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Chapter 3: A Virus...?

It's been a few days since Omega Zero was struck down by Zex. Things were pretty chill. Too chill, actually. Zex was getting suspicious. "Why haven't there been any Maverick attacks?", he says to himself inside of his new room on the Guardian Base. "I mean, I suppose it's a good thing, but..." As if he had jinxed it, the alarm goes off. Startled, Zex jumps out of his bed, and, stumbling at first, runs for the Control Center. Ashe, Vent, and Aile enter moments after him, just as Prairie turned around in her chair. "Vent, Aile, you're not going to like this, but a Maverick has appeared in Area H." Both of them suddenly look surprised and a bit angry, and I figured that Area H must be important to them. Prairie then turns her head to Vent. "Vent, I want you to go with Zex and take it out." "Yes, Ma'am." Vent then rushes out of the room, with Zex following closely behind him. "Well, this ain't so bad. 'Least I get to learn about Vent.", Zex thought.

Zex and Vent rush into Area H, and Zex notices as Vent stops for a moment. "Something up?" "It's nothing.", he replies, "just some old memories. Let's go." Zex nods his head and the two of them begin to advance. Eventually, they get to a room that looked like a little kid's playground. Inside of it, a black armor-clad Reploid was waiting for them, which they assumed was the Maverick. It had an unusual design, but... "T-That looks like Model Z!" The being seems to be startled as Vent says that, and turns around to face him. "Ah, it's you. The Blue Megaman. Well, one of them, anyway. I've been waiting for you."

Vent pulls out Model X and Model Z, but the Reploid merely put out his hand. "There is no need for that. I am not the Maverick you seek. I am merely here to deliver something." Suddenly, the armor vanishes from the Reploid, showing a somewhat regular new-generation Reploid. "Catch!" The Reploid tosses something to Vent, which he catches. He then takes a look at it, noticing as it looked like a recolored Model Z. "It's called Model BZ.", the Reploid tells him, "It stands for Black Zero. That Biometal represents an old armor upgrade that Zero, who Model Z represents, used to be able to use during X's time. Double Megamerge with that and Model X to get Model BZX." "Vent, come in. It's Prairie. The Maverick signal has disappeared, but I didn't sense any Megamerge Energy from either of you. What happened?" "The signal must have been fake. All we found was a Reploid who gave me a new Biometal. We're heading back to base." Vent turns his attention to the Reploid... only to find it was no longer there. But there was a slip of paper that said "We'll meet again."

The next day, Vent was testing out Model BZX in the training room, with Ashe, Aile, and Zex watching. "Model BZX, huh?", Aile asks, "It seems to only be a recolor of Model ZX, but statistic-wise, it does seem to be dealing more damage." "And it's looking pretty stylish, too.", Ashe remarks, "Maybe I should replace my Model ZX A-trans with BZX." Zex watches on, but seems to be deep in thought. "Double Megamerge... does Model S have something like that?", he thinks to himself, "If so, that would be both helpful AND cool." Zex suddenly snaps back to reality as the alarm goes off again. Vent immediately de-merges, and the gang run up to the Control Center.

"There's a Maverick at a place called Menshina Town." Zex suddenly jumps as he hears Prairie mention his hometown. "Aile, take Model BZX and go with Zex." "Yes, Ma'am! Let's go, Zex." "R-Right!" Aile takes the Biometals from Vent, and runs off for the Data Room with Zex. The two arrive in the town, which was up in flames at the time. They could hear the townsfolk screaming, and use their sound to find the Maverick. However, what they saw shocks Zex. They were both looking at a female Reploid with red clothing, black eyes, and long, blond hair. She was holding a weapon that was similar to Aile's ZX-Saber.

"Z-Zena?!", Zex yells out, clearly knowing the Reploid. The Reploid, Zena, suddenly stops in place, just long enough for Zex to notice the pain in her eyes. "A virus?!" "We'll have to knock her down.", Aile exclaimed, "We'll have her examined at the Guardian Base." "Right!" Zex pulls out Model S as Aile pulls out Models BZ and X. The both of them manage to Megamerge and dash at Zena. Aile knocks her down, and Zex gets on her to hold her down. Aile then manages to shut her down, causing her to stop moving altogether. "Prairie, it's me. I think we need to get this one scanned at the base.", Aila says over the comlink. "Understood." Zex then deactivates Zena's weapon and starts carrying her as he led Aile to the closest Transerver.

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