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Chapter 23: Epilogue.

Gloria leaned heavily on the cane that the doctors had given her, but as she stepped out onto her front porch she knew things were going to be all right. Already things were starting to get back to normal. There was calm and quiet on her farm. The horses were in their pens, the cows were out to pasture, and the crops were coming along swimmingly.

The stable had sustained damage in the fire, but nothing that wasn't already being taken care of by her friends and neighbours.

The police presence had departed, or rather the additional back-up had departed, but Five-O and their friends were still very much present on the farm. Kono and Chin were busy working in the stable, while Toast and Catherine worked and wired up a new surveillance system, just as an additional precaution – two incidences involving this farm were far too many – and the work that they were doing made Gloria feel more comfortable to be back in her home.

She breathed in the sweet, salty, air and closed her eyes, just to listen to the familiar sounds of her farm.

"What are you doing out of bed?" Danny asked as he rode around the farm house with Steve. "You were told to rest."

"There's work to be done, cowboy." Gloria said defiantly.

"And we have it all under control." Steve stated as he dismounted. "The cattle are in the back pasture, the new siding us going up on the stable, Lilo and Stitch are reacclimatizing well to their surroundings and Toast rode for the first time in a long time. I'd say farm life is getting back to normal. We're sorry we couldn't save your wagon, but Kawika and his men are hard at work refurbishing a new one for you. You'll be back in business in no time."

Danny stayed atop his horse and simply leaned on his saddle horn for stability. "Everything is under control."

"And everyone's got a little Kaulike." Gloria smiled proudly.

"So back to bed with you." Steve ordered and handed his reins to Danny, "or I'll carry you up there – don't think for a second that I won't!"

"Oh be still my beating heart." Gloria laughed. "Don't give me any of your guff, Steven. I'll sit for a whole on my porch swing and take in the air. I also feel like you boys may need a little supervision now and again. So I'll sit here and you ain't gonna stop me, Navy Man." she added and sat herself down on the swing. "Besides, the rest of your people are arriving, so you have bigger fish to fry." She said and pointed at the two vehicles, plus a cruiser, that pulled up the drive and stopped just before the barn.

"You ready for a new case, partner?" Steve asked as he took the reins back from Danny.

"Saddle up, Cowboy. The Governor does not look pleased." Danny joked as Governor Sam Denning and his entourage approached the farm house - with Duke Lukela.

"We could make a run for it." Steve stated and mounted his horse again.

Danny shook his head. "You know that's not how this works."