The thing I missed most after my descent was fresh air. I thought the poisonous cavern (or the Mine, what's left of it) was the worst I would encounter, and in a way, it was.

The city itself, meaning the center tower and its immediate surroundings, was... relaxing, in a sense. That may sound odd coming from someone who carries the Idol of Sorrow, a heavy burden indeed, but I sometimes forget I even have it.
The dense silence that resides within the city gives me such a strange feeling. The beating of the Dark Bird's wings above my head are like a calming lullaby, until they launch their assorted magics at me. After I got over my initial fear of the place, it became a sort of twisted safe haven. It was hard to breathe, always, but I grew used to it quickly.

The farther down I got, the more these feelings increased. When I reached the first level of the city, I felt more serene than I ever had before. I would sit, my back against one of the center's large pillars, my legs dangling over the edge, as the soft lapping of the water below soothed my aching mind.
The Ancient People's broken city, too, put me at ease. Only at this did I start to worry. The stone signs with cursed words carved roughly into them did not alarm me. Their talk of great darkness, accepting that darkness, did not shake me. Why?

I finally realized the cause; the island's influence. It wanted me, mind, body and soul.
Everything in me wanted to submit to it. Complete darkness, absolute and powerful...

I stood now at the edge of one of the decrepted buildings, dazed.
I pulled the Idol out of my pocket and stared intently at it. My gaze turned slowly towards the water... All I had to do was drop it in and never look back. 'Yes,' soft voices seemed to whisper in my ear, 'let it go. Embrace The Dark One and know only peace...'
In my other hand, I held the Lawful Blade. I gripped it tightly. It emitted a faint blue glow, for only a moment, then returned to its normal state.

With tremendous effort, I slipped the Idol back into my pocket. I felt, somehow, that the sword had given me a choice. It wasn't an ordinary blade, that much I could tell, but still I did not know its true origin... What was it?

I forced my legs to move, to walk me out of that treacherous place. My real state of mind was returning, clearing the fog I'd been under for Vallad knows how long. I quickened my pace, searching out the nearest warp circle. I held up the Blue Wand and closed my eyes.