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Pluto: I expect you two to behave AND for all of you *points to readers* to review this introspective view on the Gundam pilots. Criticism is appreciated because I like to know what I didn't do right in the fic or something like that.

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P+N: *ears bleeding*

Pluto: This is someone's POV... you'll see in the end. Contains Shounen ai.

|||||Desolate Hearts||||| (Prologue)

I watch them, those Gundam pilots. I can see their pain and the reasons why they fight. They are so brave, I wish to be like that someday, brave. Some people might say I am but I am nothing compared to those boys. I am shit compared to them. I know I've done my research on them. I know them all so well people could say we grew up together. But really, they are still forever going to be a mystery to me.

I reach for the radio and turn on my favorite station. Lucky for me, on of my favorite songs is on. I flop back down to my bed, pull out my notebook and begin writing. I write everything I can about them, everything I know. It isn't much but I think I've fallen in love with those boys, not in the lovey dovey way, but you get the point... I hope. Although, there is on in particular I could possibly be in love with. I wish I never had any emotions at all. This would be so much easier.

Those boys, the pilots, they have all had some troubling background. It all is filled with deceit, betrayal, and mostly... death. Thinking about them, I cry. My life has been no better in anyway though. It has been most likely worse. I just seem to deal with it, or hide it, better than them. So much pain, so much suffering in my life. I don't think people really understand me at all. I mean, how could they.

Heero Yuy, my biggest mystery. Oh how I love thee, Heero. You don't even notice me though. I'm always here, just turn your head away from that laptop of yours. I'm always watching you, whether you like it or not. Oh hell! Now, when you read this, you'll probably think I am stalking you or something! Truth is, I'm not. I just think that... I love you, my stoic Heero.

Oh enough about that! The real reason I am writing this is to give my introspective point of view on the Gundam pilots. Yeah, Yeah, you all probably think I am insane as you read this. But aren't you interested in knowing just how I feel about you? Or maybe why I am the way I am. That WILL come up somewhere!

For now I think that my little notebook here will suit me well enough for writing down my view points on everything. I may have to get a few more out of my box but that is okay. I am obsessed, weird, and completely insane. Just to warn you all.

As I start writing this cold feeling sweeps over me. Somehow this is going to backfire. One of them is going to read it and not like what they see, then come after me. But you know what? I don't care... COME KILL ME! Or maybe its possible that Heero feels the same about me. I laugh at my stupidness. Yeah, like that could ever happen.

I am going to start with the Gundam pilot that no one seems to recognize as one of those boys. But he is, he pilots a Gundam, not one of the five, but still a Gundam pilot. My pen scratches the paper in rhythm to the music and I begin humming and singing along. Suiting enough it seems to fit Zechs well, or should I say Milliardo Peacecraft?

Pluto: OK, so that was a sucky prologue. And you won't know who is speaking until the VERY last chapter, gomen. But please keep reading and write a few good/bad/critical reviews for me to go with!!

Charon: *pats Pluto's head* It'll be alright...

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