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~We Go on the Joyride of Doom~
It only took one extremely good-looking twin god and two switching-of-worlds to ruin my day.
At first, things were going perfect. Annabeth and I were soaring above the streets of San Francisco on none other than "Blackjack the Great and Magnificent Pegasus". Um, don't ask. (See, Blackjack? I told you that name would sound seriously cheesy. Ow! Hey! What are your hooves made out of, titanium?)
This was Annabeth's and my first day back together, and we were spending it outside of Camp Jupiter.
We flew over the Golden Gate bridge (which was approximately 8,980 feet long and was built in the 1930's... extra knowledge, courtesy of Annabeth) a couple of times and into the mainland. The view was awesome, but we didn't have any time to admire it, considering the fact that we were flying about, oh, maybe a hundred-and-fifty miles per hour. Blackjack was putting on full speed, even doing some aerial loops and spirals. Talk about fancy flying.
"Percy!" Annabeth yelled at me over the wind as we twirled upwards into the sky, "You are SO dead when we get back-"
Whatever she was going to say next was cut off short as Blackjack plummeted into a steep 180 degree dive, making her scream in pure delight. She tightened her grip around my stomach, her long blonde hair flying out behind her like a golden flame. I screamed along with her at the top of my lungs.
How's that for flying, Boss? Blackjack whinnied proudly, abruptly pulling out of the dive after about 300 hundred feet. A little too intense for you lovebirds back there? he teased.
Well, look at that. My pegasus had made me blush big time. "Nah," I thought, "It's perfect."
Annabeth put her head on my shoulder as Blackjack peacefully glided over 'Frisco, giving us a break from those crazy dives.
"So, where was I again, Seaweed Brain?"
"I think you were going on about how you were going to kill me. Which," I added quickly, "I would be very grateful if you didn't, because, you know, I have to kind of save the world... and stuff."
She laughed and gave me a light peck on my cheek. I could feel her smile through her kiss, and I grinned, no doubt looking goofy.
"You're in luck, Percy," she whispered secretively, "I, unfortunately, don't have my knife with me at the moment.
"I smell a lie."
"Well, if you really insist..."
"No, it's good. I would prefer not to die anytime soon, thanks." Dying on a pegasus' back with my girlfriend on didn't exactly make the cut to my Top Ten Things to Do Before I Turn 18 List.
Hey boss, don't worry, Blackjack reassured me, You know she's in love with you when she starts giving you the death threats.
"Blackjack," I said, " Shut up."
Whatever you say, boss.
We flew low over the buildings, but I wasn't exactly concerned with the mortals. Through the Mist, we'd probably look like some overly large bird or invisible to them. Things were blissfully quiet for a few minutes except for the flap of Blackjack's wings and the occasional motor of an airplane when I suddenly felt Annabeth tense behind me.
"What's up?" I asked, worried. Something that could make her go all rigid like that was something that made me nervous. "What's wrong?"
"Percy..." she said hesitantly as she pointed to a local park a few blocks ahead, "I thought I just saw, I don't know, it might have been...I saw a guy appeared out of nowhere in the middle of that park."
"Oh," I said, not liking the sound of this, "Blackjack, land us down there."
Gotcha, boss.
Blackjack descended and glided to the park. Just as we were to dismount from him, Annabeth blurted out, "He had blonde hair."
I almost fell off my pegasus, stunned. "Who?" I asked, even though I already knew what she was talking about.
"Him," she said in a small voice, "The guy in the park."
Oh. I understood why she felt so uncomfortable, because I had a feeling I knew exactly who Annabeth thought she had seen. It was my old friend/rival/enemy/sort-of friend again for the last few minutes of his life-Luke Castellan. I didn't know if it was actually him, seeing as he was dead, but in the mythological Greek world, anything was possible.
"Guess we're about to find out," I muttered.
Annabeth and I were about to set out to find the mysterious boy, but then a voice said from behind us, "Hey there, little cousin. Glad you could come."
The boy had found us.
Actually, he was more of a man than a boy. A five-thousand year old man, to be exact, but gods could look any way they wanted to. This god was in his mid-twenties, and he was dressed in a white v-neck shirt with dark blue jeans. Annabeth was right-he did have blonde hair, but it was a shade lighter than Luke's. To top it all off, he was wearing a pair of white framed Ray Bans which matched his bright white smile. For a god who had lived for eternity through dozens of fashion trend changes, Apollo really had style. Expect for his haikus. Uh, forget I said that, will you?
"Lord Apollo," Annabeth greeted, and I couldn't tell which one of us was more relieved to see that it was him and not you-know-who. "This is an honor."
Hmm. I would've just gone with a simple "hi", but Annabeth's way worked, too.
Apollo grinned, "Hello, Annabeth! Nice architecture work on Olympus so far, girl. I sincerely like that great statue of me in front of the dining pavilions. Really shows off my biceps, you know. But of course, I'll be expecting lots more-five, at least! You've got loads of talent!" I fought the urge to clear my throat and say, "Ahem! That's my line!"
Apollo winked at her.
Great, the now sun god the flirting with my girlfriend.
Annabeth looked like she didn't know whether to be pleased or terrified. "I, um, well... thank you?" she stuttered, flabbergasted.
I couldn't blame her. I mean, it's not everyday that your hard work gets praised by an all powerful plus handsome sun god. But then again, having to create almost half a dozen more life-size-as in, twenty feet tall-Apollo statues could be a pretty long drag. And then there were also the requests from Ares and Aphrodite to deal with, too.
I didn't think Apollo was here to chit chat about architecture with Annabeth, though. Gods don't usually seek you out without a reason, and it's almost never a good one.
I was right. The god turned to me and said, "And my, Percy, long time no sea! Er, bad pun. But anyways, I know you've just gone on a quest to Alaska, but I need your help, if you're willing."
"But Apollo," Annabeth asked, confused, "I thought Zeus ordered for Olympus to be closed down, right? The gods and goddesses weren't allowed to have any contact with mortals."
Apollo nodded. "That's right, but this quest is too important to be ignored. Countless lives depend on it. Wait, I feel a haiku coming!"
Annabeth and I tried our best not to groan, but we still miserably failed.
"Zeus said to close down,
But since I am so awesome,
I will help my bro's!" Apollo recited.
I decided to ignore that and thought of the time I meet Apollo at the train station a couple years ago.
"So... should I call you 'Fred', again?" I said stupidly. I blame my ADHD.
Annabeth shot me a questioning glance, but he just laughed, "No, no. I go by Bobby now."
"Bobby it is, then. So, what's this important quest about? I'm guessing it's highly top secret?"
"Well, there is a girl who lives in the future," Apollo began. "Being the god of prophecies, I see things in my dreams. Prophetic things. So, I see this girl frequently throughout my dreams. She is living in an era where North America has collapsed due to war, and the corrupt government there is known as Panem. It is corrupt beyond measure. Someday, she will rebel, but she will fail. Why? Because the Fates have decreed that she has a greater destiny, one that lies in modern times. This girl, Katniss Everdeen, is the seventh member of the Great Prophecy."
Annabeth and I both drew in a sharp breath. We glanced at each other and a look of understanding passed between us. Now we knew why this quest was so crucial to us, and why Apollo needed our help so badly.
"I'll pretend that she's my daughter and send her to any of the two camps. I am having her travel through time to come here, to the present, and fulfill her destiny," the god continued.
"But an exchange must go to ways."
"That's why you need US to take her place," I guessed, "We need to rebel against this evil society in her place. But our friends need our help here in the present, too. What will happen when we're gone?"
"I can assure you that the demigods are in a short period of peace for now. They will rest and train and learn each other's fighting skills, therefore making them stronger and more united as one. Then, we will be ready for the Giants." Apollo's cheerful expression suddenly turned grim.
"But Percy, without Katniss Everdeen, the prophecy will be incomplete. You all will be doomed without her. This quest matters more than anything else, do you understand? I cannot send her here without sending someone into the future to take her place as the Mockingjay-"
"The what?"
"The symbol of the rebellion, to put it that way. You'll have to forge your own path through this quest, Percy. There will be no help from the gods this time."
"But think of it like this: If Katniss does not come fight in this war, we are doomed. If she stays in her world and fights in that war, they are doomed. But if you go and fight in her war, you might
stand a chance. I'm sorry, but this is the only way." have to save modern civilization evil Greek giants, but I also have to save the future world of America from a hideously corrupt government by rebelling?" I summed up.
"Well... yeah," the sun god admitted regrettably.
No pressure or anything.
Annabeth punched me in the arm and glared at me. "Are you forgetting someone, Seaweed Brain? I'm coming with you, so maybe this whole quest won't be TOTALLY suicidal."
I rolled my eyes but smiled thankfully at her.
"Naturally," I replied. I knew there was another reason why she wanted to go with me, though, but I didn't dare say it out loud because she would pretty much kill me. Try not seeing the person you love the most for nearly nine months. Annabeth and I had only been reunited at Camp Jupiter since yesterday, and I couldn't stand the thought of ever leaving her again.
Apollo eyed us stoically but finally sighed, resigned. "Alright, you can take miss Annie here along, too, I guess. But be warned-many dangers lie ahead, some that you have never faced before. Your lives will be constantly in mortal peril."
"Been there, done that," Annabeth said, "No disrespect, but what's new, Lord Apollo?"
The god's grin was literally blinding. "Ah, I've forgotten what a resilient bunch you demigods are. Always too willing for some adventure, eh? Very well, then, I've just entered your names into the reaping ball! Off you guys go now! In three..."
I took hold of Annabeth's hand.
We shut our eyes tight.
Then the world turned upside down, and I blacked out.
• • •

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