"Who are you?" I yelp as the boy grabs me by my waist and hoists me up onto the flying horse.

"Percy Jackson," the boy answers without looking at me as I get seated behind Jenny. "I'm the son of the sea god, Poseidon."

"That can't be true!" Cameron exclaims holding my waist. "Gods are just myths!"

"They are not," Jenny crosses her arms. "Just like you mortals think satyrs aren't real."

I glance down uncomfortably at Jenny's legs. I'm sorry, hooves. Flap, flap, flap. the horse's wings help him glide through the air. I look down. We could be millions of feet above ground. "Did I ever tell you I was afraid of heights?" I lie.

My best friend, who is apparently a satyr knows me too well. "You are not," she denies. "Remember my birthday when we went to that amusement park? You wanted to go on this ride 45 feet up into the air! And you did! You didn't barf either!"

The blonde smirks. "So much for acrophobia, huh?" She laughs. "I'm Annabeth Chase. Daughter of Athena."

"Hey, why are we riding this mutant horse anyway?" I ask dumbly. "And where on earth are we going?"

"Pegasus!" The well, Pegasus yells. Yells? Pegasuses can yell? Or even talk? "And we are going to Camp Half Blood. Am I right Boss?"

Percy flinched at the word "boss". "Yes, and don't call me boss, Black Jack!"

"Yes boss," Black Jack agrees seriously.

Annabeth rolls her eyes. "10 more minutes until we land, guys," She calculates. "And all you need to do Black Jack, is take a left right about... Now!"

Black Jack swerves over to the left.

"Good, now keep going straight," Annabeth directs. "Until I tell you to start landing."


I walk past a tree and a dragon. A dragon? I walk through gates and some other stuff. "Welcome to Camp Half Blood where all the demigods train!" A guy in a wheelchair exclaims.

"Yes. Are you Ape Rainstorm." asks a grumpy guy without a question mark accent.

"Actually it's April Rainy," I correct him. "But some people can call me Aprie."

"Ah, yes. Rain. The wonders," He grumps.

I grin. "Do you like rain, Mr. Um..." I say.

"I am Mr. D and that is Chiron," I gestures towards the man in the wheel chair. "I like rain I suppose. But the only reason why is because they water my precious grapes. Now goodbye Ape and Cam."

"It's Cameron," Cameron points out Mr. D's mistake the same time I do, so it sounds like, "Actually it's Apreron."

But Jenny, Percy, and Annabeth pull us away. They give us a tour and everything. "Now," begins Jenny, "it's time to start your training." And I shudder.