This is another story I will be working on. It'll be a yaoi for the four Nazi zombie slayers. Each chapter will be a different story for each character. I just started writing this because frankly, I lost motivation (and where I was going) with my first RichtofenxOC. I will be started a new story soon, just in hopes that one doesn't go down the tubes either.

RichtofenxTank. It's Richtofen's turn to keep watch, and Tank wants to go to sleep rather than look for Richtofen and remind him of duty. While Richtofen just wants to be alone with his documents he's been searching for.

Diary Entry 1: My Friend The Voices

Dear Diary,

Today I vent to ze und doctor. He told me to keep zis diary and record all my thoughts, all the headaches I get, und any notes I vant to jot down. Really, I don't know vhy, and his German is terrible! Maybe I should just keep zis little book by my side and sketch out blueprints for weapons...

Richtofen reread his diary he found when he was looking for some old research files he wanted to read over and look at each detailed word he wrote down that was of the utmost importance to him. He laughed thinking back on how foolish and naive he was. He was glad he grew up and got out of that hell-hole of a house. He skimmed through some more diary entries and he remembered writing down every thing in that brown book that use to be full of white pages. The pages turned yellow with age and smelled musty due to where it was stored. Even though Richtofen remembered why he had that thing in the first place, he couldn't remember why he still had it. Or rather why he hasn't burned it yet.

Was it because he favored everything he wrote on any piece of paper? He surely didn't have much of an interesting childhood. Richtofen shook his head, "Foolish," and he went back to looking for the papers he originally went in search for after putting the book aside.

"Where is the kraut?" Dempsey impatiently asked Nikolai, who also had no clue.

"I need more vodka!" Nikolai yelled. He fell on his stomach and belched obnoxiously. Dempsey rolled his eyes. That was all he ever talked about. It was Richtofen's turn to keep watch, and the Nazi was nowhere to be found.

Takeo was gone too, which was very unusual for the Japanese man. Dempsey gritted his teeth and left the drunk Russian on the floor while he went in search for Richtofen.

The first place Dempsey went to go look was in the Teleporter A room. He cursed out loud when all he saw was the carrion of multiple zombie corpses. Next, he went by Juggernog and stomped like an enraged child. He wanted to sleep, not run around looking for their psychopathic, zombie slaying, buddy. Dempsey stopped and sighed a little and tried to think. If he were a creepy quack, where would he be? The marine smiled and headed over to the Teleporter Room B.

"Oh, vunderbar!" Richtofen smiled with glee. He found what he was looking for at long last. He kissed his documents and set them on top of the table. He couldn't believe they were still here and together, untouched and unharmed. "Perhaps now I can get to vork-"

"There you are! I've been looking all over this damn maze for you. Now get your ass downstairs and keep watch," Dempsey stormed on Richtofen's parade. Richtofen sharply turned to Dempsey with wide eyes that turned to acid. Dempsey took a step back. "Did ya here me, or what?"

Richtofen hugged his documents to his chest. "Go avay, American. I don't follow orders."

Dempsey frowned. "That makes two of us." He eyed the papers Richtofen obviously cared about. Richtofen set them back on the desk and stood up.

"Dempshey," Richtofen growled. "Leave. Now."

The marine stood his ground. "And I said get downstairs. It's your turn to keep watch."

The two men stared each other down. Dempsey had only one thought in his head and that thought was that he's not going down without a fight. Richtofen on the other hand had a different idea entirely.

"You look tired, American." Richtofen cocked his head to the side like a bird. He felt he could us this to his advantage.

Dempsey supressed a yawn. "What of it, quack?"

Richtofen frowned. "I am a doctor. Und you vill leave one vay or anozer."

Before Dempsey knew what he meant by that, Richtofen set down his precious papers and clutched Dempsey's arm. He had the marine against the metal wall with their faces only inches apart. The tip of Richtofen's hat was touching Dempsey's forehead, Richtofen had an arm pressed against Dempsey's chest, and he had a leg set between Dempsey's legs so he wouldn't escape so easily.

"You vill leave, Dempshey."

Demspey tried grabbing onto Richtofen's uniform, but Richtofen used his free arm to pin Dempsey's arm above his head. The force of Richtofen's elbow against Dempsey's shoulder hurt him too much to move that arm. Richtofen flashed his famous evil grins and examined his captive intently.

"You should've rested before coming to me," Richtofen hummed.

He cut Dempsey off with a swift kiss. Dempsey had his mouth open, which gave Richtofen more access. He drew his tongue all around the American's mouth and on his tongue. Dempsey struggled to get free, and he gasped for air when Richtofen released him.

"What the hell, Richtofen?!" Dempsey yelled. He spat out Richtofen's saliva and was shocked he was just kissed by another male.

"I told you to leave. Now do you believe me?" Richtofen said, clearly unaffected.

Dempsey just glared at the Nazi. "If you think-" Richtofen kissed him again and trippd him down to the floor.

"You're trying my patience."

Dempsey hated this. He was being the submissive. He hated how he was thinking about being dominant with Richtofen. The crazy doctor had his legs wrapped around Dempsey and his full weight was pressed condescendingly on him. Richtofen could feel Dempsey's erection through his pants and he laughed a little. He proceeded to bite down on his neck and hear him cry and moan in pain and pleasure.

Dempsey couldn't remember the last time a woman made him feel so good. Only, Richtofen wasn't a woman. He didn't know if he should enjoy this, but his body sure did. He could see it now- the late night sneeking out, the secret dates they would have...

Richtofen got up and wiped the saliva from his mouth. Dempsey was left gasping on the floor in confusion.

"Vill you go avay now?" Richtofen smiled. "Or did you like it so much you vant more?"

Dempsey's eyes widened. "Fuck you, kraut!" He stormed off after that feeling defeated and aroused.

Richtofen straightened out his uniform and went back to what he was doing. Maybe he should keep this moment in his diary.