Waltzing in the Rain


Chapter 11: Lady Undeterred

Rinoa waited just inside the doors that led out to the rooftop garden. Still barefoot and dressed in her pajamas, she loosely clasped her hands in front of her and played anxiously with her engagement ring. Caraway stood an arm's length away from her and watched the small movement silently. The expression on his face didn't mask his unhappiness with the whole situation and when Squall walked up, he scowled in his direction.

Despite his rush to get to her, Squall wasn't sure what to do or say now that she was right in front of him. Caraway wasn't exactly helping—his looming presence felt condescending and judgmental. Squall stood there awkwardly, silently grasping for the words necessary to diffuse the situation. While Squall was usually anti-social, Rinoa was not one to be at a loss of words, and she interrupted the uncomfortable silence that was hanging over the rooftop.

"Don't you listen to me at all?" she asked as she stepped closer to Squall. "I hate feeling trapped and controlled. I can't believe you were listening in on us!"

Squall crossed his arms and frowned. "Kiros and Laguna were listening in on you. I only started after you blocked me out."

"I blocked you out because I wanted privacy."

"But you didn't have any," he stated. "And if the two of them were already listening in I wanted to be on the same page as they were."

Rinoa closed her eyes a moment in an attempt to compose herself. "You could've warned me," she told him.

"No I couldn't, you blocked me out."

She hesitated a moment before blushing and offering Squall an apologetic smile. "Oh…yeah. I guess that would make sense," she offered. "They did just leave me alone with my father." Rinoa looked down at her feet before sparing her father a quick glance and then looking past Squall at everyone else that was approaching. "I know they were probably just trying to look out for me but I just needed some privacy. I've been watched for as long as I can remember."

"If you want privacy, you need to go to one of the apartments in the residential wing. None of the apartments are bugged," Squall offered.

Rinoa nodded. "That's good to know." When Squall focused on something behind her, Rinoa peered over her shoulder, catching the other side of a silent exchange between the two men. Giving her father an accusatory look, she turned her attention back to Squall. "Everything's alright," she assured him. "I just want some fresh air. We're going out to the garden but you can go on and get some sleep. Kiros has guards all over the place, and apparently, cameras all over the place too. Nothing is going to happen to me."

Squall wrestled with that for a moment before nodding. "Just let me know once you're back safely in your room." He couldn't help it, he didn't trust Caraway.

"I promise," she smiled.

Still not thrilled with the situation, Squall turned to the others. "Come on guys. It's late and we need to get some sleep."

"What?! You're just going to leave her up here with him?" Zell asked as he gestured towards Caraway.

Squall nodded. "Him and a dozen or so palace guards."

"Oh. Well, I guess that's alright," Zell relented, though he didn't look entirely convinced as he watched Rinoa and her father leave.

Leaving the others behind, Rinoa took a deep breath as the exterior doors hissed shut behind them. Thankful for the cool nighttime air, she walked along the pathway that led to the rooftop garden. She continued walking towards the patio, little colorful landscaping lights flanking her on both sides. She was immediately reminded of the dance she and Squall had shared there but shoved the thought aside. Even though she knew it was petty, she was trying to be a little mad at him. It wasn't like she hadn't given Squall a few hundred reasons not to trust her father. Any time the General had been brought up, she'd always had some reason to put him down or try to convince the others that he couldn't be trusted. She was torn between trying to hold on to her childhood and teenage grudges and trying to trust what her father had told her. She supposed there was more than a small part of her that had believed him based off of his body language. She had to give him the benefit of the doubt—she'd made Squall talk to Laguna, so it was only fair that she made an honest attempt at reconciling with her own father. After telling him about her powers, he seemed to take it with such stride, almost as if he'd suspected all along. He made her feel as if things would be okay, even if he had to tolerate Squall being in the picture. Surprisingly enough, it was a huge relief to have his acceptance and support, and the lonely little girl inside of her didn't want to do anything to lose it.

Rinoa found a seat on a bench and looked around at the subtle lighting that illuminated the garden in soft blue, green, and pink hues. Fury sat beside her, startling her out of her thoughts. She looked over at him, wiping her cheek quickly before watching as he looked around. "I really like it up here," she whispered. "It's so quiet and peaceful. And the stars are so beautiful." She smiled as she looked up. Fury spared a glance upward but remained quiet. "It's neat…usually you can't see the stars this bright in big cities." When his silence continued, she fidgeted and played with her engagement ring.

Fury continued watching the stars. "We're higher than most of the city," he offered. "And the clouds aren't as thick here as they are back home."

"The clouds aren't that thick anywhere else in the world," Rinoa grinned.

"I've never seen the sky so clear," he admitted.



"The stars are beautiful over Balamb as well."

Fury looked over at her. "When are you going back to Balamb?"

"We have to be back on Monday. Quistis has classes and Squall has... Well, Squall has his duties that he's supposed to attend to."

"Does he really run that place by himself?"

"Not all by himself. He has help."

"What do you do there?"

"I'm sort of in the middle of figuring that out," she offered lamely. She looked down when he reached over and took her hand. She watched silently, trying not to tremble. Sitting next to him, she felt like a child all over again and was suddenly very afraid of disappointing him. The thought was laughable at best after everything she'd done in relation to the occupation of Timber and her involvement with SeeD. And of course, Squall.

"When's the wedding?" Fury asked, interrupting her thoughts.

She wet her lips and looked down at her ring. "Oh, that. Well, I uh.."

"You weren't going to tell me."

When Rinoa didn't reply, he sighed and let go of her hand. Peeking out from under her bangs, she tried to read him. He was disappointed. That hadn't taken long.

"Tomorrow," her voice was barely a whisper.

Fury shifted, turning so that he could face his daughter. Despite how Rinoa tried, she couldn't mirror his actions and face him. "And how exactly was I to find out about it? Through the gossip magazines?" he asked flatly. "You ran away. Twice. I took great risk in liberating Timber for you after the war. You hid from me for months. I had to employ my spy network to track you down. And now I learn that I was going to find out about your wedding through the media outlets? Do you have any idea how humiliating that would've been for me?"

"I didn't think about that," she told him. "I really didn't."

"Do you think about anything?" he asked her. "You're getting married tomorrow and you're barely of age. You're still a child."

"I'm a sorceress," she whispered. "All of this is way beyond the teenage runaway that I was. This is bigger than Timber and your reputation in Deling." She wet her lips and looked down at her hands. "The journalists scare me. Squall is my knight and he proposed. I couldn't just go back to Balamb with a ring, the media would've been all over it. They would've started harassing us even more than they already have been. Someone might discover what I am if they watch me too closely."

He furrowed his brow and then clenched his jaw. "I don't enjoy the tabloid stories, but I'd hoped that they'd at least kept their distance away from you."

"No. Squall had guards posted outside of Garden and along the road. The reporters and photographers are really pushy," she frowned. "He does everything he can to keep them away from all of us. There are some things he can't help though."

Fury sighed and looked around the garden before directing his attention up at the stars. "Does it have to be here?" he asked.

"Does what have to be here?"

"The wedding."

"It's beautiful here."

"Its just a bunch of flowers. Don't limit yourself. Don't go back to Balamb just yet and pick a destination. I'll pay to send you there."

She looked up at him, unable to form words for a long moment. A few tears escaped. "You'd do that for me?"

"Things are much more complicated than I was led to believe," he responded. "But I only want the best for you."

Rinoa smiled. "I want to have it here on the rooftop. It's beautiful here."

He sighed. "…You're certain?"


"Alright," he conceded.

A cautious grin spread across her lips before she lunged over and wrapped him in a clumsy, but fierce, hug. Fury nearly toppled off the edge of the bench but managed not to—barely. He carefully wrapped his arms around her shoulders as he adjusted to the unfamiliar show of affection.

The sound of a rock scraping across the stone path interrupted them. They couldn't make anything out at first but then Laguna stumbled in the darkness and his surprised cry alerted them to his presence. Rinoa whirled around to see where he was and Caraway sat up a bit straighter, peering over her head. Laguna offered an awkward wave as he approached. His features were barely visible but Rinoa could tell he was grinning broadly.

"Watch that corner, there's a stone that sticks out a bit," Laguna said a bit sheepishly. Neither Fury nor Rinoa said anything and instead just stared at him. The longer the silence went on, the more awkward the President seemed to get. A small smile spread across Rinoa's face. Laguna was such a goof.

Your father is such an adorable dork, she teased Squall.

Ugh. This is what you reopen the connection to tell me? He complained.

Rinoa grinned even more broadly, making Laguna think she was grinning at him. Laguna scratched the back of his head in response.

"Its getting really late. You should probably go to bed," he told Rinoa. "If you want, I have a furnished apartment you can stay in," he offered to Fury.

Rinoa hesitated and cast her father a brief glance before nodding. "You're probably right," she told Laguna. "I think I'm going to go to bed."

Fury nodded silently, having given up all control of the situation… for now. Rinoa offered him an awkward hug before hugging Laguna and then slipping around the pair of men and heading inside the palace. After she left, Fury stared at Laguna.

Suddenly alone with Fury in the dark garden, Laguna looked around. While he was certain there were guards somewhere, he definitely couldn't see them, and it made him feel a bit vulnerable. He watched Fury cautiously, imagining Kiros laughing at his discomfort as he watched them through the security feed.

Fury broke the silence. "She's not staying with him tonight is she?"

"W-What!? Oh no," Laguna assured him quickly. "I made the girls stay in one room and the boys in the other."

Fury nodded as they started walking back towards the rooftop doors. "You were going to host a wedding here without even telling me?" he asked.

"Not to be rude, but we aren't friends," Laguna pointed out. "But I was planning on contacting you afterwards so you wouldn't find out from like… the gossip mags."

"How thoughtful," Fury grumbled before tripping over the same stone Laguna had stumbled over minutes before. Laguna reached out to grab his arm but Fury pushed it away.

"Well with all due respect, I had to protect Squall," he stated. "I didn't want to risk you coming up with some kind of emergency that required Garden's assistance so you could try to tear him away from her."

Fury looked over at him. "I wouldn't have done that," he stated.

"I wouldn't have put it past you," Laguna countered.

"It wouldn't have worked."

"Fair enough," Laguna agreed as he paused to let the doors slide open. Giving a nod to a guard on duty, he stepped inside. The two men walked in silence to the lift. The only sounds in the empty hall were their footsteps and a fountain in a nearby lobby. Laguna stepped inside and pressed a button on the elevator's panel. Once Fury had joined him, he loosely crossed his arms and hummed a bit to distract himself from the oppressive silence.

Fury watched Laguna for a long moment before he reached over and hit the stop button. The lift lurched to a standstill, causing Laguna to lean heavily against the support rail.

"What'd you do that for?" Laguna asked uncomfortably. "You know they're gonna figure out this thing has stopped and will come to check things out."

Fury ignored him; it was time to take back control. "What do you think you're doing?" he asked him.

Laguna looked around. "Honestly? I'm trying not to freak out. I've never been stuck in one of these things."

"That's not what I meant," Fury frowned as he closed the distance between them. "With Squall and Rinoa. What's your angle? Based off of what I've gathered, you're a worse father than I am. Is this your way of compensating for not being there? Just consenting to whatever whims and fancies they can come up with?"

Laguna frowned as he continued to hold onto the rail tightly. "To be honest?" he asked. "I'm trying not to be you."

Fury stared at him, torn between bewilderment and offense. He felt as if he should be offended by the comment.

Laguna continued. "Rinoa ran away from you and always talked about how bad things were with her father. I want to be someone Squall can always come to if he needs me. I want him to feel safe with me, regardless of how much I embarrass him," he frowned. "And he does seem really embarrassed by me." Laguna watched as Fury leaned back against the opposite rail. "I just found out I had a son, I'm going to do whatever I have to do to keep him in my life," he added as he lunged forward and hit the release button on the control panel. The lift started moving again and Laguna slumped down into the padded seat affixed to the wall.

"I did the best that I knew how to do," Fury stated solemnly. "If she thought I was bad…My father was awful."

Laguna watched him, fighting a frown. The lift door snapped open and they were greeted to the sight of four guards waiting on the other side. "Told you they'd notice," Laguna said playfully to Fury. Fury raised an eyebrow, annoyed by the other man's sudden impishness. Even the guards seemed unsure of the situation once Laguna started grinning. "Stand down boys, we're just going to have some drinks. No need to be concerned," Laguna dismissed them with a wave of his hand. Fury stepped off the lift and followed Laguna silently. He had no idea what he was doing now that he'd had the chance to speak with Rinoa but alcohol definitely sounded appealing.

They walked for what felt like forever. The palace was every bit as big on the inside as it looked on the outside. Eventually, they came to a wing that was decorated much differently than everything else Fury had seen. Laguna stopped at a panel on the wall and swiped a card. The door beside them slid open and he followed Laguna into what appeared to be a private residence. He looked around, curious if he were actually in the President's abode. The place was decorated but it seemed impeccably tidy. Fury had his doubts that this was an occupied apartment. Laguna continued to lead him through the large open rooms, and the further he walked, the more he began to doubt that this was even an apartment. They entered what appeared to be an entertainment room with a bar. Laguna went over and opened up the refrigerator while Fury lingered to inspect an interesting looking game table.

"Is there anything specific you'd like?" Laguna asked as he pulled out a bottle.

"I'll just have whatever you're having," Fury said as he traced the carving on the table with his finger tips. "Unless it's fruity. I don't do fruity drinks."

Laguna hesitated momentarily before putting his drink back. "Neither do I man. Don't like the uh… aftertaste," he lied as he pulled out two beer bottles.

Fury cast him a doubtful glance. "What is this?" he asked, looking down at the intricate carvings on the tabletop.

"It's an awful Estharian game," Laguna told him as he sat Fury's beer on the edge of the table. "It's a strategy game based on complex mathematic calculations—it is terrible. It was in my quarters when I moved in, but I made them move it out after I couldn't figure out how to get off of the home space. Kiros loves it though."

Fury nodded as he sat down in a recliner and took a drink of his beer. "Is this the furnished apartment?" he asked.

Laguna nodded. "I'll have it redecorated for Squall and Rinoa to stay in after they're married."

Fury looked around the room. "It's nice," he offered.

"Yeah but I figure I'll do something to make it less minimalistic. It could use some clutter to make it cozy."

Fury took another drink. Of course Laguna would think clutter was a legitimate decorating tool. "I'm sure they'll like it," he dismissed. He adjusted himself in his recliner and looked around for the lever to raise the footrest.

"All that in the office about Julia, was it true?" Laguna blurted out before he could stop himself.

Fury looked over. "Yes. Why?"

"Just curious," Laguna said quietly as he inspected the level of liquid still sloshing around in his bottle. "Rinoa looks just like her."

"I know," Fury replied.

"She's a beautiful young woman."

"Point being?"

"I don't really have one," Laguna said as he took another drink. "Squall looks like his mother."

"Lucky bastard," Fury grinned as he finished his beer.


Fury smirked. "Don't be so offended. You enjoy the fact that when you look at him you can see his mother don't you?"

Laguna nodded after a moment. "Yeah," he grinned. "I do."

Fury stood up and retrieved himself another beer. "If he ever hurts her I'll hunt him down and end him."

Laguna turned to watch him. "First off, he won't, not intentionally, anyway. Second, speaking of hurting someone, if you ever touch him again, I'll… "


"I'll kick your ass," Laguna warned him.

Fury fought a snicker. "Alright. I'll consider myself warned."

Laguna frowned. "No. I'm serious. If you ever lay another hand on him, I'll catch a ride to Galbadia and be at your door before you even know that I know what you did. You've been a General for forever. You've got to be off your game."

Fury frowned but let it go. "I won't," he promised.

Laguna nodded as he sat his bottle down on the table. "Good," he said as he tossed his hair back out of his face.

"What time is the wedding tomorrow?" Fury asked as he leaned against the bar.

"Seventeen-hundred," Laguna answered.

"Up on the roof?"

Laguna nodded.

Fury nodded. "It's almost three already."

"It is?" Laguna asked as he checked his watch. "Oh look at that. I've got to let Ellone know what I need her to do in the morning before I head to bed. I'll see you later. If you need anything, just dial housekeeping or the kitchen. The numbers are labeled on the phone."

"I will," he said as he carried his beer back to the recliner.

Laguna nodded. "I'll let myself out," he told him. "…Night."

"Night," Fury said as he sat his beer on the table and slowly lowered himself into the recliner. Stretching his legs, he reached over and picked up the phone. He dialed home as he reclined the chair back and picked his beer up. He smiled when there was an answer. "Good afternoon, Darling."

"Fury? It must be after midnight there!" Lavender's beautiful accent brought a smile to his face.

"It's going on three here."

"You had better get some sleep. You and I both know how cranky you get when you don't get enough sleep. I'd hate for your charming morning personality to get you locked up by the Presidential Guard."

He snorted. "I'll go to bed shortly. You'll be happy to know that I was able to talk to Rinoa."

"How did it go?" She asked hopefully.

"It went fairly well for the most part. Well, if you overlook the fact that she's getting married tomorrow."


"I know," he frowned. There was a loud shuffling on the other end and he listened as Azalea's high pitched voice grew louder. There was a rustling sound and then heavy breathing.

"Good afternoon, Sir!" a happy, excited voice shouted in his ear.

"Hello Az," he smiled. "Holding down the fort while I'm gone?"

"Yes sir!"

He smiled. "Promise me you'll always be a good girl for your mother and I. I don't know if I'll be able to handle it if you turn out like your sister."

She giggled on the other end.

"Did I say something funny?" he asked.

"You're silly, Sir. I don't have a sister."

Fury hesitated, at a loss for words. "Yes um, could you put your mother on?"

Laguna returned to his wing of the palace and fought a yawn as he trudged through the large living room. He enjoyed having so much company, as the space was really too big for one man and his dog. Passing through the kitchen, he smiled when he saw a bowl full of cookies—Ellone must've been baking earlier. Going over, he grabbed two. Upon tasting the delicious treats his niece had made, he went back for two more. He really had to encourage her to stay here with him, he didn't want to go back to living by himself. Finishing his second cookie before he ever made it to his bedroom, he kicked off his flip flops and unbuttoned his shirt. He started to unbutton his pants but then remembered that he had to speak with Ellone about the wedding plans first.

Popping the third cookie in his mouth, he left the fourth on his nightstand as he left his bedroom and walked back down the hall. From what he could tell, everyone was sleeping – he couldn't hear anything coming from any of the bedrooms. Getting to Ellone's door, he hesitated a moment. Did he knock and wake both her and Jasper or did he slip in and just rouse her? Too tired to really care, he pressed the release and waited as the door slid open. The light from the hallway spilled onto Ellone's bedroom floor and fell across the dresser and the empty couch where Jasper usually slept. He stopped in his tracks. The bathroom door was open and the lights were all off. Turning to face the bed, he stumbled over a pair of shoes and bumped into the night stand. Quickly switching the lamp on, he went to grab the blankets to call Ellone and Jasper out but was instead met with the sight of a blade near his face.

"Holy Geezard's guts Jasper! What are you trying to do, give me a heart attack!?" Laguna cried out as he fell backwards, landing rather unceremoniously on the rug.

"Laguna! Are you mad!?" Jasper hissed as he lowered the dagger to his lap. "You can't just sneak up on a SeeD in the middle of the night and ambush them! I could've cut you right open!" Jasper closed his eyes momentarily as he brought a hand up to cover his heart. He opened his eyes to see Laguna holding his own chest as he recovered from the fright.

Beside him, Ellone stirred under the blankets.

"For your sake she'd better be clothed," Laguna warned him in a breathless tone.

Jasper scowled. "Of course she is," he told him as he tucked the dagger back under his pillow.

"What are you doing with that thing in bed?" Laguna asked. "This place is safe. There are guards posted everywhere and security cameras all over the place."

"It's called protection," Jasper stated. "I don't trust your people."

"That had better not be the only protection you keep around," Laguna grimaced as he stood and rubbed his tender back side. Jasper hesitated and glanced over at Ellone. The mortified look on her face said it all. Laguna paused. "What did I say?" Ellone scooted a little further behind Jasper. Laguna watched her, feeling a bit of panic flare up. "Tell me you've used protection."

"Look, Laguna, we haven't—"

"Don't 'Look Laguna' me," Laguna warned him. "I'm not stupid. You two have been sneaking around the entire time you've been staying here haven't you? I believe you two haven't been messing around about as much as I believe that Selphie and Irvine are both virgins, so spare me your lies," Laguna said flatly.

Jasper opened his mouth but nothing came out. He spared an uncomfortable glance over his shoulder at Ellone. She wet her lips. "Uncle Laguna, he wasn't saying that we …haven't," her voice came out very softly. "He was saying that… we didn't use it and—" she diverted her eyes down to the comforter.

Laguna just stood there, rooted to his spot on the rug. "Ellone honey, finish that sentence."

She looked up at him and adjusted her gown strap. "I'm having a baby," she said, struggling to get the words past her lips.

Laguna just gaped at her. "H-H-How far along?" he managed.

"Almost four months," she answered.

Laguna focused his attention on Jasper. "You're about to need that dagger," he warned him as he forced his stiff leg forward.

"Uncle Laguna, no!" Ellone reached out for Jasper as he quickly got out of bed and met Laguna on the floor. "Jasper!"

"You've got some nerve," Laguna frowned as he shoved Jasper back. "I allowed you to stay here with her under the belief that you were doing your duty of protecting her. She's been shuffled around the world her entire life. She doesn't have any skill set to support a baby!"

"She won't have to do it alone, she has me!" Jasper held up his hands as he tried to calm the older man.

"You lied to me!"

"You wouldn't have allowed us to stay together."

"You lied to me and you disrespected her!"

"No he didn't!" Ellone tried to interject, still sitting on the bed. "Really, Uncle Laguna, Jason and I have been trying to be together for years."

Laguna gave Jasper a disbelieving look. "So your name isn't even Jasper? You lied about that too?!"

Ellone brought her palm up to her forehead. It was too early in the morning to deal with this. "His name is Jason Pernell. Jasper is the nickname I gave him."

"Oh," Laguna paused a moment. "Well, he still lied to me about his intentions with you."

"I lied too," she spoke up.

"Ellone keep out of this, this is between me and Jasper."

She sighed as she threw the blankets aside and slipped out of bed.

"How is she supposed to support herself now?" Laguna charged.

"She won't have to, I'm going to do the supporting for her."

"Is that so?"

"Yes it's so."

"Well who's to say she didn't have any grand plans for her life that you've tossed on the backburner because you couldn't keep it in your pants?"

"You mean like plans grander than her just living under your roof so you can play family with her until the day you get old and senile? Yeah, she has plans. She wants to study here to be a doctor so she can go back to Winhill and practice medicine," Jasper stated. "And she can still study because I'm going to support her."

"Well… how do you propose to do that? I highly doubt Squall is going to continue to pay you to sleep with his sister."

Jasper frowned. "I'm just as much a SeeD as the rest of them," he stated. "I can make a living."

"Supporting yourself doing mercenary work? Just try not to get yourself killed by the time the kid is three."

"If it's good enough for Squall and Rinoa, it's good enough for me and Ellone," Jasper growled through gritted teeth. Laguna lashed out, hitting the younger man, and surprising himself.

"Uncle Laguna!" Ellone scolded him as she ran over to Jasper.

"Stay back!" Jasper told her as he held an arm out. "I'd hate for you to get caught up in the fight."

Laguna fell back. "I-I'm sorry," he managed. "There's no fight. I got carried away."

Ellone frowned as she examined Jasper's face. "I'm twenty-three, I'm more than capable of taking care of myself. Like you said, I've been shipped all around the world my entire life, but it was for my safety. I know how to survive with next to nothing, I can care for a baby. We were going to tell you, but we were just waiting for the right opportunity."

Laguna looked down at his hands, the fingers on his right one curling into a fist.

"Why did you even come in here?" Ellone asked softly.

Laguna looked past her and out at the early morning sky through the blinds. "I just—There's a list of contacts on my desk of people helping with the wedding tomorrow. I wanted to ask if you would oversee it while I slept in," he told her.

Ellone nodded. "Of course I will," she told him as she reached out for his hand. "Come here. Please?" Laguna stepped forward and did as she asked. Ellone pulled him into a hug. "I'm sorry you found out this way," she whispered. "I really am. I love you."

Laguna smiled as he slid his arms around her and wrapped her in a hug. "I love you too sweetheart. We'll talk more about this after I've had some time to sleep and cool down," he whispered. "Now, set your alarm and get back in bed. You need your rest."

Ellone nodded with a smile. "Good night, Uncle Laguna."

"Good night," he smiled. "Say good night to lover boy as well."

"What?" Jasper asked as Laguna grabbed his arm and jerked him across the rug. "You're not staying with her until you're married to her. Clearly I can trust Squall more than I can trust you. He at least abides by my wishes."

"Uncle Laguna," Ellone said, exasperated.

"Get some rest. For the baby," Laguna smiled as he pointed to the bed. "Don't worry. You can have him back after you wake up and get out of bed again." Ellone sighed as she slumped down to sit on the foot of the bed. She fought a chuckle as she watched Laguna drag Jasper out of the bedroom in his boxers. She just hoped that he didn't toss him in with Squall and the other guys. That would make things awkward at the breakfast table.

Laguna hit the control panel to the door with the palm of his hand. The force of the blow rattled the wall and startled Zell, Irvine, and Squall from their sleep. Squall and Zell were ducking for cover and Irvine was pulling out Ulysses when Laguna unceremoniously shoved Jasper into their bedroom. "He sleeps in here with you guys. If he tries to sneak out, shoot him," Laguna told Irvine.

Still groggy, Irvine blinked as he stared down at Jasper. "He caught you in bed with Ellone didn't he?" Irvine grinned as he sat the gun back under the edge of the bed.

"Not only that," Laguna clarified. "But I found out that he got Ellone pregnant." Squall quickly rose from his place on the floor and stared at Jasper in disbelief. "Have fun with that," Laguna told Squall before pressing the button to slide the door shut.

Zell crossed his arms as he stood next to Squall in his pajamas. "Man you are in so much trouble."

Author's Notes: First off, I want to thank those of you still reading.I know I've gotten a bit slow at updating this story, but I hope you all have enjoyed reading this chapter. It took a bit longer than I wanted in editing and then the holidays happened. I hope to get the last chapter done soon so I can move on to the next story in this series. I've developed a bit of a backlog, there are now three stories waiting on this one to be finished. I want to give a huge thanks to my Editor and Muse and my Beta Reader. Without you two, there would be a disturbing amount of comma abuse and awkward dialog in this chapter.