Chapter 3 Percy's POV

This guy doesn't get enough of me killing him,does he?You guessed it,the Minotaur.I was aware of Max and Fang behind us,I knew they would come.I jumped of of Blackjack into the water,and walked up to him.I was like fifty feet away from him,when I created an earthquake around him,while was distracted,I created a wave his hight,got on it,and stabbed him in the neck with,Poof!He was gone just like that.I walked back to Annabeth and the bird kids,who were watching opened mouthed,Annabeth was laughing at the expressions on their faces,she wasn't impressed she'd seen me kill monsters countless number of times.

I hugged Annabeth and for fun,shot a wave at Fang,he shot his wings open and flew out of the way,so instead of hitting him the wave hit Max."What's your problem?!"Max yelled.

Palms up I said,"Emo boy moved,so I hit you!Gods,lady,calm down!You're turning red!"I turned to Fang at pointed a finger a him,"Why'd you move?"He lunged at me super fast,but remember I have ADHD and my dad is Poseidon.I waited 'till the last second and jumped out of the way,he hit Annabeth,who was next to me,she jumped on Fang and punched him in the ribs,Fang yanked her off the ground,and threw her in the air.I shot up a wave to catch her.

"Enough!"Max commanded.I grinned at her.

"Who are you?"She demanded.

"Let's make a deal,I'll tell you,if you tell us."She nodded."Okay,so I'm Percy Jackson,son of Poseidon."

"I'm Annabeth Chase,daughter of Athena."Annabeth said,while Fang and Max both stared at us.

"Well,we're 98% human and 2% avian."Max informed.

"That explains the wings."I said,and Max glared at me.

"If you guys want,you can come to camp with us."Annabeth said.I looked a her like,what?She shrugged,Max and Fang both looked at each other.

"Okay."Max said.

Max's POV

"Perseus Jackson!"I heard someone yell,we looked behind us to see a girl with electrifying blue eyes and black hair make her way to us,we had just passed the camp's border,after Percy had said,I Percy Jackson give you permision to enter camp.She went up to Percy and literally shot an lightning bolt at him,he fell,then got on his feet,he grinned,and water appeared out of nowhere and shot the girl off her feet,she was flying up in the air,I guess Percy got tired and stopped the water,the girl landed magically on the ground perfectly fine.

"What is wrong with you?"She screeched.

"It was just a prank,Thalia calm down!"Percy snapped.

"A prank?!You flooded my cabin!You little-"She was cut off by Percy.

"You lifted me up in the air and dropped me on-"He didn"t get to finish his sentence.

"Guys,calm down,you don't want to hurt each other."Annabeth said,Thalia looked around,and finally seemed to notice us.

"Who are they?!"She demanded.

"I'm Max and he's Fang."I said.

"Are they half bloods?"Thalia asked more calmly this time.

"No they're humans...with wings."Percy said,then I heard a voice I never thought I would hear at this camp.I heard Dylan.