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A/N: A poem written by the TARDIS about The Doctor. Please leave a review x

A warrior child abandoned in the snow,

On a planet lost so long ago,

A lonely childhood full of woe,

Gallifreyan law keeping him in tow,

That is until he saw raw power of time,

It was only then he realised that he was mine,

The young Timelord flew me out for fun,

He almost flew me into a sun,

He came attached to planet Earth,

Feelings buried, now unearthed,

The Time war shattered him into a million pieces,

His pain, I feel, never ceases.

He moves on, so do I,

We travel the furthest reaches of the sky,

They come and go, and then it came,

He says he only has himself to blame,

The tears, the fears, the lonely years,

All he can look at is his hands and the blood smears,

All of this time and he just can't see,

If he ever needs someone to cry to, he's got me.