Chloe POV

I wake up dizzy and unfocused. Then I remember. Brian. He was angry because I missed coffee that night. I tear up as I examine my new cuts and bruises.


*BANGING ON THE DOOR* "Chloe! Let me in!" I run to the door to let him in. "where have you been? You didn't come to coffee like I told you to!" crap. I completely forgot. I was training with Alek and Jasmine. *SMACK* I get slapped across the face hard enough for me to lose my balance. I hit the floor with a thud. "Brian please…" "Shut up!Your just an ugly whore! Your mother hates you! That's the only reason she gave you the house is because she didn't want to see your annoying face again!" he screamed at me. "Then why do you keep coming back?" I spit back at him. Ooohhh….not a good answer. For that I get kicked in the stomach. "what was that?" he asks menacingly as he grabs me by the hair and brings my face level to his. "n-nothing" I answer. "well finish this conversation later." He shoves me back. My head hits the edge of the kitchen table as I fall knocking myself out.


I slowly make my way up the stairs. In my room I take pain killers and try to fall asleep.

The next morning….

I look at the bruise on my stomach from Brian's foot. I reach back and touch the cut on the back of my head. The cuts on my arms are almost healed. "ok so one more day of jeans and long sleeves" I tell myself. I grab a knit cap to cover the back of my head. Time for more pills. And I'm ready to start the day. "here we go…" I mumble under my breath. *tapping on the window* I look over. Its Alek and Jas motioning for me to hurry up. "Ok, Ok!" I say.

Then I suffer through another day of school…

I hear some of the popular girls comment on my hat and long sleeves.

"it's like the middle of summer."

"Did you see that hat?"

"eww what is she thinking?"

"ugh, I bet she thinks shes pretty"

I try to tune it out like usual but I can't this time. I decide to skip and run out the school doors.

Alek POV

I was watching Chloe. I heard the other girls talking about what she was wearing. Then she ran out the doors. I started to follow her. She ended up by the water crying her eyes out. I reached out to comfort her. The minute I touched her she flinched away, ducking her head. "oh, its you….sorry .I-I thought you were someone else." "Who" I asked?

Chloe POV

"ah..." I opened my mouth to answer then decided against it. Probably not a smart thing to go around telling people that Brian abuses me. And Alek especially should NOT know. "Chloe, tell me" Alek continues to badger me. "Alek its nothing. Really just chi-"*phone vibrates*.Its Brian. "sorry I have to take this."


BRIAN: Were watching a movie. Meet me at the movie theater in 10 minutes. And don't forget this time.

CHLOE: ok ill b-be there soon.

BRIAN: Hurry. Or well continue what we started last night.


I know Alek heard every part of that conversation. Including the fear in my voice. "Chloe is everything-"

I cut him off "Alek, its fine. Really. Don't worry I can take care of myself. Now I really have to go."

Alek POV

Im worried about her. First she flinched away from me, and now that stupid human is calling her and ordering her around. then I noticed how scared she sounded when he called her. she told me to stay out of it, I don't want to though, I want to help her. God but then I find myself lost in her beautiful blue eyes. I just want to hold her and never let her go. I brush it off if she really was bothered she would have told me right?...yeah she would have. I'll ask her again tomorrow.


"You're late." Brian states with a glare. "I guess you choose the second option." He grabs my arm. Hard. And brings me close to him as I struggle to get away from him. "no, no, no, stop struggling." I continue to try to get away from him. That pisses him off even more. He grabs my neck and slams me into the wall. " . . " he barks. Throwing me down I'm curled up in a ball on the ground. "Where were you today?" he asks. "a-a-at school." I whimper. "did you hang out with that British jock again?" "n-no you said I w-wasn't allowed to" "why do I have a feeling your lying" he says menacingly and twists my ankle till it breaks. I gasp and choke back a scream. I start to go Mai but I stop myself by digging my claws into my thighs. Tears start dripping out of my eyes. "I expect you not to tell anyone about this because you know what will happen to your loved ones…were done here" he states, and stalks off. I limp home crying from the pain. I almost pass out a couple of times. When I reach the stairs leading up to my room the pain is unbearable. As everything fades to black. I realize I'm scared I'm going to die again.

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