Hi, this is Aozora no kishi. This is my first fanfic, and I'm a amateur at this. I suddenly decided to stop procrastinating when I have stories that I could write and upload, and yeah...that's what happened. Anyway, I hope that you guys will enjoy this!

Note: Added more at the end.

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Natsume POV

My world is a dark one. Like pitch-black dark or an intimidating darkness, the time when horrendous things occur. The perpetual, agonizing pain that pierces through me and the annoying, sinister missions that causes it. It's an ominous future for any that are close to me. No one must ever enter the darkness, I will make sure of that.

I must never leave the darkness either, for I am someone who has already ended many lives. The sinners must always stay in the darkness, they can never go back into the light once they've come out of it. Such is the rule of our society. Yeah, reality's harsh, but deal with it. There's no light left, and no hope for me in this life.

So then, what's the point of me living? There's nothing in this dismal darkness. Nothing that can save me from this deep pit of darkness. (Those crazy fan girls are always chasing after me, and though Ruka's my best friend, even he can't really save me from this.) Nothing that can bring me out, out of this darkness. No light in this. What's the point of even living? If my loved ones and other close people weren't going to be in danger, I'd probably try to rebel sooner or later.

Then, one day, my whole world changed. It started to fill with light, and I discovered a new purpose in life. She appeared in my life, and soon my cold, lonely heart soon found a new occupant to beat for. Polka, the annoyingly childish, optimistic, noisy, bubbly idiot. Also known as my partner, and that Ice Queen's best friend. Who would have thought?

At first I found the girl irritating, since I saw no need for me to have a partner, because of my conditions. Yet I also found her interesting, as she was the only girl in the classroom (other than the Ice Queen) to resist my charms and not fangirl over me. Then I don't know when, but I started to feel different towards her. The more I learned about her, the more I felt myself falling for her. With falling in love, came other unwanted and alien feelings that I never felt before.

Seeing her with Ruka made me jealous yet unsure what to do. I wanted my best friend to be happy. But seeing Tsubasa that kage(shadow) with her...My jealousy rose to the point where I couldn't control it. I knew then that I, Natsume Hyuuga...had seriously fallen for polka dots...