Coconut Mall

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Unfortunately, because mods are idiots, I have to post this up again as a new story. Yet they picked this one instead of the other non stories I had. Yeah, really great administration, guys.

Coconut Mall... so big, so fast... and so tropical. And popular. And filled to the brim with people everywhere. If there's one place for a great hang out, it's the Coconut Mall. But, it's not always as cheerful and populated as it appears to be, as the night is pretty... well, let's just say, creepy.

The Coconut Mall just closed for the night, with all the shops closed and all of the workers, from Piantas to random Miis, heading to the parking lot, taking all of their cars and heading northward on a nearby elevated highway adjacent to the gigantic mall. Toadette emerged from the ladies' room, unaware that she was locked inside.

"Okay, Princess Peach, I'm ready to go!" Toadette exclaimed as she looked around, not hearing a response. "...Peach? Are you there?"

There was eerie silence within the entire mall, with echoes going all throughout, both inside and outside. Toadette started to tremble with fright as she held her hands together, walking towards the center of the mall as she walked up towards the fountain, which was still summoning freshwater. She was getting disturbed by the dark, feeling unsettled as she felt cold.

"Gosh... this place isn't so tropical when there's no one here..." Toadette whimpered as she gulped, sitting down by the fountain, as the water pouring was the only sound within the mall to break the disturbing silence.