Authors Crap:

Me: So what's up people yea I know it's a probably a crappy story but I don't care ok it could be cool I mean I've got a pretty fucked up imagination

Light: Nick -Shakes jar-

Me: Crap -Digs in pocket and pulls out a quarter and puts it in the jar- you know when I was suggesting a swear jar I was just kidding

Light: And Ive made like a thousand dollars being the only one that doesn't cuss

Dark: Jackass like a 999 of those are mine

Light:- Shakes jar-

Me: Nope I don't count jackass as a bad word so HA

Dark: Hey so HEY you chismoso mind your own business and read the story

Me: Yea just whatever go ahead and read see you at the end Byez

Name: Nick


Eye Color: Brown

Hair: Jet Black

Likes: Guns Swords Games Metal Gear Music and Fighting

Hates: Dumbasses

Power: Fire Ice Dark Light

Other: Nick likes to think of himself as the ultimate badass doesn't care about the future. Can't remember much of the past. Zones out a lot

Name: Dark


Eye Color: Red(can't really tell cuz he never takes shades off)

Likes: Guns Swords Girls Sex Shades Drinking

Hates :Dumbasses ‑

Power: Dark( Irresistible to MOST people)

Other: Dark is a special kind of bad. He's kind of a pervert and because of his

powers he usually gets his way.

Name: Light


Eye Color: Brown

Likes: Being good Helping and Stopping Evil


Power: Light

Other: Light is a do gooder. He will help people no madder what that dose get him into trouble and his bros have to bail him out and by

that I mean kick someone's ass

Name: Flames


Eye Color: Red

Likes: Fire Fireworks Sun and Burning things

Hates: the Cold

Power: Fire

Other: Flames is a fire loving dude that doesn't care much. He just Does whatever. His body temperature is really high

Name: Icy


Eye Color: Blue

Likes: Ice Cold and Snow

Hates: Fire Heat

Power: Ice

Other: Icy hate it when its too hot but he loves the cold. Can an control ice or water whenever he wants. His body temperature is really low

Nick said bye to the girl as she leaned in eyes closed trying to kiss him. But he was already walking away from another failed blinded date set up from one of his twin brothers. As he was walking away he took out a picture of the girl and wrote annoying on the back. Nick snapped his fingers and he was at his house. He saw Dark laying on the couch spread out and watching TV. "HOME" Nick said "Howed it go" Dark said not even looking up from the TV. Nick just handed him the picture and Dark turned it over and read it. "Nick umm I don't know how to put this but are you..." "I'm Not Gay" Nick said grinding his teeth. Dark knew better than to talk to Nick when he was like this so he just backed off. Nick just chuckled. "What?" asked Dark "Your the king of hell and your watching SpongeBob on a Friday night." Nick said raising an eye brow Dark blinked looked at the screen then back at Nick. "Your point?" Nick smiled and said "I'm going to bed" "Awww come on man I can get you another date just give an hour" "Last time you told me that I almost got raped." "I've been raped it's not so bad." "It's not rape if you like it Dark and you of all people should know that." Nick felt lazy and didn't want to climb up the stairs so he just teleported upstairs. Light walked down stairs "Hey Dark howed Nicks date go" "Another fail" Dark said "Come on Dark how hard could it be to get Nick a girl" Dark looked up at Light and gave him 999 pictures "At first I set him up with a really hot girl. nothing. I set him up with every kind of girl you can imagine, big boobs, small, medium, tall ,short, blond, red, brunette, jet black, and every dumb ass color of the freaking rainbow." "That just means that he didn't like them it can't be that hard." "then you try, tomorrow." Fine it can't be that hard right? "

Me: So whats up whatco think crappy begining good tell me im serious man tell me and crap I just noticed how short it is Crap

Flames: Yo Nick why wasnt I in it

Icy: Cuz ur LAME OH

Me: You'll come in later

Background: Flames and Icy arguing

Me: Aww shit well BYE