Don't you hate being draged into the middle of other people's drama when you have your own to deal with at home? I sure do! I have been friends with Tifa almost all my time I've went to this school and then she just has to drag me into it. I hate her sometimes. Well, I bet your wondering 'What the hell is this story?' Well let me just start from the beginning.


It was a rainy day in my home town of Twilight Town, and boy do I hate rain. You see, I'm a neko, a cat of sorts, and I hate to get my ears and tail wet. Anyway, I get out of bed and head to my closet and pick out a sky blue shirt and some dark wash blue jeans and head to the shower. I quickly turn on the water and step in. Its cold but soon changes to where its not to cold and its not to hot. I quickly do what I have to and step out, grabing a towel from the shelf. I dry off and put my clothes on, and then head downstairs to get something to eat before I go to school. As I get down to the ground floor, my mother greats me.

"Good morning, Cloud. Did you sleep well last night?" she asks. You see my moms a neko to, but she's a dog type. My father was a cat type so, I got it from him, but I never really did meet him.

"Yea, I slept fine, mom. And you?" I ask after a slight pause. "It was just wonderful, darling!" she smiles and hugs me.

"Thats good, but I have to get going or I'm gonna be late for school today, its already 8:15, I have to be there at 9. Love you, see you when I get home!" I call as I run out the door and I hear her respond with something of the same manner.

I jog over to the garage and put in the pass code. The door opend and I get my keys to my Midnight Blue 2012 Mitsubishi Eclipse, I hit a button on the keypad and the door raises upward, I hop in and shut the door. I quickly start the car and backup and head to my school.


Its around 8:45 when I get there, so I park in front of the school with the other kids cars. I easily find my friends I hangout with and go stand with them. On my way though, I pass a group of the prep/bully type of people and they start to whisper. They don't know I can hear them with my feline ears.

They whisper 'dosen't he know he's not welcome here? He's not normal, he belongs somewhere like Halloween Town, just not here!' and they all turn and giggle like mad men and women. My ears just flatten and I walk faster then what I was. I get to my group of friend and they welcome me with and casual 'hey' and 'good morning'.

Then Tifa arives. She grabs my arm and drags me off to the side without ever saying anything. I start to struggle to get out of her grasp. She just tightens her iorn grip and drags me a little further away from all the others. Then she turns and looks at me a blank look on her face, like I'm supposed to tell her something. "Well?" she asks. I make a face and say "Well, what? Your the one that draged me all the way over here!" I say with my head down.

She sighs and opens her mouth again "I thought you would have known, Cloud! We're getting a new student from Halloween Town today! I hear he's in the office now and some of the girls say he's quite cute, but he wont take his hat off. I wonder what thats about!" She says quickly. I have a blank look on my face now and she just slaps at my face playfully. I quickly block her hand from connecting to my face. "Don't forget who tought you how to fight, Tifa." I warn. She just laughs and walks away, pulling on my tail. I wine and slap at her, she just giggles and runs away.

The bell rings, signaling for us to go inside and to go to class. I start going to my locker for my first class of the day, but I'm soon interupted my the office lady speaking over the intercom 'Cloud Strife come to the main office, Cloud You.' Almost everybody in the hall way turns and looks at me like i did something wrong. I just sigh and walk toward the office.


When I get there I'm greated by the office lady, who's name I never did know. I turn to face her and look at her for an explination. She just smiles and says "Cloud, this is our new student, Zackary Fair, and I was wanting you to show him to his classes. You see, Zack here is kinda like you Cloud." She turns to so called Zack and asks him, "Zack would you be a dear and take your hat off please?" He does and I gasp.

He has dog ears, kinda like my mothers. "Whoa." is all I can say and he blushes slightly and looks downward. "Well, now you see why they paired my classes up with yours. I'm sorry if I cause you any truble, Cloud." He smiles and looks me in the eye.

I almost go week in the knees as I see his eyes and his briliant smile. "No, it's my pleasure Zack. We should get going, we don't want to be late for out first class, wheres you locker, so we can put your new books in it?" I ask. His smile grows bigger and he replies with "Its number 409. Right beside yours, number 410."

I smile at this and turn to the office lady, "I'll see ya later Miss." and walk out of the office, following Zack out the door. "Be good you two!" she calls out before the door closes.

Authers note:

Well?What do you think? This was just kinda spur of the moment kinda thing, but I do plan to continue it. Just hit the little blue button at the bottom. Please tell me if you like it, hate it, want me to continue. Thanks!Oh yea, I kinda don't have spell check, so if you spot any mistakes tell me and I'll try to fix them.:)