So, here's my explanation for why I have not been updating. In the chaos of band and me being on crutches, I had piles of homework and tests I had to do that I didn't know about. So I got that out of the way, and went back into the marching routine when my knee healed up. I've had sparks of ideas for other stories, so I lost interest in keeping up with the ones I already have on here. It's been a roller coaster with these ideas really, and I apologize for not updating. Here's a yaoi I was thinking about on Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving :D

RichtofenxTank and some NikolaixTakeo/NikolaixRichtofen

What day was it? Tank lost count a while ago. He questioned Richtofen about it earlier, but he was just questioned right back. The doc was cautious about a lot of things. Tank shrugged it off and tried to think what day and month it could possibly be.

He kicked at some flesh that was on the stage of the theater. Come to think of it, he never ventured out of this place. He saw a few buildings in the distance whenever he went outside, but he never really thought about going out over to investigate. The idea struck him, and a grin grew on his face. Tank knew exactly what everyone needed, and he just needed to put everything in action.

Tank walked around the theater and analyzed everything. He had tables and chairs, some clothes he could use once the dust was beaten off of them, and a nice spot he could place everything.

He thought about asking someone to go with him, but he actually wanted to surprise them with this gift. They all needed to relax from all the stress of this daily routine. Besides, all he needed was his Lamentation to keep him company.

Dempsey made sure everything looked decent before letting the other guys come in and see his work.

"What are we waiting out here for again?" Nikolai complained. He was getting tired of waiting around.

"Dempsey wanted to give us something," Takeo said with his stoic face. Richtofen rolled his eyes. Nothing the American did would be able to impress him.

Tank came out of the dressing room with a wide smile on his face. "Guys, it's been rough here for everyone, killin' freaks and all. So, I thought maybe we could all just have a day to relax and take a little break."

The three men looked a little bored with his speech. They wanted to know what Dempsey had planned.

"Come in and see!" Dempsey stepped to the side so the others could walk in. Once they did, the smell of food wafted their nostrils. Their stomachs growled on cue. Spread out on a slightly blood stained cloth resting on top of a couple of tables was a ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, a turkey, rice, a few pies, and some other food that was cooked.

Everyone was shocked and eyeing the food hungrily.

"Happy Thanksgiving, guys!" Tank smiled, feeling very proud of himself. "I found all of this stuff in the town that's close to here, and a house with a working stove."

Tank led them over to sit down. Four plates and cups were placed in front of each chair. There were a few bottles of wine and vodka placed in the center of the food. Nikolai instantly attacked the vodka.

"Oh! Just when I was running out!" Nikolai gulped down some of the vodka and burped. He sat down, already filling up his plate. Takeo and Richtofen calmly sat down and Tank, still smiling, clasped his hands together.

"Eat up!"

And eat they did. There were a few laughs, some jokes here and there, and for that moment they were bonding. Insults didn't exist, neither did glares, all they did was drink, eat, and have fun.

"Aye, Richt... You!" Nikolai called to get the doctor's attention, but couldn't get his words right. "I would treat you like I would... with wives in bed." He tried to wink at him but let his face fall on the table instead.

"Sheut up," Richtofen slurred, reaching for his cup to drink more wine. "vell, vell, American. I am impressed." He hiccuped and left his hand searching for his cup in the air.

Takeo was passed out on the table. He drank almost as much as Nikolai did. When Nikolai saw Takeo alseep, he grinned. "I know who will be next wife. Heh heh..."

Tank managed to stumble away without being noticed. He didn't want to be "the next wife" as Nikolai kept saying. He may look like a drunk mess on the outside, but on the inside he was the happiest person in the world. He managed to get up the stairs and he wanted to rest there. He never suspected to be followed.

"Hallo, Dempshey."

He lazily turned around and saw a blurry uniform standing over him. "Wha..."

Dempsey felt something heavy land on top of him. He let out a grunt and tried to search for what was so heavy. He felt something warm blow on his neck and he could smell the strong scent of wine.

"Who?" He tried to concentrate on who this person was.

"Dempshey... I am so... attracted to you," the heavy person said. He could tell that voice and accent anywhere.

"Richtofen? What are..."

"Shush, Dempshey."

He began to kiss him. Tongue touching tongue, and the strong taste on wine entering his mouth. Tank barely managed to move, but Richtofen had full mobility. They parted for air and Tank coughed a little.

"What the hell?" He was drunk and confused. Not a very good combo.

Richtofen chuckled and kissed Dempsey's neck. "Do you feel it?" he asked. "I certainly feel you." He slid his hands down to his pants and loosened his belt.

Tank realized how turned on he was, and he didn't know why. All of a sudden he didn't want to stop. He found his hands reaching up to Richtofen and pulling his mouth back down to his own. Dempsey's shirt came off along with Richtofen's trousers. Richtofen skillfully helped Dempsey out of his trousers and flipped him on his stomach.

They both gasped, Richtofen's voice a little high pitched, and moaned approvingly. Richtofen didn't stop, he kept moving in and out, leaving Dempsey forming his hands into fists and searching for something to grab onto. Richtofen kept Tank in place with a death grip. He became even more attracted to Dempsey with each thrust, and Dempsey felt like he couldn't take anymore. The doctor finally released in him and they fell to the floor gasping. Richtofen passed out after a few seconds, and Dempsey thought they should have Thanksgiving more often.

This was his favorite holiday now.