Year One- 2013

This year Sam and Freddie finished up high school and graduated in the spring. Freddie graduated with honors and well, Sam graduated. Freddie is now attending U of W along with carrying a part time and Sam will be joining him in the spring but for now she is a stay at home mommy and loving it! The couple recently got engaged and welcomed twins Addison Rose and Steven Shay on August 12th. Sam and Freddie have adjusted well to being parents with the help of Marissa. Addison already has a love for the finer things in life and Steven has shown a love for dinosaurs. The four and a half month olds are the light of Sam and Freddie's lives.

Happy Holidays,

Freddie, Sam, Steven & Addison

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! This year Spencer has gotten a lot done. He had several art exhibits and managed to set fire to the apartment only a handful of times. Carly on the other hand graduated from high school in the spring and is now attending the University of Washington alongside her friends. Also this year Spencer and Carly experienced a great loss. During the summer they lost their father, Coronel Steven Shay in during a top secret mission. This time is especially hard for them but they are getting through with the support of their friends.


Carly and Spencer