Nothing Was Ever As It Seemed

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Summary: Set four years after the books. Gemma is back in India with her father, and she has a daughter, who looks much like her lost love. Everything changes when a certain someone shows up in her living room. Read to find out what happens .

Chapter One: Memories

I ran my fingers through my daughter's thick black curls. My mind wandered over the past four years. I dreamt of him again last night. I saw him flowing into the Tree of All Souls for the millionth time. I wiped my cheek as a single tear escaped.


Four years ago he sacrificed himself for me, and the Tree took him instead. He is still alive, but trapped inside the Tree of All Souls in the Winterlands. It's been four years, FOUR years and I still have no idea how to free him. But, I still have a beautiful part. Charu; the tiny girl sitting in front of me, whose means beautiful. But she definitely fits it. She is Kartik reincarnated. Except for her large, striking glass-green eyes.

Four years ago I had returned to India to be with my Father. A month and a half afterwards I realized that I had not had my monthly curse, then my belly began to grow. Seventh months later Charu made her debut into the world. All eyes and black hair. She resembled Kartik even at birth. I see him every time I look at her.

I felt a tug on my skirt that brought me out of my thoughts to see Charu staring at me curiously. "Mama, what are you thinking about?"

I smiled. "I was thinking about your father."

She crawled into my lap. "My father?"

"Yes, you look just like him."

Her soft face broke into a huge grin that reached up toward her twinkling eyes and I felt a stab of pain in my heart, but I quickly pushed it away. It wasn't fair to her. Her dimpled cheeks, her heart-shaped face, her smile. They were Kartik's, yet she had no idea.

"Well, where is my father?"

"He cannot be with us, darling." I smiled sadly. She doesn't question, instead she reaches up and touches my lips softly, willing them to make a happy smile. I appease her and she giggles.

"Come, let's go see Grandad."

She jumped off my lap and ran into the house, calling for her Grandad. I gathered my book and my tea and started into the house after her. I set my things down, but when I looked up, my heart stopped, and I froze. There, standing in the middle of the parlor, was a man I thought I would never see again.

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