got into the car and Taylor quickly drove over to James' school where Mrs Frogwart was waiting for him.

"Mr Grey. I think I can see where you son gets his rudeness from," she said coldly. Christian was not in the mood for her.

"Excuse me Mrs Frogwart, you may not have noticed but I am a very busy man with four other children. I have had meetings all morning and just found out that my eldest son nearly got himself excluded this morning. So excuse me if I don't come running when you whistle. Now what has my son done that was so urgent?"

"I don't appreciate your attitude Mr Grey. I hope you don't speak that way to your children,"

"Of course not. Now what has he done?"

"He thought it was would be funny to start shouting these words out in class," she handed him a piece of paper with various words on it. It had a few random swear words and insults towards her. He sighed. "I'm afraid I cannot handle your son in class anymore and I've spoken with the headmistress and we have to expel him."

"I think not. I want a meeting with the headmistress right now." He said barging into the head's office. They sat and spoke for a while before figuring out that Mrs Frogwart is the only teacher that James can't get along with. In fact most students in the class can't get along with her and it has finally come to the heads attention. The other students have also commented that they think that Mrs Frogwart is always 'picking on' James, causing him to react in the way that he does. After an hour, Christian and the head agreed that it would be better for James to move into Mr Stanton's class, the other teacher in James' year who had a class of his own. He often taught science in James' class and discovered that James had a real talent for it.

Once Christian had finished with James' class, he realised he had ten minutes until his meeting with Ashley's teacher. No rest as he had to go to a completely different school. Three schools in one day for meetings, Christian had never done that before. He was just hoping that Ashley wasn't in trouble.

He arrived five minutes later than planned but Miss Jennings didn't mind as she was still sending off children with their parents as the school day was over. Once the last pupil had left the classroom, she welcomed him in, kindly. If only she had just good news to share with Ashley's father. "Mr Grey. Thank you for coming in, today," she said.

"That's ok Miss Jennings; I am always interested with what happens with my children's education. Is everything ok with Ashley?" he asked curiously.

"I'm afraid that's what I wanted to talk to you about. You see, Ashley is a very smart young boy, Mr Grey, I'm just worried about his communication with other children."

"What do you mean?"

"I've noticed that Ashley doesn't seem to get along with the other children and as a result of this he often gets frustrated taking his anger out on the others. Especially in soccer. He loves the sport but he likes to kick the ball at the rest of the class." She explained. It wasn't easy to explain to the richest man in Seattle that his son didn't have any friends. He would have automatically thought that Ashley would have many friends due to having money.

"You think he's having trouble making friends?"

"It would certainly seem that way. It may explain his aggressive acts in sport. I was just wondering if everything was ok at home? Is there a lot of communication between you, your wife and your other children?" She didn't know how else to ask it. Miss Jennings needed an idea of why Ashley was struggling socially.

"Yes, plenty. We're always talking about our days and boring little facts of what happens. Ashley especially likes talking about what he gets up to in school. Although he's never mentioned not having friends. Is there anything we can do to help him?"

"I think it would be best if you could encourage him to talk about people at school, so he can tell you himself what his friendships are like. Maybe encourage him to want to join a soccer team where he can meet new people and make friends with people he has things in common with. It may help him to gain skills to bring back to class."

"What about his performance in class?" Christian noticed that she hadn't mentioned any of this.

"His class work is outstanding, Mr Grey. He's a smart boy who's trying really hard and always looking for an opportunity to show off what he's learnt. He thinks very highly of you and Mrs Grey, if you don't mind me saying so." She said, looking down at a blank piece of paper as she said so, blushing slightly. Christian smiled.

"Why do you think that Miss Jennings?" he asked curious.

"All last week he came into class, handing in his homework and said, "My daddy's helped me with this and showed me how to do it, miss." And this morning he was saying how much he loved that you and Mrs Grey were helping him with a difficult question for his maths homework with a lot of patience. He's one of the rare pupils that get excited when I set homework," she explained, smiling herself. Christian laughed.

"He gets that excitable nature from his sister," he said. Mrs Jennings enquired after Phoebe, having been her teacher when she was at the school. Christian declared that she was fine and destined for great things in her future and thanked her for her interest. They ended the meeting soon after and Christian found his youngest son in the hall with some other boys who were staying behind while their parents worked later. When he saw his father, Ashley jumped up and ran over to get a hug. They left the school and got into the waiting car.

Jenson, Ashley's guard, was already there standing with Taylor, who greeted them giving Ashley his sailor hat. He liked wearing it in the car since the family didn't go sailing on The Grace very often anymore, and drove in the direction of the Grey family home. Christian was tempted to call Ana but remembered that she was in very important meeting, which is why he had to see Miss Jennings. They arrived home and all the boys were already there while Phoebe was doing extra work at school. Christian took away Teddy's electronics as his punishment for his behaviour at school but he would discuss with Ana a time frame and any further punishment. James also lost his electronic devices but was allowed computer access with supervision. His phone beeped and Christian read the text. It was from Phoebe: Hey dad got 14/16 again on the test, its those last 2 ratios i got wrong again. Cya at 6. Love ya x.

He then remembered what Angus had said to him. She'd been getting full marks for the last six tests she'd been doing and she had lied to him about it. But he wasn't sure how to feel about that. Why would she lie to him about something so serious like her education?

(Phoebe's School)

"So, you got sixteen again? And you still haven't told your dad?" Ava asked Phoebe as they met after English to walk to the music class.

"Yes, Ava, I haven't told him. And you're not either. You know what he's like," Phoebe said. She had only just told Ava her score for the ratio test and her cousin didn't understand why she refused to tell her dad. Actually, she knew why. It's because her uncle Christian liked to give Phoebe presents for her hard work and good results but sometimes it made her feel uncomfortable. Phoebe wasn't much of a glamour girl, she liked simplicity and normalcy but that was nearly impossible with a father like hers. She understood that Christian like to spoil her and her brothers but sometimes it was too much, and telling little lies here and there was one way to control how much he spoilt her. That was one thing she and her father had in common, they both wanted control. Besides, Phoebe liked revising and if her parents knew she was doing so well, she knew that they would make her stop and go and have fun. But with a security guard following you around all day, it was nearly impossible.

"I know, but if my dad gave me gifts every time I got good marks in tests I would love it," Ava pointed out. She didn't get as much as Phoebe did from her parents, as they weren't as well off, but still fortunate with what they did have.

"But when it's every single time, it wears off a bit. You expect to get things all the time after a while and when you get stuff from other people, it feels less special, because you already have everything you could possibly want. I only want stuff if I really deserve it A," Phoebe hated this conversation. It was a constant conversation she and Ava had and it was getting more boring than receiving gifts for every mark she gained in stupid mini tests. Her phone started ringing. It was her dad. "Hey dad," she said as she answered. Ava couldn't hear what Christian was saying so listened to Phoebe's side of the conversation thinking random things to fill the blanks. "Yeah, I'm walking there now with A... no, I won't leave unless absolutely necessary until Mason gets back or if you get here, whichever comes first... yeah, about six... sounds good... I don't know I haven't spoken to her... um, hang on I'll ask her," Phoebe put the mouthpiece of her phone on her shoulder as she addressed Ava, "Dad said do you want to come for dinner tonight and get a lift home?"

"No, thanks, Bee. Mums picking me up early from rehearsal today. Going shopping to get ideas for ball gowns for the you know what," she winked as Phoebe smiled putting the phone to her ear.

"Dad? No she's fine, Aunt Kate's picking her up soon... no I won't... Why?... ok then, I'll see you at six?... alright you too... bye," she hung up the phone.

"Who haven't you spoken to?" Ava asked.

"My mum. And before you ask he wanted to make sure that I'll stay in the classroom until Mason gets back, to alert me that we have chicken pie for dinner and that he wants to talk to me about my ratio test,"

"You know one day he's going to find out you've been lying,"

"For saying I got bad results when they're top of the class? Yeah, I'd like to see my punishment for that," they laughed as they entered the classroom. Everyone was sorting out last minute prep before 'Westlife' prepared for their rehearsal. Carly didn't seem very happy with Phoebe as she stormed over to the door and slapped her hard across the face, causing the whole class to gasp in shock.

"What the hell Carly?" Ava shouted.

"You wanna tell her, you boyfriend thief?" Carly snapped. Phoebe looked at her in shock; she could feel her cheek turning red from the force of the slap. However before she could answer Carly said, "Your best friend here decided to try it on with my boyfriend and gave him doubts about our relationship, as a result he's ended up dumping me. You money grabbing little toe-rag!" Carly said the last part to Phoebe. Ava almost laughed at the insult to her cousin.

"Money grabbing toe-rag?" she asked, "Carly you do know who her family are right?" Carly just sighed and turned away. "This isn't over Grey. I know you're the reason Nicky dumped me and you will pay," she stormed out of the classroom while Phoebe stood where she was staring in front of her. Not acknowledging what just happened. Ava pulled her out of the classroom to see if she was all right but Phoebe didn't reply. Her cheek was throbbing and was turning a nasty red in colour. Nicky came out of the classroom after a while.

"Bee, are you alright?" he asked concerned. She nodded slowly, tears slowly forming in her eyes. She felt embarrassed that Carly blamed her for her failed relationship. Was it really Phoebe's fault that Nicky liked her and not Carly? "I'm sorry Carly did that to you. It's not your fault I don't like her anymore. Please don't blame yourself," Phoebe just chose to ignore him and what had happened and went back into the classroom finding Shanice and going through her dance moves again.

Ava left at 5.30 after she and Phoebe had a conversation about shopping plans for ball gowns and outfits for the on Saturday show. Ava and Kate were only going to get an idea and agreed to go with Phoebe on Saturday as a surprise for Ana and Christian. Phoebe didn't notice Kenny was even in the classroom until he sat next her at the back of the room watching 'Busted' rehearse. He touched her arm and she looked at him. He smiled and she smiled back. He asked if she wanted to go for a quick walk and, after looking at the clock to see that her dad would be there in five minutes, agreed.

"Why did Carly hit you?" he asked as they picked up their bags and walked out of the classroom after saying goodbye to everyone.

"Because she's stupid cow whose jealous of the fact her now ex-boyfriend likes me more than her," Phoebe said simply. "If you don't mind Kenny, I don't want to talk about it. How was your first day?"

"It was alright. Been nervous all day, worried about making friends. Where do you guys get the confidence to get up and sing in front of each other?"

"We've all known each other a while. And we're actually getting up in front of an audience on Saturday evening, a big audience. I'm used to being around people and so is Ava so it's not a big deal. And don't worry about being the new kid. It'll wear off eventually and at least you have tomorrow and Friday before the weekend. If you started on Monday you'd have a whole week of awkwardly sitting with people. Wednesday's a good day to start a new school in my opinion,"


"Well, because it's not awkward for the whole week and you have about two or three days to get used to the people and actual school before having the weekend to see what you really think about it. Starting on a Monday puts your thoughts all over the place," she said and he laughed.

"That's one way to look at it. Where'd you learn to think logically?"

"My dad. He's always justifying his decisions concerning my family and taught us how to make sensible decisions. He's a bit of a control freak, but I love him,"

"Is your dad's first name Christian?" he sounded really curious. She couldn't help but give a little giggle.

"Yeah, I take it you've heard of him?"

"Yes. We were told in business studies today about the rich Christian Grey who started his business from pretty much nothing after dropping out of school,"

"It wasn't as early as school. He dropped out of Harvard University as he found it boring. Couldn't concentrate there apparently." They laughed for a while. "Yeah, my dad likes to protect our family in any way he can which is why I had a man in black following me around all day. I'm sure you noticed him?"

"Yeah, I noticed. You must be filthy rich?"

"We have money and we're never short of it. We don't like to brag about it though. I like to live as simply as I can, so I tend to throw myself into my studies." She hadn't realised that she was even talking about herself.

"You seem to love you dad very much, Phoebe," he said a small smile on his lips.

"I do. We're very close and he cares so much about me, he's got what he thinks is a hidden security guard following me around everywhere as well as Mason. Overprotective control freak is what my dad is. But it's the only way he knows how to function,"

"So you're a daddy's girl?" he laughed as he teased her about it. She laughed along with him.

"I have four brothers and no sisters Kenny. I think it's safe to say that, as far as my family are concerned, I am a daddy's girl being his only daughter and all," she grinned. He frowned confused.

"What about Ava?"

"What about her?"

"Isn't she your sister?" he was really confused. They had the same last name so surely that meant they were sisters? Phoebe just laughed some more.

"No Kenny. Ava's my cousin, our dads are brothers, but she also happens to be my best friend. Dad has this weird thing about who I hang out with and if they look suspicious or have a bad background he prefers me to stay out of the way," she was being so honest she didn't even realise what she had said until she saw his face drop, remembering what he'd said about his mother. "Kenny, I'm sorry. I didn't think. I'm not used to being this honest with people as I tend to keep to myself." He gave her a sad smile.

"It's ok Phoebe. It's not your fault. Does this mean we can't be friends?" she felt so guilty. She knew that Christian would have a serious problem hanging out with a boy who moved away from his abusive mother as soon as she was put in prison. But she couldn't tell him the truth.

"Of course we can be friends, Kenny. I just make my dad sound like an over-exaggerator. Speaking of my dad..." the Audi SUV pulled up next to them on the pavement just outside the school gates. Taylor got out and opened the door for her while she said goodbye to her friend. Mason got in the front seat, next to the driver. She gave Kenny a small hug and quickly got into the back of the car to be greeted by her dads arms, for a welcoming hug. He didn't see her cheek.

"Hey Cupcake," he said kissing her forehead. "You alright?"

"Yeah, fine thanks dad. You?" he sighed and told her about his day, including his meeting with her brothers teachers. He didn't, however, mention seeing Angus. "Sounds like a good day," she said sarcastically. He laughed, gently still hugging his daughter.

"You could say that. How was your day? Rehearsals go alright?"

"Yeah, they were fine thanks. What did you want to talk about the test for?" she asked getting straight to the point of the conversation he was subtly trying to bring up and sat up to look to him properly. She didn't get an answer, however, as he saw her still red cheek from Carly's slap.

"Bloody hell, Phoebe, what happened to your cheek?" he asked furiously. She knew that the test conversation would have to wait as he had changed into his 'answer me or else' mood. She sighed and told him what Carly had done and why. He visibly tensed up when she mentioned that Nicky dumped Carly because he liked her. He really didn't like that boy. "He sounds like a user, Cupcake. It wasn't your fault that he didn't like that girl anymore. Do you want to me to ring Principle Gilbert and let her know what happened?"

"No, dad. I'm fine, really. Nothing a nice hot bath won't fix, I'm sure." She saw his disappointed look. He hated the thought of his children getting hurt. "Dad honestly. It doesn't even hurt anymore. *sigh* ok how about this. If it bruises, you can ring Principle Gilbert?" she tried making deals when he was like this to make him feel better. He smiled a nodded as Taylor pulled up outside their house. They got out of the car and entered the house to be welcomed with the smell of Mrs Taylor's chicken pie. Phoebe could hear Teddy and Ana arguing somewhere else in the house about how long his punishment was going to last. She was trying to explain to him that it was a joint decision between her and Christian but he didn't want to listen. Christian led his daughter into the kitchen, which happened to be where this argument was taking place, to make her sit down while he got her some ice for her cheek. It was starting to bruise around the eye and he didn't want it swelling up. He went over to see his wife.

"Evening, baby," he said wrapping his arms around her waist. She smiled and leaned against his chest breathing deeply. "What are you two arguing about?" he asked looking at his son.

"How long is our son to be punished for his inappropriate behaviour in school today? And exactly when where you planning on telling me?" she asked.

"I was going to tell you as soon as we were both home. I was going to call earlier but I remembered you had a meeting so I thought it'd be better not to. I didn't want to worry you, baby," he knew he was in trouble too. Teddy snickered.

"I don't know what you're laughing at Theodore, you're in more trouble. No electronics for two weeks. Do not get into anymore trouble or this time will be extended. Christian, anything to add?"

"No friends allowed round, no going out and no snooker or pool for a month, minimum. You'll have to find some board games to play with your brothers or read books to entertain yourself. You're not going to Sian's birthday party next weekend and I'm tempted to say you can't go to Phoebe's show on Saturday," he said. Ana sighed and argued that he has to go to Phoebe's show, as it wasn't something for him to enjoy. He agreed realising that would be unfair on his little girl. He dismissed Teddy and went over to the fridge to take out a bottle of white wine. Taking a glass out of the cupboard, he offered one for Ana but she declined. She took a can of Phoebe's lemonade out of the fridge and poured it into a glass.

"So what did Ashley's teacher want?" she asked taking a sip. He explained the conversation between him and Miss Jennings with a worried tone as he witnessed his wife turn uncomfortable at the fact they hadn't noticed their son struggle to make friends. They discussed ways in which they thought they could help him and decided on the soccer idea. Mrs Taylor entered the kitchen to alert them that dinner was nearly done and that the kids were sitting in the dining room, waiting for them patiently. The happy couple smiled and walked in hand in hand and took their seat at either end of the table. Christian at the head with Phoebe and Teddy on either side of him, Ana at the other end with James and Ashley with Nick in the middle between Phoebe and James. The conversation was simple and pleasant, talking about how everyone's days were not mentioning Teddy or James' behaviour in school. Phoebe talked about how she got 'fourteen' out of sixteen in the test, not giving anything away to the fact she was lying. Once dinner was over the kids went off to their rooms to do homework while Ana went to her library/office to catch up on some work, she'd missed when she left the office for two hours. Christian was left sitting in his study thinking about how lucky he was to have his family. Something so normal, it felt right, even though he always had security following his children around. Everything in his life was perfect. For now.

He had no idea that in 5 days, his family's lives would be turned upside down.

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