Chapter 1

In the year 1942, there lived a Boy named Finley Lockwood. Finley was a very imaginative boy. Whenever he would walk home from school, he would always think up scenarios in his head. Today, he was thinking of what it would be like to be a soldier just like his Father. Maybe I would be a general? He thought. "Or a captain." He thought out loud. He always wanted to be like his Father. He always thought his Father was so brave, and so manly. Finley looked just like his Father, Longish Dark blonde hair, sea blue eyes, fair skin, and he was quite tall for a 10 year old boy. Finley was imagining being a pilot for one of the air-raids and he stretched his arms out and started running on the pavement. He cut the corner of a shop and- Ooph! Finley had run into a girl. "I-I'm sorry." He muttered. "It's okay." The girl assured him. Finley had stood up and reached his hand out to help her up. She willingly took it. "Thank you." She said quietly. "I'm Finley." He introduced as he grinned. The girl smiled and said, "I'm Christina." They both shook hands and Finley asked. "Would you like me to walk you home?" Christina looked at him and shook her head. "No, that is okay. I can walk by myself." Finley had grinned, "But it is the manly thing to do, yes?" Christina giggled, "So you're a man are you?" Finley laughed, "I am working on it." Christina nodded then said, "Well, then I guess you can walk me home. If you're going to be so stubborn." "Well I am, so, I guess I will." Christina started to lead the way and Finley walk aside her. "You go to my school don't you?" Christina asked. Finley nodded. "I believe so, we're in the same grade, aren't we?" "Yes."

Finley and Christina just enjoyed each-others company and talked about their lives and what they like to do, how lonely it can be being an only child, what it would be like to help in the war and so on. And when they got to her house, Finley was confused. "This, is your house?" He asked. "Yes it is." Christina answered, "Why?" "I live in the house right next to you." Finley laughed. "You do?" Christina smiled. "I thought that place belonged to an elderly couple." "It is." Finley explained, "The elderly couple is my Aunt and Uncle. My mother and I are just living there while my fathers in the army." "Oh I see." Christina said. "Well, if you ever get lonely. You're welcome to drop by my house." "Really?" Finley asked. A girl has never invited him to her house before. "Really." Christina smiled. "After school tomorrow then?" Finley nodded. "Alright." Then Finley and Christina smiled, waved, and said their goodbyes, Christina went inside, and Finley walked to his house, went inside, and got ready for supper.