Title: Skin Deep
Author: wanderlustlights
Rating: NC-17 (eventually)
Word Count: 1038/2904 (so far)
Pairing(s): Dave/Kurt {Kurtofsky}
Spoilers: Canon through season 3.
Disclaimer: I don't own Glee. Tis Ryan Murphy's brain child and I take ownership of nothing there.
Summary: Kurt's a baker with a love for food and because of it, has put on a few pounds with all his tastings and love for sweets. Dave really doesn't mind all that much.
A/N: So I really just wanted more chubby!Kurt fics, which really only meant that I had to write it myself. Lol so that's what happened.
Recipe: I found it on the All Recipes site. This one is for Raspberry White Chocolate Buttercream cupcakes. If you search it, it's the first one that comes up, by Liz Bensman. :D All links to the recipes used in this story should be on my profile page.

Dave stepped out of the yellow taxi, paying the driver hastily before slamming the car door. He glanced up at the store front as the cab pulled away, taking in the brightly colored letters spelling out Sugar on Top and painted pictures of sparkly confections on the windows. Grinning, Dave ran up to the door, until he was standing beneath the overhang. He tried the front door only to find it locked; he rapped once, then a couple more times until he saw Kurt run to the door to unlock it with a smile.

"Hey," Kurt greeted, ushering Dave inside and turning the locks on the door once he was in. "I almost didn't think you'd show, it's eight twenty already."

"Sorry," said Dave, looking around, "got stick in traffic and the driver didn't know any other way to get here." Kurt hummed in understanding as Dave continued glancing around the shop. "God, this place is amazing."

Kurt stepped forward, walking slowly toward the other man. "You think?" he asked timidly, shoving his hands into the back pockets of his jeans.

"Yeah, I mean it's-" he stopped, hand running over the glass of the display case. "You really did all this yourself?"

Kurt nodded. "With the help of some loans and money I had saved up over the years, I got a lease on the place and, well, I've been baking pretty since I was in middle school, so…"

Dave looked back over at the other man. He wanted to tell him how proud he was, that it took a lot of guts to go after what you really wanted, even though you could very well fail. Dave certainly hadn't been that courageous.

"Did you want to try something?" Kurt asked, breaking Dave out of his thoughts.


Kurt gave him a strange look. "I… I asked if you wanted to try something. I have some cupcakes or I made this amazing cheesecake today, too, if you wanted that."

"Oh." Dave grinned. "Yeah, sure."

Kurt smiled back at him and led him into the kitchen, having Dave sit on the stool by the island. "Okay," he said, going to the refrigerator in the corner of the room and swinging the door open. "We have cheesecake in here, or…" Kurt removed the container from the cold, placing it on the island countertop before Dave, and made his way to the walk-in freezer to pull out a large tray. "Raspberry white chocolate buttercream cupcakes. Your pick." He set the tray on the counter beside the glass container holding the cheesecake and looked at Dave expectantly, who only raised an eyebrow at him.

"Uh… they both look amazing, if you ask me. Could I try both, maybe?"

Kurt just gave him a smile and went to the drawer to retrieve two forks and a knife, handing them to Dave, and grabbed two plates from the cupboard. He sliced two pieces of the cheesecake and placed them on the plates, a cupcake accompanying it. Kurt placed the cheesecake back in the refrigerator and sat on the stool next to Dave's. He watched as Dave started on the cheesecake first, and awaited his reaction.

"Holy shit," said Dave after a moment, "that's amazing."

Kurt smiled. "Good?" he surmised, thoroughly amused.

"Better than good, dude," Dave said, taking another bite and Kurt laughed.

"Well I'm glad you like it, then," said Kurt and took a bite of his own. "God," he moaned, closing his eyes in bliss," and to think I denied myself of sweets like this for years."

"So stupid," said Dave.

Kurt hummed in agreement as they continued eating in silence for the next few minutes. Kurt groaned, his full stomach pressing against his new jeans – he knew he shouldn't have eaten two whole things of dessert with Dave, especially only an hour after dinner, but fuck it was so hard to resist. Kurt felt his cheeks heat with shame and embarrassment as he looked over at Dave putting his fork on his now-empty plate and squirmed slightly, tugging at his sweater in hopes that Dave couldn't see his pudgy stomach. Because that's what he was now – pudgy – there was no way he could possibly deny that anymore, it was completely obvious. Maybe doing some crunches or running for an hour straight on the treadmill when he got home would help a little. Probably not, but it was worth a shot anyway. "Sorry," he mumbled, not looking Dave in the eyes as he wrung his hands together.

Dave looked at him in confusion. "For what? These were incredible," he said, gesturing to his empty plate and cupcake wrapper now holding only crumbs.

"That's… not what I meant, actually," said Kurt quietly. Maybe Dave really couldn't see how big he'd gotten since high school. Maybe it wasn't all that bad after all. But his clothes said otherwise. "So... do you have somewhere you need to be? Or could you stay for a while?"

"It's only Wednesday, the bar's not really as busy on the weeknights, so I don't have to be to work until tomorrow." Dave tilted his head in suspicion, narrowing his eyes. "Why, what did you have in mind?"

"Well there's this cute little cafe I found a couple months ago over on 10th, they make this amazing turtle mocha. I-if you wanted to join me, of course," he added, trying not to come off as too presumptuous.

"Coffee, at eight thirty at night?" Dave asked with a smirk.

Kurt grinned. "Well it is the City That Never Sleeps, David. A lot of places around here are open until midnight or later. Or haven't you learned that yet?" he teased and Dave just grinned. Kurt decided to take that as a yes and hopped off of his stool, while Dave did the same, and grabbed his keys off the counter. "Come on. I'll lock up and we can go," said Kurt, already walking to the front door.

Dave followed, more than excited about where this night was heading. And as he watched Kurt bending over slightly to turn the lock on the door, he couldn't say Kurt's ass didn't look exceptional in those jeans. The years had definitely done him well.