Journey into Magic... and Love

Chapter 1: In the Beginning- 6 Years Old

"Okay Tara, let's try this one more time."

I concentrated. Called to the magic within, just like mommy told me. "Navitas intus mihi, incumbo quod no!" (Energy within me, concentrate and fly!) I saw in the energy come out of me and it made a ball, but then it blew up in my face! I almost started crying. I've been trying this defence spell for hours! It's supposed to make an energy ball, that I can use to defend myself, if I ever get in trouble. But it just won't work!

"Tara, it's okay, I don't expect you to get it at first," Mommy said, "It will take practice and patience."

Mommy smiled. I felt better. I always feel better when mommy smiles at me. She's so happy and pretty and way nicer than daddy...

"Tara? Would you like to see another demonstration?"

"Yes, yes I would!" I said, excited because mommy is such a good witch and it's so fun to watch her do a spell.

Mommy stood, looking at nothing, probably concentrating and then she said, "Navitas intus mihi, incumbo quod no!" A ball of beautiful blue energy came out of her hands and hit the old kitchen chair that we were using as a target. The chair flew across the room and hit the wall with a loud thunk.

Mommy looked at me and smiled, but then she looked scared and turned towards the door. Then I heard what she heard, loud footsteps. Daddy.

I wanted to stand in front of her to protect her from daddy, but at the same time I wanted to hide behind her. I settled for standing beside her. Daddy yells at mommy and scares her and me too. The door opened and he walked into the room with a stern face and said, "What is going on in here? I heard a loud noise."

"Nothing dear, I was just teaching Tara a new spell. The noise was my fault, I'm sorry I worried you," mommy said with a smile, but not the kind of smile she gave me, it was more of a nervous smile, that she was forced to do. It didn't make me feel happy at all.

"Well dear," daddy said also with a smile, but not a happy one, it looked kind of evil, "Remember what we talked about? I thought I said that I didn't want Tara learning those things."

"What things? Please, be specific."

"Don't be an idiot! You know what I'm talking about! Magic!" he spat.

"Could we take this discussion into the other room?" mommy said, looking very nervous. That made me nervous.

"Of course." Daddy and mommy left the room, and they went into their room. I hear a loud noise and a LOT of yelling. Mostly from daddy. Whenever I heard mommy yelling (which wasn't very much) it sounded like she was crying. Then I heard something terrible. I heard a slapping noise, and mommy screaming.

I was so angry. I felt the energy in me flowing and a beautiful ball of energy formed in my hands and I threw it at the chair. The chair almost completely broke to pieces, just like when mommy did it the first time. I was proud that I could do the spell. I was thinking, that spell is for defence, right? I could use it to protect mommy from daddy! I started running towards mommy and daddy's room when my brother, Donny ran into me, literally.

"Hey Tara, guess what dad said!" Donny said.

"Wha-what did he say D-donny?" I said nervously because Donny was just like daddy because he was scary like daddy, except that he seemed pretty nice until he was angry.

"He said that you're going to be a demon! Tara's a demon! Tara's a demon!"

"No I-I-I-I'm not! I'm going to tell mommy you said that."

"Oh I'm so scared. Go ahead and tell her, she won't do anything." Then Donny laughed and pushed me into the wall and walked into his room. What he said couldn't be true, it didn't make sense. Even though I knew that, I was still kinda scared...