I woke up and my head was spinning and it hurt so bad. The bright light in the room I was in didn't help at all. Neither did the small quiet sobs I heard. I put an arm up to my head and something flashed. I ignored it but then reality hit and I started to freak out. I tried to yell but my voice only came out in a very raspy whisper,

"Where the hell am I?" My throat was dry from no water and I found the small quiet sobs were coming from a man with dirty blonde hair. He looked like a wreck not to be rude but then if it were possible, his green eyes lit up the room even more.

"Grayson! Your okay!" He said happily. I looked at him scared. How the fuck did he know my name?! I was scared and looked at the slender man. But then the doctors rushed in and pushed him out. They started asking me a bunch of questions,

"What's your name?"

"Grayson Adeline Carter."

"How old are you?"


"When's your birthday?"

"December 19 1990." I replied then they asked me one that I haven't thought about since I've been awake.

"What do you remember last?" I thought about this long and hard. I tried to bring my mind to it, but then I thought of it.

"I was at a Bon fire with my friends Tasha Lincoln, Paris Devon, and Liz Blake." I said. That was really all I remember. I didn't know who that man was outside. I had no idea why he was crying, and I haven't a faintest clue why I was in the hospital. I looked at them clueless and then a Doctor named Dr Evans.

"You were in a major car accident.. You hit your head severely and you've been in a medically induced coma for three months." Doctor Evans told me. I stared at him long and hard. Then Nurse Phillips added,

"It's also best that you know that you know it's 2012, your 21 years old, and the last thing you remember is from three years ago." I coughed and was so confused three years all down the drain?! This was crazy and insane. The doctors all left and then the guy who was crying came in and sat down with a small smile on his face.

"Hey Beautiful." He said. I just stared at him. I had two questions. 1, How did he think I was beautiful?! I have long curly stupid brown hair, green eyes and pale skin, 2, Where was I?

"Hey I was just wondering where am I?" I asked the man with my British accent louder and stronger this time. He looked confused and said,

"California. And to be more precise the LA Hospital." He said. I just nodded this was way to much information for me to process. One thing I knew for sure is that I'm still an actress or I should be.

"Am I still an actress?" I asked the man who had started holding my hand. He looked at me and said,

"The best." He then kissed my ring finger on my left hand which I realized was a ring. That was the big flashy thing. I took my hand back to look at the ring. It was a simple silver band with a square diamond ring in the middle. It was a beautiful but elegant ring and I loved it.

"We're engaged, not married." He said with a small smile. I nodded and then the mystery guy finally introduced himself,

"I've been so stupid, But I'm Kendall Schmidt, your fiancé." I just nodded. I was engaged, to a man, in a boy band. Fan-freakin-tastic. Then, three more guys walked in and I'm guessing they were the other three in the boy band.

"Hey Gray." Carlos said, I actually recognized him. He was Carlos Pena my best friend for life growing up.. I just smiled at him not saying anything just incase. The other two smiled at me as well.

"Oh I'm so glad you remember me. It's Carlos Pena, that's James Maslow, and that's Logan Henderson." Carlos said pointing to the other two. I nodded and smiled at him for being kind and introducing me to these people. Then the doctors pushed them out of the room once more and Dr Evans told me,

"Miss Carter, you may go home tomorrow."