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Britta has been gone three weeks.

Well, it has been three weeks since they figured out she wasn't in Greendale.

The discovery of her absence starts with Troy.

He was supposed to have dinner with her on a Wednesday night but she doesn't show up.

He calls her phone and it goes straight to voicemail.

He heads home and tells Annie and Abed about Britta standing him up.

Annie calls Britta and there is still no answer.

She gets the boys to go with her to make sure Britta is okay.

They call Jeff because they realize they had no idea where she lives.

He shows up, with her extra key, and led the way to her (crappy) apartment.

The evidence starts from the door, late rent, water, and electric shut off notices all cling to her door.

Jeff leaves the notices where they are, opens the door while the younger folks hide behind him as he stepped indoors, half expecting her cat to attack him, and half excepting to find Britta passed out, or worst yet, dead.

He flips the light switch and miraculously there is still light despite the warnings.

But there is no cat hanging around their ankles and Britta is nowhere to be seen.

Jeff checks the bathroom and her room.

Her eco-friendly, organic (ridiculously expensive) hair and body products are missing.

As are about half of her entire wardrobe.

And the ratty, giant backpack she insisted on keeping for what she had claimed time and time again to be purely nostalgic reasons.

Jeff decides that Britta left voluntarily.

Annie crosses her arms and juts out a hip, she isn't satisfied with that answer.

Abed offers some advice about adult kidnappings based on the movie he saw last week.

Troy gets wide eyed and worried when Abed finishes.

Jeff calms them all down and reminds them that if Britta really was in trouble she would have found a way to contact someone. He adds that she probably just got an invite to go on some ridiculous peace mission and she would be back and preaching about her new revelations before everyone knew it.