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Sun's Heir, Death's Guardian


Konohagakure no Sato, the Village Hidden in the Leaves, was a beautiful village. Buildings of intricate designs stood tall and proud earlier that day. That is, until they attacked.


The user of the Rinnegan, the self-proclaimed God, the leader of the Akatsuki and the enemy of Konohagakure no Sato had destroyed the village with a single attack. Their best warriors quickly fell in battle against the Six Paths. All hope was lost.

And then he returned.

Naruto Uzumaki, the Child of Prophecy, Konoha's Number One Knuckleheaded Ninja, and the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, returned from his training with the Toads of Mount Myouboku. He fought bravely against the one that attacked his home, destroying the revived bodies used in place of Pein's true form, and nearly unleashing the wrath of one Kyuubi no Kitsune. Unknown to the villagers, the last part was stopped when an apparition of his father appeared in his mindscape. His confidence in himself restored, Naruto fought valiantly against the last remaining path, Deva. Once the sixth body had been defeated, Naruto went to the source of it all and he convinced his distant relative, the crippled Uzumaki Nagato, that peace wouldn't be found through pain. Naruto was rewarded for his actions by the revival of all who had fallen in battle against Pein.

And now we come to the return of Konoha's Hero, who had just collapsed under his own injuries, both internal and external.

"Get the Hell out of my way!" Tsunade barked as she shoved through the crowd of happy villagers. The crowd quickly gave their village leader a clear path and she dashed to Naruto's side. Kneeling at his side, Tsunade put a hand on his face as tears welled up in her eyes.

Bright blue pain-filled eyes cracked open and Naruto gave his grandmother a cheeky grin before whispering out, "Hey Baachan...I did it."

Tsunade smiled and brushed some of the teen's hair out of his face, "That you did, Gaki. That you did. Rest Naruto."

"Mm, okay..." sighed out the blonde as he closed his eyes once again. His breathing slowed and his heartbeat was becoming faint. The fifth Hokage looked to her apprentice and her gaze hardened.

"Get a stretcher, Shizune! He needs medical attention, now!" she ordered, receiving a nod, before looking back to the blonde, "Don't you dare quit on me now, gaki!"

Before Shizune could move to do as her master ordered, the sunlight suddenly focused on the downed orange-clad teen. The villagers backed away as a large amount of chakra filled the air, and several shinobi leapt forward to protect their leader. A figure started to manifest over the downed hero, human in shape. As the light died down, villagers gasped and shinobi fell to their knees as the figure's features cleared up. Tsunade stared in wide-eyed shock.

The figure, a male by his build, was one of the handsomest men she had ever seen in her life. Tanned (almost golden) skin, lithe muscles visible due his lack of shirt, and wild blonde hair that highlighted his ocean blue eyes. His clothes were odd, or rather, his choice to wear what appeared to be only a white skirt with golden edging along with an expensive looking belt. The golden sandals he wore on his feet reminded Tsunade of the original sandals her granduncle wore because of her great-grandfather's choice in clothing.

The man ignored everyone, though he did briefly glance at some women and their assets, before looking down at the orange clad blonde. He sighed and scratched the back of his head before he spoke in a foreign language, "(Damn, kid, you're just like your Mom...reckless, stubborn, and freakin' suicidal. First things first, I'm getting you out of here.)"

He knelt down to put his arms underneath the blonde's legs and back, picking him up like a child and feeling a swell of pride suddenly fill him. The man smiled softly as the teen relaxed and he looked to the sky, thinking, Is this how you felt, Dad? When you helped Mom raise sis and I?

"H-Hey! Wait! Where are you going?" Tsunade demanded, snapping out of her stupor. The man didn't acknowledge her words and walked towards a bright light. The villagers and shinobi had to shield their eyes, while a few unfortunate Hyuuga screamed due to blindness, as he vanished into the sunlight. Tsunade slumped in her place, falling to her hands to keep her steady.

I...I just let him walk away...Tsunade thought with wide eyes before squeezing them shut as tears formed, N-Naruto...I'm so sorry.

"Tsunade-sama?" a voice made her look up to the weakly moving Kakashi Hatake, "What do we do?"

Despite her tears, her gaze hardened as she got back to her feet. She cracked her knuckles and let a bit of killing intent slip out.

"First, we recover from Pein's attack," she muttered before her head lifted and she had a fierce look on her face, "And then we find that fucker...and save Naruto."


The drive back to New York City from the Hidden Lands was long, but Apollo didn't care. His chariot had taken the form of a 2001 Mustang Convertible and he currently had the top down. Apollo kept glancing to the first child he had actually felt some sort of parental love for in over four hundred years. The boy had his mother's facial build and a bit of her attitude if their meeting in his mindscape meant anything (that punch freakin hurt!), but everything else labeled him as the Sun God's son. A cocky smirk went over Apollo's face.

"You're gonna be as much as a lady-killer as I am," the god mused to his unconscious son, still recovering from whatever happened to him in the Hidden Continent. Suddenly Apollo heard his phone ring and grabbed the white cellphone, flipping it open and groaning when he saw who it was.

Pressing the accept button, the Sun God hesitantly said, "Hello...?"

"WHERE IN HADES' NAME ARE YOU?" The sky suddenly darkened around him and Apollo swallowed at the flash of lightning he saw. Forcing the worry back, Apollo said, "Uh...Wazzup Dad?"


Apollo sighed, "Dad, can this wait until I get back. Talking and driving while fun isn't my thing."


Apollo swallowed and made a rash (i.e. stupid) decision: He hung up the phone. A lightning bolt suddenly shot out of the sky and nearly hit the right side of the chariot, where Apollo had plopped the teen warrior. The God gave a cry of surprise and worry for both his chariot and his son. More so the latter than the former.

Grabbing his phone, Apollo quickly called his father back, "Alright, alright! I went to the Hidden Lands! Happy?"

"...And WHY did you do that?" His father's ire was obvious through the phone and already the Sun God wondered how he would get out of this one. Apollo sighed and started to park his chariot somewhere south of New York City.

Once the chariot came to a complete stop, Apollo ran a hand through his hair, "Because my son contacted me."

"Son? What son?" Apollo groaned as he pinched his nose. There was a reason he never told anyone, save his uncle (and that was under protest), about Naruto.

"Do you remember why you sent me to the Hidden Lands, Dad?" the god asked quietly. Zeus snorted on the other end of the phone.

"I tried to go the way that God in those scriptures you enjoy did to teach you responsibility," The King of Gods replied, "Which didn't do much good. You came back much more cocky."

Apollo smirked, "Still jealous I figured out time/space transportation before you, Old Man?"

"Grr...Get to the point, Apollo!" Zeus snapped. Apollo looked at his still sleeping son and smiled.

"Well, I did find something..." he said softly, whimsically, "A woman...and Man...was she a woman. She was as beautiful as Aphrodite, but as hot-headed as Ares...reminded me of Mom."

"...Oh...OH...Huh...thought that Shakespeare lad would be the last..." Zeus muttered on the other end.

"So did I," Apollo murmured as the blonde started to stir, "Dad, I gotta go. He's waking up."

"Fine. But return as soon as you're finished. I want to know exactly what you did in the Hidden Lands!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah..." Apollo muttered as he hung up once again before starting up his chariot. He scanned over the city as he passed through the sky before spotting the perfect place his son should live in. He grinned.

Who wouldn't want to live in a penthouse? The god asked himself.

~Later That Day~

The sun shined down through the large windows that were to his immediate right, and Naruto groaned. He rolled to his left side and reached for another pillow to shield his face.

Goddamn Sun...the fifteen year old mused with a growl as the sun's intensity seemed to increase despite his action. He scowled and sat up, glaring out the windows at the giant orb of gas. Raising a fist, Naruto grumbled, "One day...I'm gonna find a way to put you out for good."

If anything, the sunlight shined brighter for a fraction of a second. The action made Naruto scowl before he started to look around the hospital room, but then it hit him. The hospital room he normally was admitted to didn't have windows that big!

The whiskered blonde swiveled his head around to find out where he was when his jaw popped open. He was in what seemed to be a really expensive looking room, rich blue carpeting covering the floor and a pleasant light tan pain adorning the walls. At least nine small spherical lights were in the ceiling, and the ceiling itself seemed to be made of fine material. Satin blue sheets kept his lower body decent while silk curtains hung waiting at the end of the wall of windows. The bed he was in felt like a large feather and it was at least thrice as large as his previous bed, if not five times.

He saw a large black screen resting on a dresser and leaning against the screen was a thin plastic rectangle with several small buttons adorning it. Standing up to examine the small rectangle, something white and moving caught the blonde's cerulean blue eyes. There was a note written in a foreign language, but Naruto still could make sense of the strange symbols, that read, "Press the blue button."

Finding said button, Naruto did as instructed and jumped back in a fighting position when the screen suddenly flickered on. Though he relaxed when a familiar face appeared on the screen, that of his father, the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze. The man's smiling face made Naruto smile in remembrance at their initial meeting within his mindscape. His thoughts stopped when the image spoke.

"Hey Naruto! You may be wondering where you are, and what I'm doing here, but I'll explain that later. See, the truth is, Minato Namikaze is an alias, a false identity. I'm not native to the Hidden Lands, or the Elemental Nations as you call them. I can't tell you who I really am, not yet anyway, but I can tell you that you're not in Konoha anymore."

Naruto gaped, but before he could lash out at the TV, his father's visage continued with raised hands.

"Now, I know you're mad, Hell, your mother would be, too. The thing is, I need you here in these lands to watch over your half-brothers and half-sisters. I would, but I'm, er, busy with my job...yeah."

"And my name is Sasuke Uchiha," Naruto grumbled with a twitching eye, severely irritated at his father before beaming, "Though the brothers and sisters thing sounds good..."

~45 Minutes Later~

"-Need you to read the books that are next to your bed. If there was another way, I'd tell you, but you've got one advantage most others don't." At this, Minato looked left and right before saying cheekily, "Shadow Clones are very useful. Keep that in mind. Oh! And I highly suggest looking in the closet. Sorry I can't stick around, but uh, I've got things to do. See ya around, Naruto! Daddy's so proud of his little fishcake~!"

Naruto felt his eye twitch before he started to grumble, "That son of a-Grr...He knows it doesn't mean Fishcake! Bastard..."

With a sigh, Naruto turned the screen, which he learned from his father's lengthy speech was a television, off and went to the closet. Throwing the door open, the blonde felt his jaw plummet once more before grinning foxily. Several shirts, all shades of sunlight, hung in front of him, most of them were variations of orange. A white jacket with red flames decorating the edging caught his attention and Naruto pulled it from the hanger.

There was a sticky note that read, "The jacket keeps you warm and it's stupid fly! -Dad."

The blonde chuckled and shook his head at his father's apparent antics as he hung the jacket back up. Naruto grimaced as he looked at the several books that were stacked near the bed. With a sigh, he approached them before remembering what his father had said on the DVD he just watched. Naruto grinned and held his hands up in his favorite hand seal.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Naruto said with a wide smile as seven clones popped into existence, all clad in white boxers like the original. Already aware of what he wanted, the clones saluted and went to work while the original grabbed some clothes and went to the bathroom to freshen up.

He was at first confused by the single knob and several small patches of holes, but he eventually figured out the functioning of a shower...after a few minutes of trial and error.

After his shower, Naruto walked out decked in carpenter jeans that gave him enough movement to use his frog taijutsu and a loose orange shirt. He couldn't find his kunai or shuriken pouches, which greatly unnerved him, but he did find a belt apparently made from his headband, if the metal buckle was anything to go by. To finish his look, Naruto went to the closet and pulled out the jacket his father left him. Slipping it on, Naruto felt a brief chakra surge around him.

"Yo, Oyabun, turn the heat down!" a clone reading something about the history of the rest of the world outside of the Hidden Lands as he visibly started to sweat. Naruto blinked in confusion before slowly sliding his jacket off. The clones all sighed in relief, making the original eye his new jacket in confusion. The flames seemed to be glistening as a somewhat actual heat came off of them.

Huh...That's weird. Oh well, maybe I'll just wait a bit until it's actually cold, Naruto mused before looking at his clones and saying, "Ok, dispel guys. Thirty seconds apa-GAH YOU BASTARDS!"

The blonde collapsed to his knees and clutched his head, "Frickin' jerks..."

Naruto pushed himself back onto his feet and walked over to one of the books his clones finished with an intrigued look on his face. Normally, he thought books were evil because he couldn't make heads or tails of the kanji within them. Signs were a bit easier because they weren't as jumbled together. For some reason though, he could read this book.

Now, why is it I can read Ancient Greek? Naruto thought before something fell out from between the hardcover and the paper around it. The blonde shinobi blinked before reaching down to the small square and picking it up. He flipped it over and felt his heart jump to his throat.

The picture was of his father holding a very pregnant redheaded woman, both smiling at the camera. Written on the image in Greek, because it came out clear rather than jumbled gibberish, was: "We're always with you, Maelstrom. No matter what. Never forget that. ~Dad."

Naruto smiled despite the tears falling down his cheeks. Brushing the liquid away, the blonde managed to get out, "That bastard ...Thanks Dad."

Naruto carefully folded the picture and stuck it in his pocket before picking the book back up. He read the cover aloud, "An Idiot's Guide to Greek Mythology...Well, now I have the urge to smack Dad around some more...freakin' dick..."

After creating more clones to get more reading in, Naruto decided to explore the penthouse his father apparently left him. The living room was much larger than his old one, enough to fit two of his old apartments in actually, and the kitchen was more than an icebox with a stove! Opening the cupboard made the blonde frown though. All that was in there was yet another note.

"...He wants me to go shopping?" Naruto asked with a growl before crushing the note and holding his head when a clone dispersed, "Dammit! ...Well, at least I know the area now. Sort of."

Naruto started to go to the door when he realized something. Palming his face, the blonde said, "I don't know what currency these people use!"

"Oyabun!" a clone called before chucking out a small black rectangular object, smaller than the remote that is. Much to Naruto's relief, it wasn't plastic, but a loose leather, so catching it wasn't as painful as he thought it would be. The blonde opened the object, finding another note, and blanched.

"He could write all these notes but he couldn't stay and talk...?" Naruto mused aloud. The same clone shrugged.

"Maybe he was afraid we'd hit him again," the duplicate suggested. Naruto pursed his lips before nodding in agreement.

"Yeah, he sure wasn't expecting that punch...might have to give him another to keep him on his toes," the original said with a mischievious grin that was quickly mimicked by his clone.

He dropped the look to examine the new wallet (as it had several green paper slips with old, strange looking men on it which he assumed was the country's currency thus making it being a wallet obvious), and frowned in confusion when he saw an ID similar to his ninja one in a sleeve. Pulling the card out, he focused on the words, struggling to make a clear phrase, before he succeeded.

"Student Driver's License...State of...New York..." Naruto blinked and flipped the card over, "The hell is a Driver's License?"

"I dunno," the clone replied before their stomachs grumbled in irritation. Naruto groaned and held his before looking at the clone, "Everyone dispel, in thirty second intervals, I'm gonna go find some ramen."

"You got it, Oyabun!" the clones replied before the one standing across from Naruto dispersed first. Brushing the thoughts aside, Naruto started walking out his door intent on getting some food.

~Seven Years Later~

Perseus Jackson stared in shock as several arrows struck at the disguised Manticore named Dr. Thorn. Inwardly, he thanked all the Gods for the interference. Honestly, he had just wanted to get to Camp Half-Blood and have a nice, peaceful time just once. But noo, Grover Underwood, his best friend, just had to run into trouble. Not that it was the satyr's fault, but come on! Was it too much to ask for a break from monsters?

Apparently so.

The hidden monster gave a hiss of pain as he pulled the arrows out. He looked at his friend Annabeth Chase when she sighed in relief, "The Hunters!"

To his right, wielding a spear and dressed like a punk, with spikey shoulder-length black hair and electric blue eyes, Thalia Grace groaned, "Oh...wonderful."

The Son of Poseidon looked to where the arrows had come from and after taking note of their cloaks and drawn bows, he was shocked when he saw that each of the attackers were girls near his age, some a year or two younger! One in the front, with long black hair and a silver circlet around her head, draws her bow back further, before she spoke, "Shall I end it, Milady?"

"Y-You cannot do this!" Dr. Thorn snarled, glaring at the gathered Hunters with hatred, outrage, and fear in his eyes, "It's forbidden by the ancient law!"

"On the contrary," a young girl around the age of twelve or thirteen said from the back, "My quarry are all wild animals, Manticore. And last I checked, your species could be considered such. Zoe, you may take-"

"Yo, Auntie Art, sorry but I'm gonna have ta cut ya off, right here," a voice cut in, making the gathered group turn to look at a hooded and cloaked figure perched on a large boulder near the cliff's edge. He had his own bow drawn and it caused several of the Hunters to gasp, and Percy wondered if it was a gasp of admiration or something else, because if it was the former, he'd agree. The bow was beautifully crafted and gold like the morning sun, its gleam shining in the moonlight and reflecting onto the hidden male's clothes, and straining its string were four equally golden tipped arrows.

The hooded boy's teeth shined from the darkness of his hood from his bow's reflection, and a brief flash of gold appeared where his eyes would have been, before he let his arrows fly he said, "Allow me, Auntie. Fall, beast, for the Glory of the Sport!"

The arrows were released and met their marks. The Manticore roared when they pierced his body, before stumbling backwards. He rested against the wall and the hooded archer stood from his perch, standing at an impressive six feet, before he flipped his bow to face him and then flicked his wrist, causing the weapon to collapse upon itself. The archer placed the bow behind him before approaching the panting Dr. Thorn.

"W-What...What did you do...To me?" the monster demanded, glaring at the hooded male with absolute hatred. The archer stopped about five feet away from the creature before whipping around and pulling his bow back out, aiming at the Hunters with a strange arrow ready.

"DOWN!" he shouted as another golden flash appeared under the hood, causing them to do so reluctantly, before he let the arrow fly. No sooner had he done so, a black military helicopter pierced through the Mist surrounding them. The arrow continued and shattered the glass that made the cockpit of the machine, sticking firmly in the pilot's chest.

The archer lowered his bow and his right hand, the one that he drew with, clenched. Percy felt himself shielding his face when the helicopter suddenly exploded. He looked over the edge to see the craft's remains fall to his father's domain before looking back at the archer.

"Damn..." the hooded male cursed as the Manticore faded in a golden sparkle, "My poison must have worn off."

"Reveal thyself, man!" The Huntress that spoke before demanded as she and the others, save for the younger one that spoke, drew their bows. The archer waved them off.

"Maa, maa, Zoe-chan," he said, making the girl stiffen, "You knew who I was the second I drew my bow."

Percy, in either a brief act of courage or stupidity, stepped forward with his blade Riptide in his hand, "Who are you?"

The hooded archer tilted his head and faced the son of Poseidon. He put his bow away in the same manner that he did before as he started to approach the teen. When he was but an arm's length away, his fingerless-gloved hands parted through his cloak and went up to his hood.

While others including his friends Annabeth, Thalia, and Grover gasped, Percy blinked in confusion when the hood was pulled down, revealing a teen near the age of seventeen. Spikey golden locks covered his head in a wild manner, like a rock-star's, and two ocean blue orbs with an inner lining of pure gold around the pupils(1) stared down at him. The tanned whisker-marked cheeks suddenly pulled back as a foxlike smile was given to the Son of Poseidon.

"I am Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze," the teen started as he offered a hand, "Son of Apollo and Guardian of Hades' Children. It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Perseus Jackson."

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1: Like on the cover of Stephanie Meyer's The Host.