Chapter Fourteen - Think Girl

November 12th 1955

"So, are you telling me Doc knew you was his niece all this time and never told us?" Marty and I was sitting in a booth and Lou's café waiting to order our breakfast (Doc decided he was too busy to cook this morning). I nodded at Marty while taking a sip of my strawberry milk.
"Even when I practically told him the other day? He still knew?" Marty interrogated. I took my lips off my straw to reply,
"Yes. What more can I say? I told you everything pretty much word from word what he said last night."
"I know, but are you not surprised about all this?"
"Nope." I simply said.
"Huh? Why not?" His forehead frowned,
"Because it's Doc? I'm more surprised we didn't figure out he knew sooner to be honest. Marty, not only the fact that his IQ is like a gazillion or something but come on why would of he of let us in when we knocked that night?" I pushed my strawberry milk to one side as I explained.
"Because it's Doc he probably would of let anyone in…" Marty looked at me as if I was mad and began looking through the diner menu.
"Maybe. How can you not see it! Ok let me put it this way, I told you he said he knew because I looked exactly like my mom right? Also no offence to my uncle and everything but most people are to afraid to come knocking. You know what it's like, Oh my mad scientist don't go near him kind of crap people say." I finally took a breath as I watched his mind ticking.
"So you're saying he knew because two teens randomly came knocking for help and one of us seemed to look exactly like his sister?"
"Exactly" I smiled,
"That still does not explain why he was having none of it about the time machine?" I could now only see his eyes above the menu,
"Well, that's just Doc isn't it…" I picked up the menu next to me and started to look for what I'd hope to be my last breakfast in 1955.

"Hello, are you both ready to order?" I lifted my head to see a pretty blonde in a white uniform dress standing with her notepad and fake smile. I decided Marty could say what he wanted first.
"Urm, yeah hi. Could I have the pancakes with bacon and for sides toast and extra bacon thanks. Oh and another Pepsi thanks again." Woah that boy could eat. I looked at the pretty blonde's facial expression (it was like she read my mind). "What about you?" She turned her fake smile towards me.
"Oh, I just have the pancakes thanks." I smiled back. She wrote in he little black note-pad and took our menus from us with a nod and walked away. I caught Marty staring at her a little to long as she left for the kitchen.
"Marty, she is old enough to be your mom." I laughed,
"What? I wasn't checking her out." He was in denial.
"I never said you did." I raised one eye-brow to exaggerate.
"Oh, well I wasn't…" He mumbled and turned away and began playing with his fork. I shook my head and continued to finish my strawberry milk while I waited for our food to get here.

November 12th 1955

"Okay, okay, I admit I looked at her once!" Marty had his arms up in surrender as we walked out of Lou's café doors. "Liar! You looked at least 6 times." I preached.
"Oooh, someone was keeping a look out." He winked, followed by his laugh. I shoved him with my body while we crossed the nearest road. I was about to speak until George McFly rode past us on his bike - he didn't notice us.
"Shit! I completely forgot about everything to do with today, I still haven't told my dad this plan and we got like 7 hours! How am I going to catch up with him now?" Marty threw his hands over his head.
"Just take the car Marty? I'll be fine. Besides I gotta go dress shopping for tonight anyway." I put his mind at rest.
"Are you sure?" He randomly asked,
"Yes. Why wouldn't I be? Just go and I will see you later." I gestured my hand to shoo him away and threw the keys. "Okay, great thanks Sam. I'll pick you up here at 2pm okay?" He shouted as he ran towards the Pakard.
"Okay. I will be here." I loudly said back while waving. I was about to turn and head for the shops, instead Marty came running back and nearly knocked me back with the force of his hug.
"I'll see you later." He said once more before rushing to the car again.
"What the hell was that about?" I whispered to myself and slowly began walking to the first dress shop I saw. I told myself to forget about it and to focus the word dress in my head. This would be so much easier if I didn't set out to hate the girly girl mind.
"Come on Sam, you are a girl and I can have girly girl tendencies. Think girl, think girl, think girl…"
"Oh Jesus Christ! Lorraine you scared the shit outta me, I mean crap, wait I mean you scared me. Think girl. Yeah girl." Lorraine was walking out of store with a previously bought dress inside a pretty decorated bag.
"Sandy, are you alright? Sorry I didn't mean to scare you but why was you walking around with your eyes closed talking to yourself?" I now know where Marty got his interrogation skills from.
"Oh, that. I was just thinking, I'm not really good at dress shopping as you can tell." I glided my hands down to show my current attire of a red jumper and black trousers.
"Really? Well let me help you, I just bought my dress. Oh my it is beautiful. I'm just off to quickly meet Betty to show each other what we got and then we can help you buy and amazing dress too!" She squeaked.
"Um, yeah that will be great Lorraine thanks." It wasn't the best way I would of wanted to spend this last afternoon in 1955 but who was I kidding if I she didn't offer to help I'd still be walking around with my eyes shut telling myself to think girl.

November 12th 1955

"Are you sure this is the correct store, It looks to girly for my liking Lorraine?" I freaked as Lorraine, Betty and I marched through a store called Brenda's Boutique.
"Of course, are you kidding? The girlyer the better Sandy." Lorraine smiled so innocent looking. I cringed back as I my eyes kept catching bright, colourful and awful dresses I wouldn't even want to dress Einstein in.
"Hi Brenda, you already know Betty and this is my new friend Sandy. We are here to buy a dress." Lorraine spoke so confidently to the owner of the little Boutique who was wearing clearly one of our own black dresses and has her blonde/grey locks tied up into a bun.
"Oh my, Lorraine, Betty my darlings what a pleasure to see you how are both of your mothers, I have not seen them for a while." Brenda greeted the two in the most posh voice I ever only here in the movies when actors put it on. I let the three of them catch up while I browsed through a selection of dresses nearest to me. I kept seeing thrills, pink, bright yellows even orange! I hated it. I didn't want to wear these, I wasn't going to wear these.
"Oh this beautiful young lady must be Sandy, I hear we are going to find the dress of your dreams today." I guessed Brenda finally finished the chit-chat and her eyes caught me browsing.

"Well I wouldn't go that far." I muttered.
"Splendid! Come along my dear." Was she really just as deluded these two (no offence to Marty)? She placed her well groomed hand on my back and guided me to the dressing room.
"Okay my dear, so what type of dress are we looking for today?" She stood in front of the dressing room door with Lorraine and Betty standing side by side like her little workers.
"There are types?" I didn't have to first clue about none of this, I wanted to run out of this shop and never return. The three both looked at me like I started talking some alien language.
"Okay, never mind that. Let's start with colours, what colour dress would you like?" Brenda tried to narrow it down for me.

"Oh, how about a pink dress!?" Betty spoke out,
"NO!" I bellowed. They all took a step back in horror. "I mean, could I have a different colour. Please? Hah." I smiled nervously for what felt two long.
"Well, how about a, purple dress?" Lorraine whispered but was preparing for another loud no from me.
"Urm, I like purple, yeah purple's good." I overly nodded.
"Fabulous. Purple it is! Ladies would we both like to get young Sandy here 2 different styles of purple dresses please?" Brenda's tone was back to how it was when we walked through the shop's door. Instantly the two girls were gone followed by Brenda leaving me in the dressing room alone. I looked at myself in the mirror and sighed, I had no idea what time it was or in 24hours where I was going to be. All I knew was if I am not in my own bed by tomorrow morning then I better get used to all this. I slumped myself on the little brown chair next to the mirror and waited.

It was practically 5 minutes before the three of them were back with four dresses for me to chose from all a different style and shade of purple.
"Okay my darling, I am going to bring this mirror out so you cannot see until you come out to show us." Brenda told me while the mirror was being wheeled out. "Oh this is so exciting!" The girls chimed. I guess they needed to get out more but I smiled and politely took the dresses from them. The first one looked hideous before I even put it on. It had to many frills (way to many). It was short and the shade of purple was nice so I decided to give it a chance. When it was on, it felt horrible, however I got told to come out so I done what I was asked.
"Oh my it looks beautiful on you!" Brenda clapped and the two girls eagerly nodded. I turned my nose up and stared into the mirror,
"I look like a purple monster! No, I'm sorry but this on is not for me." I marched back in not even wanting to look at there reactions and ripped the monster off.

The next one wasn't so bad, it was silky and long and had nice flowing, transparent purple fabric on the arms. Unfortunately when it was on it was an entirely different story.
"This is to tight, Look! I can barely walk." I complained as I tried to step to the mirror without falling. "Hmm, well how about try the others Sandy?" I was happy that Lorraine at least agreed with me on this one.

Four dresses later and nothing was right. The third one made me look like a farmers wife and the fourth oh I didn't even want to talk about the fourth one.
"There are loads more dresses in here Sandy don't give up now. It took me 24 to find the one that was right for me." Lorraine tried to console with me while we waited for Brenda to come back.
"Yeah exactly, it took me 29. Lorraine's right you can't give up." Betty helped.
"29? I am not going to try on 29 dresses before I find the right dress just no." I got up to start leaving the shop but Brenda barged through the dressing room with one last dress.
"Darling sit down, we are not finished yet. Try this one on, I am almost certain this one will be perfect for you." She winked as she passed it too me and the three left me once again in the dressing room. What the heck I thought and started to unzip the black bag. Once it was off it revealed a dark purple dress, what was a v neck line (I learnt that phrase today) and up to knee length. Even though, I saw my worst enemy - apart from Jennifer Parker - frills, these ones were black and stitched into one side of the dress. I couldn't believe it, I actually liked it. I frantically put it on me to see what it looked like on and ran out to the mirror. The three all gasped as they saw me in it. I stared at the mirror once more and decided not only I liked it. I freakin loved it!
"Wow, Sandy you look amazing!" Lorraine squealed. Betty agreed. I smiled to myself, finally realising the joy girls get when they find their perfect dress.
"You look beautiful sweet-heart. Absolutely divine." Brenda sneaked up behind me while I was still staring at my dress. "Thank you." I whispered.
"But you're gonna have to get it off now. We can't see the lucky man catch you in this dress before this dance now can we?" She smiled and gestured her hand towards the dressing room.
"Huh? Oh there is no man." I gave another nervous laugh as I followed her hand.
"A wonderful young lady like you? I do not believe that. Little Lorraine and Betty have dates, how could you of not?" She sympathized. I shrugged and closed the door to take the best and only dress I will ever wear.

Lorraine and Betty waited outside as I went to pay for my dress up at the counter.
"So how much do I owe you?" I asked as I rummaged through my trouser pocket for the money Doc gave to me earlier. "You owe me nothing my dear?" She said warmly with a grin.

"Sorry? What do you mean? Of Course I owe you something -" She cut my off.
"Darling you don't owe me a single Cent. It is my gift to you." She closed my hand with the notes inside bringing it back to my chest and passed me the bag containing my dress.
"Why, um thank you. Thank you so much!" I gleamed at her not knowing what to do or say.
"Now run along my dear. You got a dance to get ready for." She winked at me one last time and stepped back towards the back door of the shop.
"Thank you again!" I waved as I left Brenda's Boutique with the biggest smile on my face.

"Brenda was right, How can you not have a date, I got Calvin, sorry I meant Marty and Betty has Brad, doesn't Marty no anyone you could go with?" Lorraine asked as we all walked out of the boutique each with our pretty decorated bags. "No he don't and I don't need a guy. Let's just say I'm Lil' Miss Independent." I jokingly smiled at my own private joke and wandered off in front of them. They seemed to smile too and continue to walk behind me.

"Hey none of you know the time do you?" I remembered what Marty said about picking me up at 2.
"Sandy, there is a huge clock right up there…" Betty pointed at the Courthouse clock in front of us.
"Oh, yeah sorry It's hard to get use to knowing it actually works." I told them as I looked up. It was 1:56pm.
"What you mean? It has always worked Sandy." Lorraine checked the clock to reassure herself that it worked.
"Don't worry, Sorry you two but I gotta go, to get ready and that. Thanks again you have both been a big help. See you at the dance!" I never even gave them a chance to say their goodbyes before I ran off to wait at the place Marty asked me to be at 2pm.

November 12th 1955

"Hey, Did you find him?" I asked Marty as I got in the passenger side of the Pakard and put my bags in the back.
"Hey, and yeah I did, it is all sorted I hope. Just gotta pray he gets this right now and nothing goes wrong." He panicked slightly as he pulled out and drove in the direction of Doc's mansion.
"Well, I'm gonna be there to help. I even bought a dress for this occasion."
"Hah, you actually bought a dress? I can 100% say I have never seen you in a dress since you was probably like 9." He seemed so amused at the thought.
"Well, it's your lucky night then, ain't it." I laughed.
"Hmm, what colour? Because if it pink that will make my life complete." He chuckled, clearly knowing how much I detested the colour. I narrowed my eyes at him and continued,
"You and I both know it would never be that colour and I am not telling you, your just going to have to wait." I folded my arms and pretended to sulk.
"Well, I know it isn't pink." He grinned.

We stopped at the very few traffic lights in Hill Valley. A black Cadillac pulled up behind us filled with teens. They kept pressing their car horn at us until they decided to pull up next to us. My mother was sitting in the drivers seat next to my window.
"Hey, Sandy! Tell your cousin we'll race him!" She shouted to be heard from the engines, their loud music and their voices. Marty heard perfectly fine and clear.
"Is that your mom again?" He whispered to me. I nodded and rolled my eyes.
"Anna, just do one." I groaned back.
"Oooh, someone clearly woke up on the wrong side of her bed this morning." Everyone in her car laughed at her unfunny joke. The lights went green. "Whatever, suit yourselves!" She put her foot down on their car and sped past us and was gone before Marty even pulled out of gear.
"I'm not saying anything." Marty cleared the silence.
"You just did." I tonelessly replied. The two of us didn't say another word for the rest of the journey. I just wanted to go home. My 1985 home where I belonged.