Chapter One - Have A Nice Day Jennifer.

October 25th

"Five, four, three, two..."
"Rinnnggggggg!" Finally, the sound of the beautiful school bell ringing through my ears. Everyone in my geometry class jumped out of their seats and all barged through the narrow door on the left of the classroom. As I rushed out of my class, I ran straight to my locker to grab my ruck-sack and my - old, bright blue - four wheel roller blades (I was a darn good skater). While slamming shut the door to my locker, I glanced at my watch,
"4:15. Shit! Doc wanted me to be at Twin Pines Mall in 10 minutes!" I gasped to myself in horror, "There is no way I'm going to get to the car park in 10 minutes, even with my skates on!" With that thought I frantically slid them on and glided out of the corridor towards the school front doors
"SAMANTHA BROWN!" I jolted to an instant stop and risked turning around. Mr Strickland (the school Principle) was standing near my locker - a good 20 meters from me - with his fists on his hips and his head looking like a ticking bomb,
"What have I told you on countless of times about those skates of yours on the school ground?!" He exclaimed with his voiced still raised and marching towards me.
"Ummm, that you loved them and wish you had a pair of your own" I smiled cheekily. Instantly he was not amused,
"No!" My smile faded, "I have told you if I see them one more time you would have one months worth of detentions Miss Brown. I am sick of all you slackers coming and going as you please, even your friend Mr McFly thought he could waltz in here 20 minutes late today and..." He babbled on what felt like forever,
"If I ever see them skates again they will be confiscated and those month worth of detentions will turn into a two, do you understand?"
"Yes Sir." I mumbled looking towards the ground to avoid his piercing eye contact.
" Now get out of here." He flung his arm and pointed towards the door. Without a second thought I skated as fast as I could away from the school.

I checked my watch as I got near the old court house,
"Damn really, five minutes to get there. I am for sure not going to make it." I sulked until I saw sitting on the bench on the otherside of the road, Marty McFly and his girl (my nemesis) Jennifer Parker.

I've known Marty since I came to live in Hill Valley with my Uncle Doc. Summer of 76' was where my life changed and became pretty much perfect. I was constantly passed around as a baby to toddler to child and given to different foster-homes until the age of eight. I remember that summer like it was yesterday when my last foster home found out and told me I had an Uncle (an actual real life Uncle who really exsisted). My mother abandoned me as new born and left me on the front porch of an orphanage home. Since then I have grown up to hate every family I lived with, I never made any friends as I kid either because it was easier to hate then to love. However, that day, the day Dr Emmet L Brown walked through them foster-home doors with his wiry, silver hair and warm smile was the first time I felt true love. Since that day he has been more then an Uncle to me. He practically my Father. Doc introduced me to Marty McFly just a week after I moved in, he lived a few doors down. He was older than me by a few days but I was at least half a foot taller than him at the age of eight. At first I instantly hated him, my mind told me he was going to take the only releative I had away from me and I didn't know how to feel towards any children other than hate. But as time went by we became inseparable and the best of friends until that is Jennifer came on the scene. Shes hated me from the start, saw me as a threat. I guess no girl wants her guy to be mates with any other chicks. Surprisingly we were good mates once upon a time but that was quick lived. Ever since, Marty and I have drifted apart as the mates we used to be. Jen was a nice girl, very kind In fact, however once you get the boyfriend "status" things automatically change. Lets just say she can change from faithful to unfaithful when it pleases her too - yes Marty is 100% oblivious to her sneaky behaviour but as good mates go, it is better not to say anything.

"Sam!" Marty's voice rang in my ears from across the street. I sighed because I was going to be even later then I already was. I turned my wheels towards the lovebirds as quick as I could - I really needed to get to Doc.
"Hey Sam, I went to the house this morning to see if Doc was back, I guess you already know he wasn't. But he rang and told me to go to Twin Pines Mall car park at exactly 1:15am. Do you know why?" Typical Marty asking 21 questions. I laughed,
"Yeah, he's been busy um the last week or so. I really can't say much I mean you know what he is like with surprises but all you really need to know is where you gotta be and when." I replied to Marty trying not to give much away and also ignoring the daggers Jennifer was giving me I could see in the corner of my eye.
"Sam, what is going on?" He raised his eyebrow slightly,
"Don't worry just make sure you will be there okay? And that reminds me I really need to go myself, I see ya later!" As I slowly started to skate away I heard Jennifer call after me,
"What?" I gritted my teeth.
"Isn't it time you realised that your skates and your 'fashion sense' that you seem to be wearing doesn't really do you any favours in the boyfriend department?" All I was wearing was leather pants, white shirt and my leather jacket? "Oh, and I really really hope you don't have a tragic accident with those skates on." she grinned like a evil animal ready to catch it's prey,
"Jen!?" Marty looked at her in shock horror but I knew he wasn't at the slightest - he knew what she was like towards me. My blood boiled, one thing I learnt as a kid was to never take shit from no one, so I ignored her comment,
"Have a nice day Jennifer, which one of your many guys are lined up for yu this evening? Oh almost forgot, how's Needles?" Her face was a picture unfortunately Marty's reaction wasn't so enjoyable to see. With that on my mind I quickly turned on my heel and flew towards the direction of Twin Pines Mall.

"4:37pm. Okay I'm late but where is Doc?" I asked myself while gliding down the road towards the empty car park. It was starting to get dark, and the car park lights were all turning bright orange one by one. As I Waited for Doc to arrive, I took my skates off and shoved them in my heavy ruck-sack and swapped them with my school trainers. Just as I was tying my shoe-laces up, I heard a vehicle pull up near me and piercing light shone straight towards my face. I stood up with the palm of my hands covering my face from the light, as I moved back I called,
"Doc that better be you? I've been waiting here, you told me to be here by 4:25?" As the engine shut off, the bright lights stopped shining in my face and I could then see the vehicle was a huge white van. While my vision was trying to fully adjust, a tall man with a white professors suit and crazy, silky white locks jumped out of the drivers seat,
"Samantha, you and I both know you wasn't waiting here since 4:25, you struggle to get to school on time let alone follow orders" answered The white suited man with a grin on his face. I laughed while I ran towards the shadow. Without a second thought I gave Doc the hugest squeeze,
"That still doesn't explain why you was late? I haven't seen you all week!" I questioned him as I released from the hug,
"Well you know I have been busy this week and ahh Einstein needed to, well dog duties..."
"Oh my god Eini! Where is he?"
"right over here!" Doc said while opening the of the passenger side of the van. Eini leaped out of the door and charged right at me.
"Hello you silly mutt, I've missed you" I cooed while gliding my hand through his long golden fur.
"We got a lot to do tonight" Doc's tone switched to serious,
"I know Doc, but right now I am really hungry because I forgot to make myself lunch today what means I haven't eaten since breakfast!" I complained. Uncle Doc laughed and took my shoulder to guid me towards the back of the van to reveal not only the best hamburger and fries I've ever tasted but the newest most risky experiment what will change mine, Docs, Marty's, Eini and everyone's life forever...