"What the hell Luffy! You said that there was nothing dangerous in front of us!"

"But, there wasn't."

"There's a whirlpool right in front of us! A whirlpool! And no one can out swim a whirlpool! How did-"

"Shishishi. Don't worry, Ace, I have a plan," Luffy laughed, not at all worried about their impending doom. Ace twitched, holding back the urge to whack his baby brother on the head as it really wouldn't do any damage to the rubber man.

"And, pray tell, what is this plan of yours?" he asked through gritted teeth.

"We'll hide in the barrel!"

For Aoi24's Multiverse AU Challenge. All of these are set in the same universe, just different scenes and are the length of a traditional drabble (100 words). Some are pretty vague, but that's how they were meant to be.

1. Write minimum five drabbles.
2. The setting must have an obviously AU slant in a very overt way.

At the end of each chapter, I will provide a reasoning as to why I chose that particular character for that particular position, starting with Ace.

Ace - I really don't know what I was thinking for this. Luffy just needed a navigator/first mate for his crew. The fourth drabble explains why Luffy's the captain and not Ace, though. The scene is set when they first set out and Luffy leads the two to a whirlpool. Its safe to say that they made it through by hiding in the barrel like Luffy suggested, even if it must have been cramped.