A/N: Is everyone ready for a brand new cowboy adventure? This story is the sequel to Kahuna Cowboy. I'm bringing back the regular cast of characters, as well as a few new ones.

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Chapter 1: Not Your Average Car Jacking

Hawaii was called paradise for a reason.

A vast network of communities and ecosystems, all live together to survive in a true spirit of aloha. The rolling hills, the vast outstretching ocean and the fertile soil are a purist's dream. The city life is hot and happening. The people are beautiful and culturally divers, and though to some it seems a private club located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it had a welcoming spirit and a helpful and trusting appeal.

An old western soul could find a perfect place to live and work. A modern soul, with secret ties to a distant and adventurous past, could be exactly who he or she wanted to be, and that person with ties to the ancestors of the island, with respect for the modern world but a love for his or her roots, could coexist on the land of the beautiful island of Oahu.

With the past behind them, Five-O had moved on in a familiar sense. They had learned to become each others protectors. They had opened their hearts and their secrets to be trusting of each other, and had learned how to be one in each of their separate worlds.

Theirs was a world build on respect and trust. Together they saw and learned, and fought and taught, the ways to justice and truth. As a whole, four people were gathered together as one in the same search for what was right.

Gloria Robinson, a good friend of the Five-O task force and a woman of a western heart, was often in contact with her dear friends after what they had done to save her farm and her boarding stable. Since that time, Danny, Steve, Chin and even Kono made frequent and weekly visits to the farm.

Steve had become a proficient and dedicated rider, one with his horse, all thanks to Danny and his generous gift.

Danny had found a place where his adventurous youth could be nurtured and revived by the excitement of his friends and the new past time they shared together.

Chin found himself upon his horse more often then ever before because, at one time, it had been for work but now it was a reason to hone his skills and strive for an excellence that Danny encompassed.

Even Kono found a new love for a land sport. She had purchased her own horse – Lila – boarded it with Chin, Danny and Steve on Gloria's ranch and spend hours learning and riding and gaining a whole new appreciation for the old arts and the land on which she lived.

Together, and within a community that was strong and had ties to a farming way of life, the Five-O crew became a stronger team with little they kept from one another.

Other people who had come into the Five-O community from the farmers co-operative were the Snellings, whose patriarch, George, owned a farm that ran along one side of Gloria's and who at one time had been involved in all the same troubles. George Snelling, and a herd of grandchildren, twelve strong, worked a pineapple farm that had been in the family for generations and had ties right down to their Hawaiian roots.

George had been helpful, and George and Gloria founded a co-operative of farmers in the valley that would watch out for one another, work together and live in a sustainable way to help their community and protect it from the dangers and the fears that had popped up right under their noses. They had vowed that the corruption of human traffickers and drug runners would never happen, ever again, on their watch.

Another farm, one that had been taken over after Five-Os case was completed, had fallen into the hands of another one of the Five-O family. Kawika and his Kapu had come along, bought up the land in the hopes of returning it to Hawaiian people and got caught up in George and Gloria's master plan. It was now a functioning farm, once again, and the underground tunnels and hiding places had been sealed up and converted for storage and safety.

Kawika was open to the idea of helping out his neighbours and though he hadn't farmed before, he was a quick learner and the coffee that he and his men planted started to thrive.

Within the community Gloria, George and Kawika began to grow their co-operative, inviting other members of their farming community to join them and using all of the farms as a learning tool, promoting sustainable living and food awareness for the younger generations.

With the coffee, pineapples and grains gown by the three primary leaders, the other farms produced taro, pecans, bananas, mangos, avocados, coconuts, cocoa and sweet potatoes and they even boasted an affiliation with a fishery dedicated to the conservation of the fish of the islands. Young school children were brought out to the farms and taught about their community, where their food came from on the island and how to prepare traditional Hawaiian and Polynesian dishes as part of their school curriculum, and to get them excited about their community and protecting it.

Many of these students came out to the farms for hands on experience within the community and because of Kawika's ongoing involvement in charitable works, and the dedication of Five-O to bring awareness to the young people about being positive members of society, many men and women were pulled from the wrong path to the right and found employment within the co-operative.

It was now a thriving group of positive people, working for positive change and the conservation of the Hawaiian Islands.

As part of the school programs, tours of the farms were often offered and run out of Gloria's Ranch. Paths and trails were cut into the properties to connect the farms with one another and as a starting point to a day full of learning, the students would arrive at Vision Boarding Stable to the awaiting wagons and horses ready to take them on their farm tour.

The tour would take them through all of the farms and their crops as leaders would explain what went into the specialty crops and then it would all end back at the Kapu farm where the students would participate in classroom activities carried out in a huge, old barn. Cooking demonstrations, using the products from the fields, and discussions kept the kids occupied and entertained, and before long the programs and the cooperative became a standard practice for the students' curriculum.

Often enough, school tours of Five-O would also happen. Facilitated by Danny or Steve, they would pick up where the program had left off and, aside for the tour of the office with all its technology, the students saw the good in helping their community and working for justice – sometimes they even met the Governor. All in all, it was an experience that the students loved and the Five-Os loved helping with.


One morning, early in the school term, Gloria had met another tour group of students just outside of her farm. She had tacked her two beautiful quarter horses – Lilo and Stitch – to a ten-foot wagon bed which had been refurbished with rows of benches and a canopy to help shelter the students from the sun for their ride through the fields of all of the farms.

The school buses always arrived at the same time and the students were thrilled at what they saw as they pulled up to the first farm. Out in the pens, frolicking and content, were all of Gloria's boarding horses. Occasionally there would be students in lessons, or rodeo like time trials, but always the horse were out for the viewing, and Lilo and Stitch loved the attention they always received as the two horses that lead the tours.

The students disembarked from their bus and were ushered right up and onto the flatbed of the wagon. From there, Gloria would convey the students through the fields, leading her horses on with a calm and authoritative command, while a member of the education crew would talk about the farms as they drove along.

Halfway along the root, somewhere between Gloria's farm and George's, on a side of the land that bordered on the forest reserve, Lilo and Stitch began to act out of character for their usual calm and docile selves. Gloria scanned the woods for any signs of what might be spooking the horses and brought the wagon ride to an even slower crawl.

"What's going on?" The teacher who accompanied her students asked in a whisper to the woman leading the tour.

"I'm not quite sure." The young woman who had been brought to the co-operative from the former case, rescued by George on his farm, stated as she spun around in her seat and looked to Gloria.

"Something's up," Gloria whispered to her tour guide. "I think we had better speed up this part of the tour and get away from the forest reserve."

"Should I contact Five-O?" Juanita asked in a whisper as she pulled her cellular phone from the pocket of her overalls.

"Do you have reception?" Gloria asked as Lilo's ears twitched suddenly and she tried to side step away from the edge of the forest.

"Oh no," Juanita sighed as she looked at her phone.

"Git up you two," Gloria stated and slapped the reigns down with a crack.

Before the horses could react, a man dressed from head to toe in army camouflage jumped out of the forest carrying a large, semiautomatic, weapon.

"Whoa!" The man yelled and before anyone could react to the weapon more men crashed through the underbrush from the forest reserve and surrounded the wagon.

"Alright, everyone off!" one man who had come up on the back of the wagon yelled.

"That means you too, missy!" The first man ordered as he climbed up beside Gloria. "Step down or fall down, it's your choice," he added and aimed his weapon right at her.

Gloria did as she was told and Juanita followed her lead. The children were gathered in the middle of the path with their teacher and the two tour leaders huddled around them.

"What are they going to do to us?" A little boy asked full of fear.

"Shh, Henry," the teacher cooed and wrapped her arms around the little boy.

"All of you, turn around and head back the way you came!" another one of the camouflaged men stated. "Go now, or I'll start shooting!"

The children, as lead by their teacher, started to sprint up the path, while Gloria and Juanita took up the rear. Gloria turned to look over her shoulder and watched in shocked horror as the men all gathered on the flatbed wagon and the first man snapped the reigns and Lilo and Stitch bolted forward in an attempt to escape. The wagon veered and shook, knocking several of the men off their feet and onto the floor of the wagon, but the first man, the one who had started the ambush, held tight to the reigns as he shouted orders to the horse, and then they veered off, down a hidden trail and off into the forest reserve.