The soldier lead them up into the city, and to the governor's office. They were hurried into the office, where the woman greeted them warmly.

"Welcome, Doctor, welcome. I'm colonist Pera, and this is my assistant and body guard, soldier Marco. We've waited a long time for you to return."

"Yes, well, I just thought I'd pop by for a visit." The Doctor gave them a confused smile. "Er, can I ask you a question?"


"Why?" He asked.

Pera looked at him, confused. "Why... What?" She asked.

"Why were you waiting for me?"

Pera smiled at him. "We were waiting for you because She said that you would return."

"Who? Who is She?" Rory asked.

"Jennifer Nobis-Jones. But you may know her better as simply Jenny."

The Doctor lost his breath.

Amy noticed. "Doctor, do you know her?" She asked.

"Know her?" The Doctor breathed. "She..." He walked over to the window and leaned against the window frame.

"Maybe I can answer that question, Doctor?" Pera suggested. When he gave an almost imperceptible nod, she continued. "The last time the Doctor was here, we were in the middle of a civil war. There were these machines, progenation machines, that were used to make soldiers-"

Rory interrupted. "Sorry, what are progenation machines?"

"It takes a tissue sample, extracts the diploid cells, splits them into haploid cells, rearranges them into a different pattern and grows, very quickly." The Doctor replied quietly.

"Oh, that really helps." Rory said sarcastically.

Pera smiled and said, "Well, that's the best was of putting it. Anyway, they were used to make soldiers. Time, during the war, was measured by generations, not by the passage of time. Hundreds of generations died during that war, but the war itself only lasted seven days."

"Only seven days?" Amy asked, astonished.

Pera nodded. "But it wasn't the soldiers who ended the war. It was The Man Who Never Would. The Doctor."

"Well, that definitely sounds like him." Amy said.

"Except before he did, his DNA was processed in one of the progenation machines, which produced Jenny, or, as she now calls herself, Dr. Jennifer Martha Donna Nobis-Jones."

"Doctor of what?" Rory asked.

"Archeology." Pera replied.

The Doctor gave an audible groan. "Why does it always have to be archeology?"

Rory realized something. "Doctor, does that mean that she is your daughter?"

"Yes." The Doctor said quietly.

"And you just left her here? On her own?" Amy asked.

"I didn't... She wasn't..." The Doctor sighed and started again. "She was... too much like me. The General, General Cobb, the one responsible for the war, he tried to kill me. Jenny saw and... she stopped it, before I could stop her."

"She stopped a bullet? How did she stop...Oh." Amy and Rory realized what had happened. "She stopped it."

"But she's alright now, isn't she? I mean, she's alive, yeah?" Amy asked. "So we just go find her."

"Yes but how?" The Doctor finally pulled away from the window. "How is she still alive, and how do we find her?"

"She's been looking for you, Doctor." Pera said. "She's been searching for eight years now. Since the day she was born."

"If she comes back, tell her... tell her..." He sighed. "Tell her I'm on my way."

Pera nodded. "We will, sir. You can count on us."

"Where was she headed last?" He asked.

"I don't know. She mentioned something about a festival of lights, but beyond that I don't know."

"Alright, I'll be back. Hopefully, I'll come back with Jenny, or find her here. Come along, Ponds." The trio started back down to the TARDIS.

"So where do we start, Doctor?" Rory asked.

"You and Amy are going back to Leadworth. I am going to look for my daughter."

"No, we are looking for her. As a group."

"I'm not putting you in any danger she's gotten herself into. Besides, she's my daughter-"

"Which makes her our granddaughter, technically speaking." Rory interrupted.

"Doctor, you spent all that time looking for Melody." Amy added. "Now it's time to repay the favor. We'll help you. We both will."

The Doctor paused. "Come along, Ponds. Let's go find your granddaughter."