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Okay, just a few notes I'd like you to read. Yes there will be an OC coming soon but I promise she is not a Mary-Sue, I've got one in a different series so I know what to avoid. I'll try my best in this story to make it interesting, funny and exciting and if anyone had any ideas, feel free to tell me.

Also, if you haven't seen the episode 'Little Dipper' I suggest you look it up first.

And, at the end of each chapter there will be a code to decipher which will give a hint to the next chapter. It will be written in the Atbash Cipher, so backwards alphabet like the ones after the 'Dipper vs Manliness' episode. A=Z, E=V etc…

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Dipper sat on his bed in the attic bedroom from the Mystery Shack, knees bent so that the book he was reading, the 3 journal naturally, rested comfortably on his legs. Right now he was enjoying how calm the past few days had been, the peacefulness of his room and how Grunkle Stan hadn't called on him to help around the Shack much. His eyes were set in concentration as they scanned over the words and symbols before him. A flicker of wonder ignited in his mind as he came across a new series of creatures. But just how long would it be before he had to face them? Well for now, that wasn't an issue. For now it was about enjoying the peace and quiet…

"Dipper! Dipper, guess what? Dipper!"

So much for that. The boy didn't even glance up from his book as his twin sister started jumping excitably on the foot of his bed, "They're restocking Smile-Dip in stores again?"

Mabel felt her stomach churn at the memory of her last encounter with the sugary evil, "Ugh… so shiny…" she shook herself, "No! I knew you wouldn't guess; want another try?"

"Not really, go ahead."

"Boo…" She looked a little disappointed but carried on anyway, "You know those gem thingies that makes people grow and shrink?"

How could he forget? For the, lets see… fourth or fifth time in his life he was sure that Gideon was going to get his revenge. It had been a miracle that he'd managed to get him and Mabel to put a stop to Gideon and get back to normal size before anything too bad happened. The very memory of being grasped in that little twerps hand made him shudder in disgust. Good thing they smashed that gem.

"Yeah I think I remember…" he muttered with a hint of sarcasm.

"Well they're all gone!"

At that, Dipper's head snapped upwards, "Gone? What'd you mean gone?"

"As in gone, silly, like they're not there anymore. The whole of that area of the woods is cut off for construction or something." Suddenly her eyes widened and she clasped her palms to her cheeks, "Do you think they're building the set for a new vampire movie? Maybe I can get a role as an extra and meet a real vampire this time!"

Dipper wasn't really listening to his sister's vampire obsession; he was more worried about where those gems were. He of all people knew how dangerous they were when in the wrong hands. And if anyone figured out what they could do then that could be bad news for the whole town! But then again, people might just believe him about the weird and wonderful things that lived within the woods if they did discover them. But was it worth it? Depends on who found them. But then again, maybe he was just worrying too much. After all, Gideon never found out where they were located and if they were out of sight then surely that meant out of mind. Not quite. Dipper figured he could phrase it anyway he wanted, he was still getting a little panicked about it.

"Wait, Mabel how did you find out about this?"

"Soos told me; he passed the place on his way to work."

Dipper closed the book he was reading, the journal he'd found only weeks ago, and placed it in the inside pocket of his jacket, "I'm going to check it out, I don't like this."

She scoffed, "You don't like anything around here!"

"That's not true; I like… well I like…"

Mabel smirked knowingly and folded her arms in triumph, "Just as I thought."

He rolled his eyes and wanted to get back on topic, "Are you coming with?"

"Definitely! I wonder if they'll have a chocolate fountain at the movie set buffet? With marshmallows!"

Dipper shook his head as his twin rushed from the room, "Marshmallows… yeah lets go with that…"

As always, the air was warm and the shade from the trees was comforting. The two had walked through these woodlands countless times and they were still just about managing to get the hang of all the twists and turns. The first thing they passed was the area where Dipper had first come across the journal, they could tell by the half-finished directions that were nailed to the trees that Dipper had been told to display. Thinking about it, it seemed so long ago when in reality it had only been a few weeks. Strange how much had changed in such a short space of time.

Strange, Dipper figured, was just the first way to describe it. Or rather the first word of many that Dipper would describe it. Mabel on the other hand didn't like to take much notice to how much time passed from one event to the other, it made it seem too serious. She preferred to just focus on the events. That way it was more fun and you didn't get too bored in-between. As she skipped merrily along the dirt trail just ahead of her brother she grinned upwards at a birds nest, thinking about the baby birds that might live there. Awe, cute! She giggled and returned to the present.

"Hey, Dipper, you do know where we're going, right?"

"It amazes me that you don't have more faith in me."

"Oh I have faith in you; I just don't think you know where we're going."

At that he slumped his shoulders, "I know exactly where we are."

"Then why're you checking that book?"

Hurrying his actions, he glanced at a page and stuffed it back into his jacket, "I'm just double checking something that… isn't direction based."

"You keep telling yourself that, brother." She sniggered.

"I will, and for your information we're getting close to where the Gnomes live so stay close. The last thing we need is you getting kidnapped for matri-gnomy again."

Mabel tilted her head, "I wonder how Jeff is doing; I never did give that engagement ring back… Ah well, finders keepers!"

Dipper gave a half smile at that, but was still refusing to keep his eyes steady, constantly darting them around to keep watch for anything that might be lurking out of sight. The book had told him not to trust anyone and considering the forest seemed more alive than most, he counted that on his list of things not to trust. But he figured as soon as he found the size altering gems, or lack there of, he'd be able to get home again and, with any luck, back to some quiet. Or more likely, start hunting them down and making sure they were in safe hands. He huffed in spite of himself. Yeah, he thought, that sounds more like me…

They continued walking deeper into the woods and the pair started to notice some leftover barriers strewn here and there among the shrubbery. People had been here. Dipper was unsure if this reassured or worried him. Mabel however was keeping her eyes peeled and ears pricked for any signs of a movie set or something just as fun. Excitement pumped through her, if it was a movie set, please let it be a vampire movie! However, the mixture of childlike wonder and serious anxiety was cancelled out by a sudden cry from further among the trees. The girlish tone and desperation stopped them dead in their tracks.

"Help! Please, anyone!"

Dipper practically jumped a foot in the air, "I'm coming Mabel!"

Just as he turned around, he smacked straight into his twin who, after rubbing her now sore forehead, looked confused, "I'm right here. Wait, was I in danger? Wow that was a record breaking rescue!" she grabbed his wrist and lifted it above his head in victory, "Yay Dipper!"

Dipper pulled away, just as confused and sore headed, "Wait, if that wasn't you then…"


The twins exchanged a nervous glance. Mabel thumbed over her shoulder towards the cry, "Wanna see if you can break your record?"

He scowled, but shook it off knowing that there wasn't time, "Sounds like a plan."



I love this show and I hope I kept them in character. I deliberately didn't introduce the OC just yet because I wanted to learn how to manage the twins first. The OC is coming up soon and as I've said before, she is NOT a Mary-Sue. I've got my Mary-Sue occupying another series so I know what to avoid here. Again, please review and I hope you liked it, any criticism you have will be noted and I will try my best to improve it you have any hints. The answer to the code will be given at the start of chapter 2… if this goes well of course XD