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"Damn . . . where are we?"

Benjamin Tennyson, 17 year old superhero and wielder of the elusive Omnimatrix, rubbed his face with the palm of his hands vigorously. After rubbing his eyes to clear out his momentarily blackened vision, he instinctively turned to the sounds coming from somewhere to his left.

"Ugh, my head hurts like hell!"

Ben quickly crawled his way towards his 17 year old cousin, not trusting his legs to support his weight at the moment. He stared at her small form in concern, wondering what was wrong.

"Gwen, are you alright?"

Gwen, who had been curled up into a fetus position on the floor, straightened up at the sound of her cousin's voice. Seconds later, a strong, warm hand helped her sit up, fingers brushing her auburn hair away from her face. She was met with bright green eyes that were scrutinizing her in worry.

"I'm fine Ben," Gwen swatted his hand away, not unkindly, frowning as she looked around. "What is this place?"

Ben sighed aloud, slumping back beside his cousin and let his head lean against the wall. "How should I know?"

"It seems we are captured," Gwen continued slowly, squinting her eyes. The room was fully white – white floor tiles, white walls, and white tube lights. It was almost blinding her eyes.

"No kidding," Ben murmured sarcastically, also looking around in curiosity. Then, on a serious note – "There's no damn way out. Not a window or a door. Who could've captured us?"

Gwen looked at the brunette, biting her lip in sudden fear. "I don't know. Do you think they are aliens?"

"What?" Ben laughed amusedly, "Aliens? Which ones? Aliens don't hover around earth just to capture two normal teens!"

Gwen scowled.

"Firstly, Benjamin, Aliens can come on earth whenever they want. It's not hard for them to do so. Didn't you see the news last night?"

"What news?" Ben asked confusedly, tilting his head to stare into equally green eyes.

"The news about the spotting of a U.F.O recently!" Gwen waved her hands around in exasperation, annoyed at her cousin's lack of information. "Two bystanders claimed to have seen a 'strange man with glowing eyes' interrogate them with strange questions. Kevin said they could be Aliens."

"Even so, why would they capture us?"

"Uh, hello?" Gwen pointed to Ben's wrist, indicating the Omnitrix. "We are not normal, remember? At least, mentally I know you are not."

"Hey!" Ben said bleakly, scooting away from her in mock hurt. "Be grateful you are not alone."

Gwen sighed, putting a hand to her forehead. "You're right. I'm sorry." She paused for a moment, contemplating something. What was the date today? What time of the day was it? Or was it night? Come to think of it, Gwen didn't even know what the day was. "Um, what is the date today?"

Ben was slightly thrown back by her question. Nevertheless, he wracked his brain to remember the date. Yesterday was a math test at school, which was on the 14th, which meant –

"Today's the 15th I guess."

"Or probably not," Gwen whispered, her green eyes suddenly feeling moist. "Maybe we've been here for a long time, and we don't know it."

Ben frowned at her proclamation. He quickly made his way to the red-head, enveloping her in a comforting hug. "Chill, Gwennie. I'm here with you."

Gwen trembled lightly, letting the taller boy comfortingly rub her back up and down. She clutched onto his green jacket tightly, one side of her cheek pressed up against the rough black fabric of his shirt. She felt slightly ashamed at herself for panicking like that, especially in front of Ben. But the thought of being kept imprisoned in a claustrophobic, white room for god knows how long made her more than upset.

She was devastated.

Once she calmed down, Ben let go of her and began inspecting the walls. Gwen's anxiety left him unnerved. She was a strong person, and breaking down in front of him was something very rare. It made him realize that he had to be the responsible, mature and sensible one for now. He looked back to see his cousin sitting against the wall, knees drawn up to her chest, green eyes watching his every move with some sort of hope. Belatedly he remembered her being claustrophobic, and his heart clenched at the sight. She looked like a lost child.

"Whoever is responsible," Ben shouted suddenly, causing Gwen to jump, "will pay for it! No one has the right to detain The Ben Tennyson!" He kicked the wall, punctuating each kick with a 'Stupid!'

So much for being sensible and mature.

"Ben," Gwen scolded, though there was a faint smile on her lips, "Stop it. That's a wall, not a football. Save your energy. Who knows we need it for later when escaping."

"Ah, there's the optimistic Gwen I know!" Ben stopped at once, cheerily smiling. "Of course we shall escape! Kevin, Julie or our parents are bound to realize we are missing soon."

"Yes," Gwen replied, now smiling with renewed hope. She bumped her cousin with her shoulder joyfully as he slid down beside her. "You're right. Now coming to pressing matters, how did we end up here?"

Ben leaned his head back against the smooth wall, propping an arm over a bent knee. "Hmm, last evening we were with Kevin, right?"

"Yup," Gwen replied, playing with a strand of her hair nervously, "We dropped him off at his favorite mechanic shop –"

"– to buy spare parts for his car, yeah I remember." Ben joined in, turning sideways to look at his cousin. "And then it was just me and you."

"You wanted to go to Mr. Smoothies," Gwen supplied further, "So we parked behind the building, in that dark corner under the huge cherry blossom tree you insisted to park under."

"I like that tree," Ben defended himself quickly.

"Anyway," Gwen rolled her eyes, "We got off and heard scuffling noises from that dark alleyway to our left, remember?"

Ben nodded, suddenly solemn. "I keep telling you – those noises were made by the overgrown rats I keep seeing everywhere!"

"Don't be silly Ben. There are no such things as three-foot long rats with red eyes."

"You just can't see them," Ben grumbled, folding his arms. "And because of this reason, I went alone to inspect the alley. I remember seeing a hooded figure though, but then . . ."


Ben frowned. "I don't know. I can't remember anything else. Next minute, I wake up here with you." He glanced at his cousin, who furiously bit her lip. "Gwen, what happened to you?"

"I followed you when you weren't coming back to the car," She replied quietly, eyes staring at the opposite wall in thought. "I was so scared. I went into the alleyway and saw a hooded figure as well. She was –"

"It was a woman?"

Gwen nodded, remembering seeing the pale, flawless face and ruby red lips. "Yeah, and I just stared at her. That's all I remember . . . her strangely golden eyes were the last thing I actually saw."

There was a silence in the small room for a while. Both cousins stared ahead, not really seeing anything. Ben let out a soft sigh as Gwen put her head on his shoulder, cuddling closer to him.

"I don't know why," She began softly, "I feel we are being watched. Like lab rats or something."

The brunette swept the escaping red tendrils away from Gwen's face, tucking it gently behind one ear absentmindedly. "Really? Huh, maybe they are."

"Yeah," Gwen said, feeling despair creep up her heart. She stared at her hands, playing with her fingers until a thought crossed her mind.

"Wait –" She looked up, eyes sparkling with excitement. "My magic! I can use my manna to help us! There's gotta be a way . . ." She stood up, gathered her energy and focused like she had never before. She waited for the familiar tingles to erupt on the palm of her hands, waited for the comfortable warmth to envelope her body like always.




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Ben stared at the red-head with curiosity. Why wasn't her manna appearing like it always did? He waited patiently for a full minute, quietly watching Gwen try to summon the magenta light between her hands. He waited another full minute, watching his cousin stare at her hands in misery. When Gwen looked like she was about to hit her head on the wall, he finally decided to approach her.

"Ben," she started, as he came close, "I can't do it. My anodite powers . . . they are not working!"

"It's okay, Gwen," Ben gripped her shoulders gently, shaking her a little so that she would look into his eyes. "Don't lose your cool. I can't let you go into a mental breakdown right now. Kevin would kill me."

Gwen playfully aimed a punch at Ben's face, smiling lightly as he ducked to avoid the blow. It was typical of Ben to make the worst of the situations a light joke. That's what she loved about him at times. "Ben, how about the Omnitrix?" She said, holding onto the brunette's wrist like a child. "Try it!"

Ben hesitated. Although he was goofy at times and not as smart as is cousin, he had a trickle of leadership qualities within him. He knew how to take control of a situation, whether when being under attack or being the one to attack. In this particular instance, the moment Gwen had started losing it, Ben tried to activate the Omnitrix.

Sadly, he got a shock.

"Okay, Gwen," Ben fiddled with the watch like before as Gwen whimpered loudly. He pressed the side button, sliding down the square faceplate to lock in the selection. To his relief, the Omnitrix Core came out. Miserably, nothing happened again when he pressed down on it.

"Oh god, we are seriously trapped in this door-less, window-less room!" Gwen started to sob lightly, clutching her arms protectively. "Ben, what are we going to do? What is wrong with the Omnitrix?"

"The Omnitrix looks fine," Ben muttered seriously, "No damage whatsoever. It is fully operational too, yet nothing happens when I trigger it." He turned to Gwen, who was pacing the small room. "Gwen . . ."

"I'm okay, Ben," Gwen said softly, the second time that day. She wiped the tears away, willing herself to remain strong. Yet no matter what way she looked, she saw no escape route. Ben could not morph into an alien and whisk them away, nor could she herself do anything. Her powers . . . she was never without her powers. She relied on them too much. She felt betrayed. And claustrophobic.

"What the hell is going on?" Ben shouted out in frustration. The situation was going from bad to worse. Not to mention Gwen's increasing mental depression. "I need answers, NOW!"

"We shall answer your questions, human."

Ben and Gwen simultaneously looked at each other, mirroring identical expressions of surprise. They looked around for any source of the voice, more surprised to see a speaker hanging from one corner of the ceiling. Why did they not see it before?

"You cannot escape," The strange, inhuman voice continued, "And we do not intend to let you yet. The spaceship is activated with scalar fields, hence the cause of disabling your device and other abnormal energy matter."

"So there's nothing wrong with me," Gwen whispered to her cousin, feeling half relieved and half angry. She turned to the speaker, shouting, "Why are we here? Why only me and Ben, and no one else?"

"Selecting human mates is a very delicate matter," The voice said again, "We selected only you both, as we needed only one male and one female of your species."

"Mates?" Ben said in a confused voice, "What does that have to do with me and Gwen? And why was it me and Gwen?"

There was a pause at the other end, in which both cousins glanced at each other in unease.

"To you first question – yes, Mates. We intend to study your species thoroughly, and one base of research is still not covered."

"And that is . . .?" Gwen said fearfully, already knowing the answer.

"Breeding between two humans, of course!"

Both cousins gasped aloud, Ben roaring mindlessly and Gwen blushing with embarrassment.

"NO! We absolutely refuse! We can't do this." Ben managed to sputter out a few proper words (to his own surprise).

"Indeed you can, and you will." The reply made Gwen shiver in fear suddenly. "And to your second question, we selected you both because you qualify our preferred criteria: One male, pre-adult and physically normal, and one female of similar qualities. You both also share high levels of understanding, proper interactions and a healthy emission of stable pheromones. Also, it seems you both share similar DNA, which has much less chance of producing any biological errors in our tests."

"What?" Ben shouted, not believing his ears. His mind still swam with words like 'physically normal', 'pheromones' and 'similar DNA'. "You cannot be serious. Gwen and I are family. We simply cannot do this!"

"Enough! You will do as we say, and provide us all the needed information. Once completed, we shall set you two free without harm. Otherwise, the one who won't comply shall be exterminated."

"We don't care!" Ben yelled, hands balled into fists. "Kill us if you want. We won't co-operate with your stupid schemes!"

There was another silence from their side, and both teens could hear faint mumbling in some unknown language. Gwen bit her lip continuously, gingerly placing a hand on Ben's shoulder.

"Ben," She whispered, flinching slightly as the taller boy whipped around to stare at her. "Please calm down."

"Don't you understand, Gwen?" Ben seized her upper arms, shaking her roughly. "Can't you see what they are gonna make us do? It's wrong, so fucking wrong!"

"Stop it," Gwen squirmed in his grasp, suddenly afraid of her own cousin's strength. "You're hurting me, Benjamin!"

Ben, realizing that his cousin actually teared-up again, instantly released her. He ran a hand through his messy brown hair, vaguely aware that the room was silent again apart from Gwen's sobs. He looked at her quivering form, hating himself.

"I'm so, so sorry Gwennie," Ben approached her slowly, gently wrapping his arms around her this time. It was obvious that Gwen was traumatized by all this, and here he was, scaring her more. "I didn't mean to hurt you, I swear. It's just – we can't play along. Tell me, are you willing to do as they say?"

Gwen dried her tears as she heard Ben's steady heartbeat. Once again, she found herself pressed up against his muscled chest, feeling embarrassed yet again. Never once before did she breakdown in front of and hug her annoying cousin repeatedly within the span of an hour. She was beginning to wonder why fate was being such a joke.

"N-No. It's wrong, but I don't want to die, Ben."

"They won't kill you. I won't let them."

"But they will kill you," Gwen said softly, fear for her cousin thick inside her heart. "I can't see that happening, Ben. I can't let you die! It's clear these aliens whatsoever are dangerous, and we clearly have no chance of ever escaping."

Ben stayed silent for a moment. He kept hugging his cousin, unable to see her expressions as she had said all that. In a way, he was grateful, for he didn't think he could bear to see the embarrassment and fear on her face.

"Gwen, what about – about Kevin? And Julie? Or our parents? What will they do if –?"

"They will never know about this," Gwen cut in sharply, pushing away from her cousin and taking a couple of steps away from him. "Never. I won't tell them, and obviously you won't. Don't you want to escape alive, Benjamin?"

Ben stared at her in surprise. One moment, she was a crying mess, clutching onto him for comfort, and in the next she suddenly distanced herself from him, speaking coldly and hugging herself as though in pain. The brunette knew Gwen was not joking. She was serious, a fact he identified especially when she called him by his full name.

"Okay," He whispered to her, suddenly feeling numb. Then with a louder and angrier voice, he turned to the speaker. "OKAY. Fine! We will do as you say, but first let us out of this room! Gwen does not feel well here."

He glanced at Gwen as he said this, noticing the way she was unresponsive to his unusual request. He slowly walked towards her, though he made no move to be physically in contact with her. Something in her stance made him want to give her some space. Instead, he just bent his head lower and whispered "Maybe while they move us, we can try to escape!"

Gwen just remained silent, observing the white floor without thought. She felt mentally tired all of a sudden, wishing she could close her eyes and go to sleep. Apprehension, fear, disgust . . . all these negative emotions swirled inside her body, making her nauseous. She never even blinked when Ben told her his plan, though it did slightly amuse her.

"Dumbass," She replied without emotion, still looking at the floor, "We are most likely in outer space. There is indefinitely, no way to escape alive."

Ben raised his eyebrows at her reply, but before he could say anything, the familiar voice he started to hate filled the room. "Excellent. We will start the research with a few basic physical tests first. You both will have to be separated for a while as they are conducted individually."

"No, I will not separate from Gwen!"

"Such emotional bonding is very good, human," The mechanical voice seemed pleased, and Ben unwillingly felt heat rise up his neck. "But it is for a short time. I assure you, you both will eventually unite and carry out the mating as we require."

Ben closed his eyes at the last part, feeling more and more mortified.

Please god, no more torture!