Koopa and Shy Guy were riding blue colored dolphins in the ocean just before the beach leading to the Coconut Mall, collecting several pink rings as they were trying to see who could get the most points. Toadette and Birdo both came from the newly installed McDonald's within the Coconut Mall, both munching on hot french fries as they noticed Koopa and Shy Guy in the ocean.

"Look at that!" Toadette exclaimed with a giggle as she pointed at the two lone blue dolphins that followed the ones Koopa and Shy Guy were riding on. "They look like they're having fun!"

Birdo nodded her head as she turned to Toadette. "Say, after we finish eating these fries, you want to go and try to ride one like that yourself?"

"Do I?" Toadette exclaimed gleefully as she giggled, clapping her hands together as she was excited.