So Friends is the best TV show ever, and Chandler and Monica are my favorite couple! This story takes place after the show ends, and is based off the Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood song, Remind Me. Obviously, I don't own the song or the show. Reviews are always appreciated!

Chapter 1

Monica Bing entered the living room where her husband Chandler was sitting on his recliner with a book in his hands. "The kids are in bed. They're waiting to say goodnight to you," she said.

"Ok," he said flatly. He put the book down and went up the stairs to say goodnight to the twins. Monica sighed and sat down on the couch. It hadn't always been like this. She remembered when Chandler would lift up Erica and Jack, one over each shoulder, carrying the giggling toddlers upstairs to bed with Monica close behind. They would read them a story together. After that, they'd both sing a song quite out of tune but completely in sync, which would, by some miracle, get the twins to close their eyes and drift off to sleep. Now though, Monica marched the kids up the stairs, tucked them in and read them a story. Then she'd come downstairs to get Chandler and he'd go up and sing them a song. They used to be a team. What had happened to them?

She looked over at the picture of their wedding that sat on the mantle above the fireplace. They both looked so happy. She hadn't seen Chandler smile like that in a long time. She remembered that they'd barely made it to the reception, nearly deciding to go straight up to the hotel room suite. Monica sighed again. How long had it been since Chandler had reached for her? Far too long. Things were so different now. They had never cared before if people stared at them as they made out in a crowd somewhere. Often, someone would yell at them to get a room. Joey'd said that more than enough over the years. Not recently though. It was hard to believe that joyful couple in the picture was her and Chandler.

Monica got up and stretched. Although it was still early, she might as well go to bed too.

As soon as the twins closed their eyes, Chandler saw Monica walk past their room headed for their own. Kissing his daughter's and then his son's cheeks, he followed her. He found her in the bathroom, combing out her shoulder length black hair. He leaned against the doorway and watched her for a moment. She never wore her hair down anymore. She always pulled it up and back out of the way. He'd forgotten how pretty it was. "Did you need something?" Monica asked, snapping him out of his trance.

"Oh, uh no," he stuttered, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. "You going to bed already?"

Monica shrugged. "Been a long day," she said, and it was true. The catering business she owned and ran from home, The Chick and The Duck, had taken off. She'd been cooking all day, that is when she hadn't been running the twins to school, doing the laundry, or cleaning the house that seemed to be in an annoying state of constant disarray. But he wouldn't know that. He didn't notice. He didn't care. She walked past him back into their bedroom and began to unmake the bed.

"Are you ok?" he asked as he watched her yank back the quilt and sheets.

She bit back the harsh words on her tongue and said, "Fine. Goodnight."

Chandler sighed, leaving the room and shutting off the lights for her. "Goodnight." He stayed in the doorway again, watching her for just a moment. How had this happened? Monica had once been the most talkative person he knew. He used to not be able to get her to shut up and now he couldn't get her to say more than two words to him. He missed his overly opinionated wife. He missed the way it felt when she shared her thoughts and ideas with him and when he could do the same with her. He wanted to go back to that but he didn't know how, mainly because he didn't know when they'd lost it.

Monica lay awake in bed after Chandler turned out the lights. She felt his eyes on her. If he was going to stand there anyway, why didn't he come and lay down with her? Why didn't he come to bed and pull her against him, letting her cuddle up against him like they used to? There had been a time when saying she wanted to go to bed early was an invitation, and Chandler would grab her hand and practically drag her into their room. He would kiss her so passionately that her knees would go weak and she would literally fall back onto the bed, protected by Chandler's firm embrace. He would kiss her lips and find that one spot on her neck that melted her heart each time his lips grazed over it. It might've been too long ago for him to remember, but she didn't forget. She couldn't forget the need for him that had burned within her, hotter than anything she'd ever felt before or since. Back when they couldn't get close enough, when they couldn't get enough of each other. But that time was gone, just like Chandler when she dared to steal a glance at the now empty doorway. A single tear slipped down Monica's cheek.