(AN: the POV change is okay. Basically when Harry is talking in First person he's describing his past. So first person is the Harry from the future telling this story. Like a movie were the person starts out talking then the movie starts.

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There was no true grand battle were I courageously struck down Voldemort with an old powerful curse. No true glory of Raging battles with people dyeing all around me. Hell, no one even believes I truly killed him.

Especially because of what happened after.


Harry snuck away from the chaos, Hagrid's screams of 'Where's Harry!' echoing in the back ground. Deatheaters all converged and ran into the majestic school, chasing the members of the Light.

Barely dodging curses and falling people, Harry ran towards the great hall, determined to end everything. The raven weaved and ran through the throng of people, trying to reach his enemy.

When he finally stood in front of the snakelike being, all sound stopped. The chaos seemed to end, as everyone looked at the two powerful wizards. One seemingly immortal, the other back from the dead.

"Harry Potter," the voice was scratching and hissing against the ears of the surrounding audience. "What…a surprise, to see you standing here, alive."


Rage swlled in the ruby red snake eyes across from him. The man's reptillion face screwed up in pure loathing.

And then, he smiled. "do you honestly think, I didn't prepare for the chance of your survival? Tut tut tut, Harry." Humor danced in the creatures waxen face.

"What do you mean Tom?" Harry hissed out, disgusted by his enemy.

Voldemort's eyes were alight with a dark pleased look. The man's entire aura screamed that he had won. Won what Harry didn't know, but The teen could tell he wouldn't like it.

"Why Potter, didn't you know, this entire school is held up and in place because of the century's worth of spells woven inside of it?" people around them twittered like birds. "All. I have. To. Do. To. Win. Is. This." As he was speaking a green glow had surrounded the man, until it exploded out wards throughout the school.

A terrible screaming filled the night. Screeches bounced off and from the vary walls; Hogwarts was screaming and in pain. Harry desperately reached out with his magic to help the old castle, but something was wrong. A suction was eating up his power, consuming it, Harry was doing all he could to stop it, but the school only devoured more of it.

When Harry had no more magic left to give, an explosion wracked the school. Hogwarts, using Harry's stolen magic, had destroyed and consumed Voldemort.


I think that was the actual turning point for me. You see, i had no more magic. I was a squib. My magic had been consumed then used as a weapon to destroy the Dark Lord. The people though, they didn't see it like that. They thought that it was the school that saved them, the school who sacrificed. They didn't even consider the fact that I had suddenly become a squib.

Hell, no one even believed I was a squib.

It had been gradual, the betrayals. First people started to turn from me. Old friends stopped standing up for me. The whispers of my being dark, once again popped up. Mother's on the street hurried children away. Aurors watched me at every turn. The papers once again slandered my name. It got worse when I stopped aging.

There was no actual point in time where you could mark when I stopped physically ageing. Hermione, my last true friend in Britain, (Neville and Luna had moved away) believed that I truly stoppedwhen my magic was completely consumed by the school. It was that or the Master of Dearth theory was correct.

That was until the physical changes began.

This was less gradual. Over night my hair grew down to my feet. Scarlet feathers actually growing from the strands. My eyes grew larger and like a serpents, and my incisors sharpened. Scales covered most of my body, in the colors green blue red gold and silver. Where the scales were missing there where feathers, my stomach and inner thighs. White markings surrounded and framed my eyes, face, and body in odd looking spirals and designs.

People started to fear me even more. Thankfully they tolerated me, though they crossed the street when I was near, and stopped selling me goods. Some even went as far as making signs to ward off evil.

The last straw was the wings. They were brilliant scarlet, blue, and gold. They fell down to my feet and draped a little on the ground. They were strong enough for me to fly. I loved them. But sadly, not everyone did as well.

After that everything went to hell.

I was once again Britain's most un-desirable. Hit-wizards and Aurors all tried to capture me. I ended up spending most of my time in Knockturn Alley. The only place I was still respected. The dark knew me and recognized the truth in my actions. They were all that was left, the only ones who remembered my sacrifices.

I cant say I was surprised though, that they turned on me. Though I had their respect, me being there put them in danger. I was a liability they couldn't stand. Thank-fully they turned me in strait to the ministry. It at least saved me from others who wished me harm.

The worst of what happened to me happened there.

I was there for three days before they moved me. I didn't know where I was going, but from what happened I think it was the Department of Mysteries. I was put under extensive tests. They removed things from me grew them back and did it again. The pain was unimaginable and the relief brief. I was nearing the end when it was over.

I was put to court. It was there that I found out what had happened.

It seemed that the basilisk venom in my system never went away. It mixed with the tears of Fawkes and created something new. I was a hybrid of two of the most powerful creatures around. I was different, to be feared, a freak.

I was sentenced to Azkaban, to be sealed in the lowest darkest coldest cell they had. It was the last I saw the light for a long time.

It wasn't long before I went into meditation. I never woke up. Not for years. In that time I also never moved or even breathed. Not until I was released some hundred years later.

I was sentenced to the veil.

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