Chapter 1

It was as quiet and cold on a full moon at night as it could possibly get. You could hear the crickets chirp, the howl of wolves and, the hissing of poisonious snakes.

"Sasuke" said a voice as calm as the night before them.

"What do you want... tobi?" said sasuke, with a glare on his face as he said the tobi's name like they were dripping poison.

" I want you and team taka to go and catch the eight tails jinchuuriki... tonight."

"Hn, fine."

"NARUTO!" yelled a baby blue eyed, blonde banging on naruto's apartment door becoming very, very impatient.

"Ino calm down already, you know what naruto is like in the morning." said the very calm shikamaru, "and anyway it's almost 5:30 in the morning of course naruto would be sleeping, like the rest of us should be doing."

"I know that, but if i don't get naruto up right now to see lady tsunade it will be my ass that she'll be having not his." remarked ino, "and if i don't remember correctly she sent you guys to help me get naruto up" ino smirked as if it was the best fact she heard in the whole world that came from tsunade's mouth.

Shikamaru, Neji, Chouji, Lee, and (yes) Tenten started yelling "NARUTO!" while ino and hinata sat back and watched.

Screams could be heard everywhere around the neighborhood like " somebody shut those damn teenagers up!" another was "if naruto doesn't wake up in five minutes i swear to god i'll wake him up for 'ya!" yells were coming from everywhere until naruto finally got up.

As soon as naruto opened the door all he could hear were yells and then suddenly, he felt something grabed him by the front of his shirt and say "you're coming with us to see lady tsunade."

"Your late!" screamed the mad hokage, "you were supposed to be here by 6:30, it's 6:45!"

"I'm sorry lady tsunade, but naruto wouldn't get up, the whole village practically had to yell so he could wake up."

"Haaaa..." the tired hokage sighed, she already knew what naruto was like so she should just get it over with.

"If that's all lady tsunade we will take our leave" ino bowed while everyone else did so (except for naruto) while the aging hokage was lost in her thoughts.

Just as everyone (except naruto) was about to leave tsunade said, "wait!"

Everyone turned around shocked, "i'm not done with you guys just yet" smiled tsunade.

Oh god, everyone thought as tsunade smiled, either there's going to be another war or the old granny is just wearing that creepy smile for some reason, naruto thought.

" I have a mission for all of you, Yamanaka Ino, Uzumaki Naruto, Nara Shikamaru, Hyuuga Neji, Hyuuga Hinata, and Minamoto TenTen, all of you will go to Kumogakure where the eight-tails jinchuuriki lives and bring him back to Konoha because it seems like the Akatsuki have a eye on him, so the raikage asked us to watch over him, Now!" said the hokage who raised her voice even louder "Do I make myself clear?!"

"Hai!" everyone yelled.

"Good, you will leave today in fifteen minutes, dismissed!" and everyone left without a word

"Bee-sama it seems that the akatsuki and konoha ninja will be arriving here in the coming week." said a mysterious voice hidden beneath a tree wearing a cape with a hood on the person's head and a lightening bolt on the shoulder that bee had made for them.

"Hmm... how about we test them and see if they can take us on" said bee while he was focusing on his chakra.

The person in the cape smirked, " just what I was thinking, and if they can't keep up with us?" questioned the caped person.

"Then kill them, isn't that an easy soulution?"

"Whatever you say bee-sama, whatever you say" and they left without a word

Little did they know that Sasuke and Naruto would be getting a big surprise, very soon.

Thanks everyone for reading!