Pluto: Woo for chapter 2!

Neptune: ...

Charon: Can I tell 'em all who is writing yet?

Pluto: NO! I have 4 more chapters after this, they are short, and the people can wait!

|||Desolate Hearts||| (Ch2: Quatre Winner)

--- I had a dream, a crazy vision
It may sound strange, this intuition
But it was true beyond description
And somehow I knew that it was real
When I saw

One sky above, there is just one source of love
If I've got one chance, one choice
I'll sing it from the heart
One song, one voice

I've seen the fires of deep division
The hearts of stone, the cold ambition
But I have found my sacred mission
To live in this world and still believe
That there is

One sky above, there is just one source of love
If I've got one chance, one choice
I'll sing it from the heart
One song, one voice

A song that heals
A melody of reason and freedom
With words that will speak for the weak
The hopeful and the strong
Sing is for everyone

Cause there is one sky above
There is just one source of love
If I've got one chance, one choice
I'll sing it from the heart
One song, one voice

Yes there is only one sky above
One source of love
If I got one chance, one choice
So sing it from the heart
One song, one voice

Sing it with one song
One voice ---

Brandy - One Voice

Quatre Reberba Winner, head of Winner Inc. and powerful colony representative. He is the proclaimed leader of the five boys. He is well fit for it too. Out of all the pilots, minus Zechs, he is the only one who really thinks things through and processes everything before jumping into battle. Born leader.

He fights, yet is still so pure and so kind. I can't for the life of my figure out how he is still so gentle after all the battles and bloodshed. He can pull it off pretty well. Not like the rest of the pilots. After killing people, Quatre can sit down with a cup of tea and laugh it up.

I remember how determined he was during the wars. I can recall him once saying something like 'War brings sorrow, but we must fight to keep our loved ones from sorrow.' I didn't think something so heart touching could come out of a soldier, until then. When he got in Sandrock, he was still the same caring person, unlike some people. Me....

During the wars, he believed in total unity, I think he still does. I pretty much agree with that, although I am sort of a loner. People may know me worldwide, but I stick to the shadows. That's the exact opposite of Quatre. He is in the headliners and all over colony meetings and Earth meetings. A while back, I overheard Quatre telling Trowa all about his past. There are some things the public doesn't even know about him. Quatre isn't a test tube baby as previously thought, his mother died giving birth to him. How he found out that he wasn't like his sisters, I don't know.

Quatre is the youngest of thirty children, the only boy out of that. I couldn't stand it! He is defiantly a very strong person to put up with that many girls all over that place. I think I would defiantly go insane with all of them.

When Quatre was young, he was kidnapped yet he couldn't care less if he died then or not because he believed himself to be artificial. That is when he had his first run-in with the Magunac Corps. From that day on, he actually started valuing life. It surprises me to believe Quatre was once a spoiled brat who hated everything including himself. Quatre has evolved, if you will, from when he was little.

With as many sisters he had, no one was surprised he turned out the way he did. I don't only mean personality either. It is a universally known fact that Quatre has a boyfriend. It makes me so jealous, too. Because I cannot have the one I love. Trowa is a very lucky guy to have someone like Quatre. Their relationship is filled with rockiness. When they first met, they were fighting each other. Then Quatre went insane a bit, and almost killed Trowa and took away his memory. Trowa was ready to sacrifice himself for his lover. I wonder if Heero would do that for me. Ack! I am wandering. Anyway, in the very end, they will most likely always be together.

What else can I say about Quatre? He's had his run-ins with death, his mother, sister, and father. I guess you'd say he's an orphan then? I dunno. That blond nutcase is probably the only one in the whole group who I can talk to without fearing being judged. Quatre is the only one who I could even come close to calling a best friend. Sure, the others are my friends, but not like him. He's special.

Charon: Can I tell 'em? Can I tell 'em?

Saturn: *comes out of no where with a spoon and whaps Charon unconcious. Then, dissapears into the abyss from which he came*

Neptune: *drools in the direction from where Saturn came and went*

Pluto: Eh.. N-chan, just tell the damn boy you want his ass!

Charon: Pluto-sama? @_@ Neptune-kun likes boys?!

Pluto: Well.. um.. of coarse!

Neptune: *crawls away into a dark corner* Now that overly hyper female satallite of yours will never leave me alone, Pluto-sama!

*silence, crickets chirp*

Charon: THAT IS SO COOL!!!!! *chases after Neptune and glomps him*

Pluto: What have I done?!