Dragonball Parallel: The Gear Saga Ep. 1

Six months had past since the tyrant prince Beril had attempted to conquer Earth in order to build a theme park dedicated to himself. Fortunately for Earth, Beril was stopped by three heroes and in an unexpected turn of events had decided to join them in their quest to protect Earth from all possible threats. During the six months Geiken had almost perfected his Super Saiyan transformation. Something he had unlocked during his fight with Beril. But now, the four warriors were taking a break from their training as the sun blazed across a plateau not far from West City. Will this calm last? Find out now!

Beril and Carlos stared at the city below the plateau. Geiken and Solarion were too busy meditating to pay attention to anything. So it was up to Carlos and Beril to entertain themselves.

"Why don't we play a game?" Beril asked Carlos.

"Like what?" The young boy inquired.

"Like dodge da Ki blast or don't get slammed on da ground!" Beril suggested.

Carlos shook his head, "Those sound more like training exercises."

Beril shrugged, "Dat was just what me an' my dad played all da time."

"And your dad tried to kill you and take over Earth after you failed," Carlos remembered. Beril said nothing and shrugged.

"Dat reminds me!" Beril exclaimed, "Do you have any family?"

Carlos gulped; the subject of family was touchy. After all, mom and dad had gone their separate ways a long time ago. His dad went off to pursue business while his mom began attending women's martial arts tournaments. Some say she was the strongest woman alive, "Well I mean I do have parents! But they're kinda…well…separated."

"You mean like you don't know you your mom is?" Beril asked Carlos.

Carlos shook his head, "Oh no! I know who she is. It is just I rarely see her and my dad together."

Beril laughed, "Oh! I get it now! You're dad has another partner!"

"It's not like that!" Carlos snapped, "My dad just wanted to settle down and my mom didn't…"

The prince gave Carlos a strange look, "So why don't we go visit'em?"

Carlos' pupil's dilated, "N..N..no! That's fine! We can stay here!" Beril didn't take that as an answer as he grabbed Carlos' arm, "You don't even know where my parents live!"

"But I can find out!" Beril laughed and took off with Carlos in tow. After a few minutes Beril landed in West City and began to look around. He instantly saw a store named Sampson's Electronics, "Let's go in there!" Carlos tried to resist as he knew what going in there would do, but the dark skinned Saiyan's strength was far greater than Carlos'. The Prince dragged the youth into the small store. Inside the store were a few aisles lined with various electronic devices such as cell phones, MP3 players, and computers. The place seemed well carpeted and painted as the walls were lined with hundreds of DvDs and Video games. On the left wall near the door was a glass counter that showed off several game systems. Behind the counter were two teenagers chatting with one another.

"I'm telling ya man, those Saiyans are trying to lure us into a false sense of security!" One said, "The second our pants are down they're gonna make us their slaves!"

The second teenager blinked, "If that was the case then why are so many Saiyans teaching us how to fight?"

"It's all part of their plan man! I'm tellin' ya!" First teenager said as Beril walked to the counter and slammed the hand that wasn't grabbing Carlos onto it. This action shattered the counter and got the attention of the two.

"Hey! Any of ya mind tellin' me where dis kids dad is?" Beril asked the two teenagers, "Also I will pay for da counter."

The two teenagers took one look at Carlos and began to cower.

"L…L..Let me call his dad…" The second teenager said and picked up the phone. After some dialing and waiting the second teenager began to talk, "Mr. Zentali…yes, someone is here. He has your son and demanding to see you." With that, a man in a black and white tuxedo with long black pants and slick back black hair appeared right in front of everyone.

"Aren't you the Saiyan who wanted to take over the world?" the man said.

Beril put a finger on his chin, "Well I was, but I changed my mind!"

The man pointed at Carlos, "And what are you doing with my son?"

"I just wanted ta meet his father!" Beril exclaimed.

"Well you met him," The man growled, "Now put him down."

Beril set Carlos down as the youth looked at the man, "Dad," Carlos said, "Beril is actually one of my friends."

The man looked at Beril and Carlos before letting out a hardy laugh, "You sure do make weird friends!" with that the man looked at Beril, "I am Sampson Zentali, owner of Sampson's electronics."

"So your daddy is rich huh?" Beril said to Carlos.

"Well yeah…" Carlos gulped.

"Ya shoulda told me!" Beril smiled right before the lights flickered for a second. When the light came back on, several steel robots made to look like humans appeared in the door. Their blue glowing eyes sent out a small beam that scanned everyone. Their eyes then turned red.

"Saiyan detected! Proceed with extermination protocols!" A robot said as its hand turned into a laser gun.

"Ha! You think that children's toy is going to stop me?" Beril laughed as he ran forward and grabbed the robots arm. He then used it to swing like a monkey before jumped into the air, ripping it off, and then beat the robot's head into a heap of wires, "Seriously." Another robot ran toward Beril with two pistols and tried to open fire. The pistol simply bounced off Beril's body as he laughed. Another robot tried to Taser Beril but the dark-skinned prince just laughed it off as he drove his fist into the stomach of the robot with guns. As he whipped around, Mr. Zentali appeared in front of him and shoved his fist into robot and caused it to shatter into small shards. Beril stared at the shards. Never before had he seen someone with that much strength. And he was one of the strongest beings in the universe!

"Beril, Carlos, run," Mr. Zentali said.

Carlos looked at Beril and both of them shrugged as they decided to take Mr. Zentali's advice.

"We need to get Solarion and Geiken," Carlos said as he walked outside.

"Good idea!" Beril exclaimed as both of them began to fly into the air. Just then they saw a robot about 60 stories tall and armed to the teeth with missiles, guns, and bombs. The robot has a big glass eye jetting out from its hulking body as four legs kept it up. The big glass eye looked at Beril and Carlos.

"Saiyans detected, Probability of survival, none." With that the robot's huge shoulders opened to reveal a variety of missiles as several guns jetted out from its chest and let loose. Carlos and Beril flew as fast as they could in order to dodge the attacks. They seemed to be doing pretty well until a missile knocked a building in their path. There was hardly any time to clear through the building. It looked like they were doomed.

"Whelp, it has been nice knowin ya pal!" Beril exclaimed.

"Same," Carlos said as they closed their eyes. The sound of an explosion was heard as gunfire bounced off something. When Carlos and Beril opened their eyes, a tall man with long brown hair, no shirt, and black pants with a Saiyan tail was standing in front of them.

"Go now!" The man exclaimed, "I'll fight off the robot!" Beril and Carlos flew away as fast as they could toward Geiken and Solarion.

"This is getting hectic real fast!" Carlos exclaimed in fright.

"Just da way I like it!" Beril laughed.

Who made the robots? Why are they attacking Saiyans? And can our heroes defeat that gigantic robot? Find out on the next Dragonball Parallel!