Year 5- 2017

Addison and Steven turned four this year! And, against their mother's wishes, have started preschool! Had it been up to her Addison and Steven would have stayed little babies forever! They love it though and have made a lot of new friends. This spring, Freddie and Sam were able to graduate college together. It was an exciting day. Freddie has since been hard at work making movies. Be sure to look for his name next time you go to the movies! Sam has begun to work part time when her babies are in school. Sam and Freddie have decided that it's getting to be time to move into their own apartment and are saving for that now. Hopefully they'll soon have enough that they can live on their own and get out of Marissa's hair. Have a great New Year!

~ Freddie, Sam, Steven and Addison

This year has been insane. Alexis turned two, Spencer got a job as an art teacher at the community college along with several more gallery shows. Magdalena still paints but her true love is being a mother to her wonderful daughter. Alexis' baby talk and shaky walk is still so adorable and Magda would just die if she missed any of her important firsts. Toby has gotten big and is very protective over little Alexis. Finally, just weeks before writing this card, Magda and Spencer learned they were expecting their second child in September! The whole family is very excited and Alexis can't wait to have a baby brother or sister.

~Spencer, Magdalena, Alexis , Baby & Toby

Merry Christmas from Carly and Ryan! Carly and Ryan met this summer in Spain for an internship. Sorry for being MIA last year guys. Carly was just too overwhelmed with school and midterms to send out a Christmas card but now that she and Ryan have had a little more time on their hands, they've decided to send one out together! Over the past two years Carly and Ryan have been hard at work, juggling jobs and school. Like was mentioned before, both went to Spain for an internship. They are super excited to have just graduated and are still on a high from Spain. The countryside was beautiful and they learned so much. Both can agree that their Spain has improved 1000%! They plan to get an apartment together soon but for now they are rooming with friends. Ryan is also excited to announce that he has gotten a job with a bank! Carly is working in the mall until she can find something better.

~Carly Shay & Ryan Warner