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[ Organized Days/2 ]

I - Redux - I

"Hello again, old friend..."

The dusty suit of armor and discarded Keyblade lay still, as they had been for the last decade. He didn't mind, as usual, and merely continued to speak to the inanimate objects, telling it of his plans. Above him his Organization's Number II sat, upside-down, from the ceiling, eavesdropping as he had done every outing to the hidden chamber.

"... so you see, now, why-" his words cut short abruptly, both the Superior and Number II feeling a shift in presence of their world in-between. The silver-haired man rose from his seat in the center of the room and quickly made his way about leaving, the other man doing so as well, by use of a Dark Corridor.

-The Dark City-


Another Shadow fell his Keyblade, the adolescent letting out a weary sigh. He didn't mind ridding the foul creatures of his way, but in this new world he didn't see why so many had to be on constant spawn.


"Not again..." threading his fingers through his dark hair, he brushed the red fringe from his face before lazily flicking his weapon, a circle of lightning appearing at the creature's feet. A few charges from the simple spell and it too joined it's comrades in disappearing, a lone crystal heart being left over to float towards the black sky.

"They really should pay me for this," he mused, laying the shaft of his weapon over his shoulder as he trekked deeper into the dark city. After a few more monsters, some turns here and there, the youth came across what appeared to be a large castle looming in the distance.

A large, dark-cloaked man was seen not a moment later exiting through a door, trash bags in both hands.

"Oi!" He waved his blade in the air, calling out to the other individual, "you look the most human of these monsters, if you're even one of them! Mind explaining this place to me?"

The man had abruptly dropped his trash, hood hiding the shock on his face as he briskly made his way over. The boy readied an attack stance, brow cocked when the larger man raised a hand of peace.

"... Please, follow me." He gestured to the building behind him, the boy watching him apprehensively.

"Why not."

-Meanwhile, Wonderland Outskirts-


Huddled together, standing in one of the many chairs around the rectangular table, the Mad Hatter and the March Hare were both trying fairly hard to not come into contact with the Shadow Heartless swarming the area. The little yellow-eyed bugs were causing a fuss, knocking over chairs, shattering plates. The Hatter began pulling himself and the Hare higher up onto the red armchair at the head of the table.


Moments later, a glowing saw-like disc of some sort came flying in from nowhere. It cut through three of the monsters, before flying back to where it came. Both the Hatter and Hare continued to cry for help, an answer in the form of the strange disc returning, but with a partner. Both weapons cut through three Heartless each, flying back into the distance, where a boy appeared, catching both.

"I thought this place was ruled by the Queen of Hearts, not the Queen of Heartless," he muttered, flipping his long, violet-colored hair from his face, before flinging his weapons back towards the creatures. He took out another four, running forward towards the monsters with a shout of 'you better not eat my cake!'

"Help!" He drew back his arm, ready to take out another group of the Heartless until a shower of translucent, purple darts of some kind rained from the skies, killing the remainder.

"... I always knew it would someday rain death," his head tilted to the side slightly, gaze shifting to the sight of a large, cloaked person walking off. He blinked, noticing the strange weapons the—what he assumed was a man from his posture—and decided to follow him.

-Back at The Castle That Never Was-

"So now you know not to mess with Axel."

The pyromaniac was laughing, a hand each on a shoulder of Roxas and Xion as he retold his latest prank on Marluxia. The teenagers didn't seem to find it all that funny, as the trio continues to make their way into the kitchen.

"I still don't think-" Roxas was cut off when Axel summoned one of his chakrams, aiming it at someone seated in the kitchen, wearing an Organization uniform. They seemed to be female, short, black hair streaked with purple cut in a style Roxas found peculiar.

Though he wouldn't say out loud. He didn't know who this girl was, or how badly she could hurt him.

"Who are you?" Axel brought the blond out of his thoughts, stepping closer to the shorter girl. She turned her head, brown eyes dark as they narrowed into a glare.

"Back off, ginger. I'm not in the mood," her gloves hands came up to throw her hood over her head, returning to the book lain on the counter in front of her. Axel didn't seem to like this, and moved to throw his weapon at the teen.

Bad move.

Without warning he was hit across the face with the end of an ornately designed bow, and arrow ready moments later, aimed at his chest. He raised a brow, summoning the other chakram, as he and the teen quickly engaged in a scuffle.


Kage sat silently in the Gray Area, toying with the zipper of his coat as Lexaeus stepped into the room. The large, quiet man stared at the teen, raising a brow before clearing his throat;


Kage continued to mind his silent business, glancing up when a Dark Corridor appeared at the end of the room. Another teen was brought in, dragged forcefully by Vexen, both looking all but pleased.

"Come with me you heathen," the scientist hissed, to which the silver-haired boy said nothing, simply summoning a bizarre looking Keyblade in an attempt at attacking the blond. Kage rose a brow at that, shifting his gaze to Lexaeus now.

"Oh, hey."

"I've called you, Kegax," the older man began, earning a strange look from the boy before realization dawned on him.

"New name, right. Forgot," he laughed slightly, rising from his solitary seat. "What's up?"

"The Superior wishes to see you, as well as that boy Vexen was dragging through here just a moment ago. Follow me," he nodded in understanding, following after Number V through the quiet castle. He noticed Axel lain out across the kitchen floor, beaten, as they passed. Not long after they came across Vexen shouting at Xigbar, the one-eyed man clearly not paying attention, while the blond man yelled about some purple-haired 'devil-creature' running amuck in his lab.

"We're here," Kegax looked up, amber gaze taking note of the large white door before them. Quickly stepping inside, they were met with the sight of the silver-haired boy trying to attack The Superior with his Keyblade, each strike blocked by Number I's own weapons.

"Two more wielders, Lexaeus." He looked over to the taller man with a smirk, snapping the fingers of his free hand to trap the boy fighting in the space he stood. "Number XVIII here, Xanthos, seems to be fueled by rage. Isn't that wonderful? He and Kegax will be very useful for our operations," Xemnas looked to the raven-haired boy then, smirk widening.

"Oh yes, very useful."

-The Dark City, revisited-

"It's grown late," both Kegax and Haxisal turned their heads at the sound of Lexaeus' voice, nodding in acknowledgement. The two new Nobodies had seemed to have bonded, with both dark-haired teens seated on a slanted roof of the castle, overlooking the Dark City.

"Kind of hard to tell," Kegax spoke up after a moment, all three Nobodies looking to the dark sky. Kingdom Hearts float there in the distance, partially hidden from view by dark clouds, a storm seeming to be on it's way. Thunder rolled in the distance, a flash of lightning illuminating the area below.

"Did you see that?" Haxisal muttered, earning both Kegax and Lexaeus' attention. She pointed a gloved finger to the distance, the others being met with the sight of darkness. But they knew to wait, as the lightning would reveal what the girl had noticed.

In another flash of light, the lower-area of the World That Never Was lit up, and the shape of a human was seen wandering in the city. It seemed they were on their way to the castle, to which Lexaeus moved from his position to summon his weapon, and turn to head back inside.

"I'll alert the Superior. The two of you, return inside."

Both Kegax and Haxisal nodded, looking back into the darkness at the figure slowly advancing on the castle. As it grew closer they noticed long, raven hair blowing in the wind, and a curved figure, indicating the intruder was female. They looked between each other before pulling their hoods back over their heads and heading inside, just as the rain began.

-Outside entrance to The Castle That Never Was-

Lexaeus stood off by an underpass, an arm outstretched to block Kegax and Haxisal from advancing. Saix had beat them to the intruder, his blue hair matted to his face from the rain, as he was in a standoff with the female. Her dark locks fell over her face, the blue streaks throughout illuminated in a slight glow from the light of Kingdom Hearts, both hands readied with small sickle blades.

"State your business," Saix's voice was low, though in his usual monotone as he addressed the strange girl. She didn't speak, holding her ground against the Luna Diviner, though she shifted her stance in readiness to attack. A few minutes passed, the only sounds being the wind, rain, and thunder, before both the girl and Number VI lunged forward, one of her grip scythes clashing with Saix's claymore. Kegax and Haxisal watched intently as the girl spun on her heel to parry the clash with her other scythe, only for Saix to block the blow once more with a flick of his wrist to pull away his claymore. The girl's eyes narrowed as he pulled herself away from Saix, spinning on her heel to swing her leg up in an attempt to kick him. He, again, blocked her attack with his claymore.

But once her foot connected with it, she vanished into the darkness under a flash of lightning.

"Where did she..." Kegax was stunned, with a brow raised as he scanned the area for the mysterious girl. Haxisal looked impressed with the ability, while Lexaeus and Saix merely stood, waiting. The girl reappeared at the other end of the area, right arm extended as Saix quickly returned to his battle stance. Her lips twitched, quirking at the side into a slight smirk, before she swung her arm in the direction of Saix and the Castle.

And the shadows cast on the ground before them rose from the gray cement, forming into spiked artillery, shooting at Saix and the others.

His eyes widened slightly as he drew up his claymore in an attempt to shield himself, while Kegax and Haxisal were pulled behind Lexaeus, who had summoned his Skysplitter to try and fight back against the barrage.

"Finally!" The three Nobodies turned their head at the exclamation, met with the sight of Xanthos rushing forward from the castle gates, Keyblade in hand. He began to wildly slash away at the shadows coming towards him, with a few nicking him here and there. The mysterious girl continued to rain the shadows across the field, her other hand coming up to summon a thin strip of shadows from the ground, using it as a whip to try and deter the silver-haired boy.

"I think this is enough excitement for one evening," Vexen spoke up, walking out of the castle with Xigbar in tow. "Number II, please."

"Xylarsk," the purple-haired teen peeked his head out from behind the taller man, chewing on a piece of pink candy in his hand. He nodded his head slightly, quickly making his way up to where Haxisal, Kegax, and Lexaeus were. Finishing his candy, he threw the wrapper at the back of Saix's head before holding his arms towards the chaos farther out, palms open and aimed at the dark-haired girl.

A ball of bright, neon sea-green light appeared before both of his hands, his eyes narrowing and tongue sticking from his lips in concentration. Moments later a square dome in the same light appeared around the girl, her eyes going wide and concentration lost long enough to cancel her shadowy attacks. She appeared mad from where the others stood, beginning to slash at the prism with her sickles, while Xanthos glared angrily at the containment spell. "I wasn't done!"

"Well I was," Vexen called out, angrily watching the two Nobodies. "It's late, my lab is a mess because of Number XVI, and frankly I would like to go to bed!"

Xylarsk giggled at that, earning a glare from Vexen while Xigbar went to examine the angry girl. The one-eyed man raised an eyebrow at her, crossing his arms over his chest as she stared back at him, mimicking his pose. "How'd she even get here?"

"She's like us," Xylarsk spoke up suddenly, earning strange looks from Vexen, Xigbar, and Xanthos. Kegax merely looked back and forth between the girl, Saix, and the other Nobodies, while Haxisal smirked to herself at her abilities. "I think she should join up with us, then. She's got an impressive power."

"Manipulation of shadows," Saix mumbled, sending away his claymore. He stared at the girl a few meters away, then up to the sky as the rain had stopped and the clouds parted to reveal Kingdom Hearts. After a few silent moments he nodded slightly, with a sigh, walking over to the prism holding the girl. She glared at him, fingers twitching in anticipation of starting another fight, though she was contained. With the ever most sleight of smirks to his face, Saix motioned for Xylarsk to dispel his barrier, his yellow gaze trained on the young woman.

"Welcome to The Organization."

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