Journey Chapter 4:


Emiko, Dawn and a very subdued Brock kept walking. Pikachu was sitting on Emiko's shoulder again. The strange thing was that they hadn't seen Ash yet.

"It's too bad there's no way to contact him," Emiko said.

"Yeah," said Dawn. "Can you try sensing him again?"

"Sure," Emiko said. She concentrated, and saw Ash facing a boy with purple hair and a mean look on his face. To Emiko's surprise, Ash had a Starly on his shoulder. She concentrated on the area around them, and said, "He's close, follow me." She then ran into the forest, followed by Dawn and Brock.

Finally they reached the clearing that Emiko had seen. The purple-haired boy was about to leave when they reached the clearing. Both boys looked up, startled.

"Emiko? You found Pikachu!" Ash said.

"Yep," Emiko said. Pikachu jumped off Emiko's shoulder and ran to Ash.

The purple-haired boy suddenly said, "Now you've got three Pokémon, wanna battle?"

"Pikachu, you okay with that?" Ash asked. Pikachu nodded, and Ash said, "Let's do it."

"I'll be the judge," Brock said. "Emiko, Dawn, back up."

The girls obeyed.

Brock then said, "Each contestant will use three Pokémon. The battle is over when all of one contestant's Pokémon are unable to battle. Send out your Pokémon!"

Ash nodded to Starly, who flew into the air. The other boy threw a Poke Ball, and out came an Elekid. "Begin!" Brock shouted.

"Elekid, use Thunder!" the purple-haired boy said.

"Starly, dodge, and use Wing Attack!" Ash called out as Elekid's Thunder sped toward Starly. Starly obeyed, but the other boy shouted, "Elekid, Thunder Punch!"

Elekid brought its arm up as Starly came flying towards it, and punched Starly. Starly went flying, and Ash returned it to its Poke Ball.

"I'm never going to understand Pokémon battles," Emiko muttered, watching as Ash sent out Aipom. Aipom also lost, getting fried by Elekid's Thunder while trying to do Focus Punch.

Ash was now down to just Pikachu. "Wow, two Electric Types," Dawn said.

"I hope Pikachu doesn't get hurt," Emiko said.

"Me too," Dawn replied.

Their hopes were in vain, however, as Pikachu's Volt Tackle was countered by Elekid's Protect. Pikachu also collapsed, exhausted.

"Well, you're not as strong as I thought, but that Volt Tackle wasn't bad," the other boy said. "How'd you teach Pikachu that?"

"I didn't," Ash said. "Emiko did." He pointed to Emiko, who was standing next to Dawn.

"How did you get Pikachu to learn Volt Tackle?" the boy asked.

"I worked on increasing Pikachu's speed until it could get up enough speed to create the amount of energy needed to do Volt Tackle," Emiko replied. "Who are you?"

"I'm Paul," the boy said. "Do you want to battle?"

"No," Emiko said. "I'm not a Trainer, and I don't understand the idea of fighting for sport. Pokémon battles are weird."

"If you're not a Trainer, how did you know how to train Pikachu?" Paul asked.

"Brock told me what to do," Emiko said.

"And why do you think Pokémon battles are weird?" Paul asked.

"Why would you want to make someone else fight for you?" Emiko asked. "I think fighting should only be to protect something important to you, not for fun."

"You can fight too?" Paul asked skeptically.

"Yes," Emiko said shortly.

"Then why don't you try fighting my Elekid?" Paul asked. The others gasped.

"Fine, but don't blame me if things get weird," Emiko said.

"You're on," Paul said.

Emiko moved into position across from Elekid as Ash and Brock backed up. "Elekid, use Thunder," Paul said.

Elekid charged up and loosed a powerful bolt of electricity at Emiko, whose eyes started to glow. Then she held out a hand, stopping the bolt of electricity before it hit her. She moved her arm back, then forward, in a pushing motion. Elekid's Thunder was sent right back at it.

"Elekid, dodge," Paul said. Elekid did so, and Paul then said, "Thunder Punch!"

Elekid lunged at Emiko, who flew up, and stayed a few feet above the ground. Then she sensed Elekid behind her, and spun, as Elekid tried to punch her again. Emiko quickly dodged, then her eyes began to glow again. Elekid was lifted into the air, and then Emiko jerked her head towards a tree. Elekid was thrown into the tree, and knocked out. Paul was in utter shock. He recalled Elekid, and looked at Emiko, who was still a few feet off the ground. "What are you?" he asked.

"A Cyniclon," Emiko replied. "I'm surprised you didn't notice from the start that I wasn't human."

Paul turned to Ash and said, "You've got some strange friends."

Emiko snarled and snapped her fingers. As was to be expected, Paul froze in place.

"What was that for?" Paul asked.

"I don't like being called strange, and I don't like it when people talk about me like I'm not there," Emiko said. "Frankly, I think you're the strange one, but at least I didn't say that to everyone else."

"Can you let me go?" Paul asked.

Emiko sighed and snapped her fingers on her right hand. Paul could move again. "I'll leave now," he said. With that he ran off into the forest.

Emiko landed as Ash came over to her. "Thanks for finding Pikachu," he said.

"Sure, but you should thank Dawn too, she protected Pikachu until I got there," Emiko said.

"Thanks Dawn," Ash said, turning to Dawn.

"Sure," Dawn said. "Hey, where are you guys headed?"

"Oreburg City," Ash said. "What about you?"

"Jubilife City, there's going to be a Pokémon Contest there soon," Dawn said.

Brock took out a map and said, "Jubilife City is on the way to Oreburg City, should we go together?"

"I'd like that," Dawn said.

"Me too," Ash said.

"Then it's settled," Brock said. "Let's travel together."

"Great!" Ash and Dawn said.

"I wish you all luck," Emiko said. "I have to go home."

"Bye Emiko, it was nice meeting you," Dawn said.

"You too, Dawn," Emiko said.

"Thanks for helping Pikachu find me again," Ash said.

"And thanks for the advice," Brock added.

"You're all welcome," Emiko said.

Pikachu came over and said, "I'll miss you, have fun at home!"

"I'll miss you too," Emiko said, picking up Pikachu and hugging him. Pikachu hugged back until Emiko put him down. She waved to the others, who waved back, then teleported home.

She landed in the living room, and saw only Ichigo and Kisshu. They looked up at her, and Ichigo said, "How'd it go?"

"Pikachu and Ash got separated again," Emiko said. "I met up with a girl named Dawn, and she helped me and Pikachu find Ash. Everything's fine now."

"Great," Kisshu said. "It's good you're back."

"Where's everyone else?" Emiko asked.

"Trying to find Mint," Ichigo said.

"Does this have something to do with your utterly stupid argument?" Emiko asked.

"Kisshu turned Mint into a bird, which settled the argument, but then she flew away, and we can't find her," Ichigo said.

Emiko sighed. "I'll go help look," she said.

Emiko spent the rest of the day helping the others, and they finally found Mint hiding in a tree.

Kisshu made Taruto turn Mint back into a human, and the rest of the day was spent in more arguing. Emiko finally went to the kitchen, the ONLY quiet place in the house, and started making a large batch of brownies.

Soon the smell got everyone in the kitchen, watching Emiko hopefully. "Maybe I should have stayed in Ash's dimension a little longer," she said. "This is nuts!"

Okay, I couldn't really think of a good ending, so I'm leaving it at that. There might be another soon, though!