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Sun's Heir, Death's Guardian


The party the night after the council meeting was fun, although some of the advances made on Naruto were more than uncomfortable for the blond. Aphrodite made several passes that had him nervously laughing, unsure if she was serious or not; his father tried to get him to try and convince Thalia to have a threesome, but thankfully his aunt had put a stop to that with a solid smack that echoed throughout Olympus; and to cap it off, several nymphs had tried to convince him he needed a massage after such a strain filled quest.

However, those all paled in comparison to the interaction he had with the Goddess of Witchcraft; Hecate's more than obvious flirts and innuendos to the too-nice-for-his-own-good blond had him stuttering out excuse after excuse, until finally she had to leave to make sure the Mist was still acting appropriately, but not before giving him a kiss on the cheek. It had taken Percy, Grover and a few of the nymphs Grover had been talking with to hold an infuriated Thalia back from loosing her cool against a (although minor, still powerful) Goddess. The daughter of Zeus kept Naruto in her sight for the rest of the night after that, her claim staked not deterring any of the nymphs from trying to steal a dance.

Naruto then tried to get to know the other minor Gods, Zephyrus and Boreas in particular since he used to have an affinity for wind styled attacks prior to his resurrection as the Guardian for Hades' children. He missed being able to do the Futon: Rasenshuriken (Wind Release: Spiraling Shuriken), but the price to pay was well worth it in his opinion. Zephyrus had invited him to visit their 'digs' over in Colorado, before he was called away by Cupid. Naruto, and by extension Thalia, then went to speak with Naruto's half-sisters, the muses about something he had thought up on the Hoover Dam, which he learned from Athena had suffered a small crack on the rooftop from his exploding arrow.

Grover and Percy freely enjoyed the nymphs' company. Grover was flirting without a care in the world while Percy watched in amusement, shooting down some macho stories his friend was making up. Percy was pulled aside by his father once again, having a nice moment between them. It was momentarily interrupted by Naruto and Apollo loudly arguing who was better: AC/DC (Naruto) or KISS (Apollo), which then broke into a small brawl between the two. Percy had thought Naruto was strong, but Poseidon shot it down, stating that Apollo wasn't even really fighting, just having a good time.

The three demigods and Satyr had returned to Camp Half-Blood the next morning thanks to a ride from a more than willing Apollo, who insisted that Elvis was better than The Beatles, nearly starting another argument. Their return was met with cheers and gratitude in Naruto's case for his gifts. Little Ranger was mewing happily when he was returned to Naruto's care, recognizing the scent of the one that had rescued him from the one eyed creature. A raving mad Annabeth, who snatched her cap from him and proceeded to give him yet another chewing out, cornered Percy as soon as she could. Her kitten, Washington, hissing from his place in her arms in the Son of Poseidon's direction during the whole thing had gotten a large round of laughter from Thalia and Naruto. Poor Percy had to be snapped out of his state by Grover, who promptly did so by slapping the boy across the face. Percy grumbled that he should start wearing protection.

That evening, there was another bonfire in which Percy burnt another lovely shroud of himself courtesy of Ares' Cabin. Mark had earned himself a subtle high-five from Naruto for the light jab. Aphrodite's cabin crafted a frilly pink quilt, since there was no way that thing (as Thalia described it) was a shroud with an elegant image of Thalia's face on it. The daughter of Zeus was more than willing to practice her aim with her lightning on what she called a monstrosity that she refused to be buried in...though she did force a smile and thanks when the cabin asked her opinion on it.

Naruto's shroud wasn't burned or destroyed due to the fact that, much to the surprise of the rest of the camp, he requested to keep it, seeing as his siblings had been the one to make it. The di Angelo siblings would have made the shroud, but both of them lacked the creative talent that Cabin 7 did, and instead focused their time on the training drills that Naruto had thought up. The shroud in question had a royal blue trimming with a golden fabric center, a mosaic image of Naruto wearing his dark cloak while crouched on a rock and aiming a bow was what really sold the deal for its survival. Apparently, Bianca and Nico did help, considering that some of the detail was so similar to their first meeting with Naruto that it couldn't be a coincidence.

After the bonfire had come to an end, everyone returned to their respective cabins. Naruto carefully folded his shroud up, placing it in his trophy case within his room in Cabin 13. He then pulled his jacket off, throwing it over to the side where it landed on his punching bag, causing the sandbag to sway and gaining the saber-tooth kitten's attention. His exhaustion over the course of the past week was kicking in and Naruto tiredly walked over to his bed, falling forward and landing face-first on the pillow with a grunt. Ranger, disinterested with the swaying bag went to his rescuer's side, clawing and pawing with mewls at the teen before curling up on his back to sleep.

Naruto's body rested peacefully without a single misleading dream like he had over the course of the Quest for Artemis. His mind however...

"So you're telling me those visions were screwy because I was trying to unconsciously tap into your Seeing abilities?" Naruto summed up as he sat across from Helios playing a game of chess. Like before, he was wearing a tunic and scarf, bracers and armored sandals, which Helios explained to him was the proof of his purity within The Fade. The younger blond scowled as Helios moved his knight to take his bishop.

"Yep!" chimed the once Faded God helpfully, "Any more dreams coming your way should be rather straightforward and more specific rather than 'what-ifs' like that one about your sensei attacking civilians to get your attention," Helios explained while Naruto stared at the chessboard with a frown. The God then grinned, "So you and Zeus' girl, eh?"

"What about it?" Naruto asked, slightly distracted by the game before him. He finally decided to move a pawn forward to stop the advance of another.

"Oh, nothing," Helios said with a hum afterwards. He then moved his queen to take the obstructing pawn.

Naruto's eye twitched and he glared at the board. He hated strategy games. Sighing as he failed to come up with a plan, he decided to go with his always present Plan B: move shit randomly. His next move was to take a pawn with a rook, placing the piece just behind Helios' queen.

"I noticed that you were uncomfortable around Hecate," Helios commented as it became his turn to glare at the board. The damn unorthodox move his incarnation made confused him and blurred his Sight.

"She was practically raping me with her eyes," Naruto mumbled with a shiver before reaching up to rub his cheek, "She's normally nice, but that was a bit too forward for my liking."

"That may have been my fault," The former Sun God admitted after deciding to take the teen's rook, "Ever since we had Circe, she always wanted another immortal child. I was the only one who gave her a...Well..."

"Normal Goddess?" Naruto supplemented, aware of the other child of Hecate. He frowned at the thought of Lamia, "That wasn't the other partner's fault. Hera was a bitch back then."

"And she isn't now?" Helios countered good naturedly before shaking his head at the thought of his 'cousin, "I really don't blame her, though. I mean, if I was married to Zeus-"

"Just stop," Naruto interrupted with a green tint to his face, "I think I'm going to be sick if you finish that sentence."

"Go to town, it just vanishes anyway," the God joked before he mused, "Why didn't you use the Mist over yourself and the other shinobi back in Frisco?"

"It wouldn't work," Naruto explained after his stomach had settled, "Our chakra normally cancels out the Mist, we feel it as though it's a Genjutsu."

"Right, right," Helios nodded as he recalled the explanation on the ninja arts his counterpart gave to him moments ago. Just because he knew about Naruto didn't mean he knew everything about shinobi. Maybe back when he was a true God, the Omniscient God...the Tattle-Tale God as Selene called him, but not now. Now he was just a Prophetic Sun God, like his friend.

"You know what really sucks?" Helios continued as they resumed their game, "You won't be able to see everything and or hear everything."

"That's not a curse, that's a goddamn blessing," Naruto quickly retorted as he took the knight that had killed his bishop, "I don't want to be able to know what everyone is doing."

"Oh...Well, back in my day it was a different time, I guess," Helios mused, "Only the Gods had affairs."

The younger blond snorted as Helios made his move, "Back in your day it wasn't considered wrong for a mortal to sleep with their sister...speaking of which did you and Selene know? I read in a book that-"

"No! And whoever said we did was a damned liar and should burn in Tartarus!" Helios exclaimed vehemently as he cut his incarnation off with glowing eyes that expressed his anger. Naruto raised two hands up in an effort to placate the infuriated God.

"Relax, relax, I believe you. Besides, who am I to judge? Technically, I'm dating my aunt," Naruto pointed out before tilting his head in thought, "...Do you think the Greeks came up with the phrase 'Incest is the Best'?"

"I wouldn't put it past them," Helios replied as he looked down at the game in an effort to calm himself. Moving one of his bishops he grinned, "Check."

"What? Ah dammit," Naruto mumbled as he looked down at the board.

"So what happens next?" Helios asked after a moment of silence as their game continued, "Check."

"Shit. ...Well I dunno, you're the Seer, you tell me," Naruto said, looking up to see the God's reaction to his statement after successfully protecting his king.

Helios smirked as their eyes met and he leaned back, placing his hands on his knees, before he spoke, "You know that I can't tell you anything about the upcoming war. All I can say is that you're in for two troubling years, Naruto Uzumaki."

"What's that supposed to me– Oh no, no, no, you did not just say that as I start to wake up! You're an asshole, Helios, you know that?!" Naruto said as his form started to fade away from The Fade, Helios' laughter following him as he started to wake up.

Blue eyes with miniature suns around the pupils snapped open and teeth were gritted as the owner realized what had just happened, "Goddammit Helios."

Naruto stumbled out of his charges' cabin without waking either of them wearing nothing but his jeans. He was too irritated to even think about getting properly dressed and decided to face the outdoors that he knew would be empty save for the nymphs and satyrs that had to prepare the camp for the upcoming day. Ranger hopped out after him, basking in the unnaturally warm air that surrounded Camp Half-Blood, before bounding after a butterfly that crossed his path and demanded his attention. As his kitten ran off, Naruto grumbled to no one in particular about his past life, crossing the campground to the Long Island Sound. Cracking his neck and stretching as he walked, Naruto looked out at the river to the slowly rising Sun.

"Your old friend is an asshole," Naruto said to no one in particular, crossing his arms over his chest, "I mean, what kind of guy just gives you a teaser like that and expect you to rest easy the next day?"

There was no response, not that he expected one, and Naruto sighed, putting his hands into his pockets as he watched the sunrise. Zephyrus' winds blew lightly through the back of his hair, making small waves in the ocean and calming Naruto's irritated spirit as the warm wind passed over his back and shoulders. Taking a deep breath, Naruto noticed a familiar yet different scent nearby. The boards creaked behind him and Naruto turned to see who had also woken up early, slightly surprised to see Phoebe approach.

She was wearing her usual silver attire with her cloak's hood pulled up over her hair and shadowing it, though Naruto swore he saw a strand the same shade of blond as his own, as opposed to the dark hair color that was on the girl's head. Her skin tone seemed to have changed as well, from a milky tan to a warm sun kissed one, again like his own. These were two changes that really stuck out to him, but he played it off as a trick of the mind.

They stood in a comfortable silence before Naruto spoke, "I expected the Hunters to have left by now, what with all us boys around them."

"Lady Artemis has yet to arrive," the Hunter explained after a small glare before returning her attention to the rising sun, "And we didn't join in the festivities because we are not Campers."

"Oh," Naruto simply replied before the silence overcame them once more.

"Has Jackson told you yet?" Phoebe inquired, this time breaking the comfortable silence she shared with the boy. Naruto looked at her with an arched brow.

"Told me what?" he asked in confusion. The Hunter turned away and said nothing, making him furrow his brow.

"Phoebe, what would Percy have told me?" asked Hades' Guardian before he guessed, "Did you shoot him in the ass with an arrow?"

"The thought occurred to me," Phoebe lightly joked, "But no. That would've caused trouble for Lady Artemis."

"...I would've done it anyway," Naruto admitted with a smirk, "Maybe with a trick arrow so there would be no serious wounds. It would've been funny to see how the Squid God reacted."

A wave suddenly shot up and drenched him while completely missing Phoebe. Spewing out water comically, he glared at the water before looking once more to the Sun and murmuring, "Stupid hotheaded Sea God."

"It's what you deserve for disrespecting the Gods," Phoebe commented with a smirk. Naruto looked at her out of the corner of his eye, smirking back.

"But he is the Squid God," Naruto said, "Everyone knows it. He just happens to hate that nickname."

"Then why do you insist on using it?" Phoebe asked.

"Because it's funny to see how he reacts," Naruto replied with a grin, "And it's a form of petty revenge. The first time I ever addressed him by that name, which was accidental mind you, he cursed me with seasickness."

"Is that why you felt ill on the boat?" Phoebe asked. The blond chuckled and nodded.

"Yep, that's why," he said. He then flared his chakra and all the water on his body evaporated. Sighing as Zephyrus' warm wind passed over him again, Naruto then asked, "So why did you approach me if you were afraid Percy told me something about you?"

"That's what I've been asking myself this whole time," the Hunter replied quietly, so quiet that even his trained ears almost missed her words. Taking a deep breath, she then turned to him and admitted her shame, "I'm...A daughter of Apollo."

"...Is that it?" Naruto questioned, not really understanding why that was a big deal. Since she was a Hunter, and had been amongst the first if what his Aunt had told him, then it was obvious she was a demigod of some sort. The fact that she joined Artemis didn't really surprise him either; Being a demigod in Ancient Greece almost guaranteed a story about you either killing a monster, or being screwed over by one of your relatives.

"...That's all you have to say?" Phoebe questioned, "No demanding why I never stuck around your cabin after it was formed?"

"I don't live in Cabin 7, but whatever. Semantics," shrugged the much younger child of Apollo, "And Auntie Arte already told me about you and Zoë being two of the original Hunters back when we first started training. I put two and two together and got four."

Phoebe just stared at him before slumping her shoulders, "I...I don't know how I should feel about it. I don't have any love for Apollo as a father, only as a God."

"That's fine," Naruto told her with a small smile, "Dad doesn't really want all of us to adore him without question, though he'll always say otherwise. It doesn't matter to me whether you're my sister, cousin or even my great aunt. You're part of my family, Phoebe of the Hunt, and I will always be there for you."

The Hunter just stared at the blond, searching him for any sort of lie before she returned his smile, reaching up and removing her hood. Dark auburn hair with a single strand of gold falling to the left of her face was revealed to him and her eyes shimmered for a moment before the black pupils surrounded by dark blue pools turned silver. Naruto almost wanted to blush, but something about how she appeared just felt...familiar. Too familiar for him to be attracted to her.

In the name of Order, Helios gasped in the back of his head. Naruto missed it, distracted as the Hunter with him started to speak once more.

"Then as a Hunter of Artemis, I thank you Naruto Uzumaki, Son of Apollo," Phoebe began, offering her hand to him, "On behalf of all the Hunters, thank you for saving my Lady. If you ever need my bow or blades, just ask and you shall have it."

Naruto looked down at her hand before clasping his own slightly larger one around it. He then unsealed a tri-pronged kunai with his other hand from the small of his back, once his personal close combat weapon should he ever need it. Smiling at her, he offered the blade to her and returned, "Thank you, Phoebe of the Hunt, for having my back against my foes. If you ever need my help, with a toss of this blade, I will be there."

The Hunters left later that evening as the sun started to fall. Standing behind Nico and Bianca, Naruto shared another glance with Phoebe and the two grinned at each other. Hers small and respectful, his wide and wild. Two sides of the same coin, one might say.

Though unnoticed by the campers, Artemis, who watched as her girls started to run off from the Camp, looked up as the Moon shone brighter. Her attention went back to her grinning nephew and her own eyes narrowed in suspicion. She stared just a moment longer before turning and following her Hunters, all the while thinking about how things are changing.

A few days since the Hunters left had passed and Naruto had once more started to train the campers the only way he knew how: the Shinobi Way. He did not go easy on anyone, unless they were younger than the age of twelve. He had rearranged the Camp Schedule with Chiron, with a reluctantly present Mr. D. He still wasn't sure why the Wine God was afraid of him or despised him at times, but he attributed it to the fact that he held the power and soul of a God. Naruto was now an unofficial head counselor, a trainer, and thus was in charge of weekly events, which he ran in the arena.

It was a Wednesday, meaning he had close unarmed combat training with the children of the Big Three at ten, physical conditioning with the Cabins of Aphrodite and Demeter at eleven, co-teaching with Annabeth strategy to the Cabins of Hermes at twelve thirty (he had to eat sometime, he was after all still partially human), target practice with the Cabin members of Dionysius and Hephaestus (who were also working on modifying his Challenger in their spare time) at one-forty and finally some R&R with the Cabins of Ares, Apollo and Athena (Triple A lineup as he had taken to calling them).

Currently, it was ten-twenty-five and he had just hip-tossed Percy onto his back, making the young teen release a groan as he landed. Apparently he was still a little sore from their fight with The General Douchebag. Nico and Bianca winced on the sidelines and Thalia just whistled as she lowered the stopwatch in her hand.

"Wow, that was longer than yesterday's fight," she announced with a smirk, "Two minutes."

"Ow..." Percy wheezed before a hand was put in his face. Naruto helped the boy back onto his feet before releasing his hand and taking a few steps back.

"Again," the blond instructed, "Come at me with the intent to kill, Jackson."

Percy panted before bringing both fists up and charging at his teacher. Naruto easily blocked the first punch with his arm and pushed the raven haired teen's fist away, jumped over the low sweep that the teen spun into, and then caught the follow through roundhouse he was expecting. What almost surprised him was the kick that Percy pulled off with his free leg. Naruto ducked under the attack and released Percy's captured leg. Capitalizing on Percy's downed state, Naruto stomped down on the teen's back before lifting the leg back up and dropping his knee down on the same spot.

Percy felt all the air in him shoot out and reactively tilted back. Naruto wrapped one arm around the teen's throat before latching onto his other arm, which had slipped under Percy's armpit. The son of Poseidon grunted as his airway was cut off.

"Call it," Naruto instructed Thalia, who had taking up the role as timekeeper until her turn came. Before his cousin could do just that, Percy managed to roll onto his back, putting his feet together and pushing off the ground as he literally rolled over Naruto's face just to get free. Before the blond could recover, Percy put his hand on Naruto's chest with his fist pulled back.

"Yield!" Percy demanded through his panting. Naruto looked at him with narrowed eyes, before pushing the hand on his chest away. Percy brought his other hand toward his face, only for it to be dodged as Naruto tilted his head out of the way. Rolling on his own upper back like Percy had to escape, the Guardian clinched his knees on either side of Percy's head, flinging him forward on his back. Naruto kipped back up to his feet just as Percy managed to get on his knees. A sweep kick of his own had the almost standing Percy once more meeting with the ground. Naruto quickly popped a squat on Percy's chest, making the younger teen gasped before Naruto placed a hand on Percy's cheek, patting it lightly.

"You're dead. I just snapped your neck," Naruto informed the teen before he stood up and let him recuperate, "Can anyone tell me where he made his biggest mistake?"

"Oo! Oo!" Nico raised his hand and got called on, "He tried to trip you?"

"No," Naruto said before looking to Thalia, "Thalia-chan?"

"When you had his leg caught and he tried that second kick?" she tried.

Naruto shook his head, "No. Bianca?"

"Um...When he tried to make you yield?" guessed the elder of the two children of Hades. Percy, by now had regained his breath and was getting back to his feet.

Naruto once again turned to help the teen up before he answered, "Yep."

The four demigods were in shock, so Naruto elaborated with a sigh as he pat Percy on the shoulders, "By giving me the option to surrender, Percy unintentionally risked his own life and the lives of the others by hesitating. If this were a monster fight, would you have asked it to stop?"

"No," Percy admitted honestly, "But you can't kill monsters."

"True," acknowledged the oldest demigod present, "But you can kill humans. And one day you might have to do that."

The four demigods shifted uneasily where they stood prompting Naruto to sigh once more. Rubbing a hand over his face, Naruto said, "Look, I don't like it either, but as we saw on our quest, more people from my homeland are going to get involved, and they don't do surrender. Most of the time anyway."

"So then what do you suggest, Whiskers?" Thalia asked, crossing her arms over her chest, "How do we prepare ourselves to kill another human?"

"There's no way to prepare yourself to kill someone in battle," Naruto replied, "You just do it and then, when everything is all over, you can deal with it."

Looking at his charges, Naruto sadly informed them, "And unfortunately, you two will be the least affected by doing so."

"It's because of our dad, isn't it?" Nico pieced together. A nod was all he received. There was a brief silence before Thalia spoke up determinedly.

"Well next time, I'm not going to let you just stand by and fight them," she announced, tossing the stopwatch to Percy as she walked towards them. A sudden punch that made Naruto stumble backwards was all that Percy needed to go back to the sidelines. The raven haired daughter of Zeus brought her fists up and narrowed her eyes as she stood in the sparring ring, "Let's go, Whiskers!"

Naruto stared at her before grinning widely, settling into his own stance, "Come at me with the intent to kill, Thalia-chan."

Thalia gave him a determined grin before she rushed forward with her fist pulled back. Naruto's grin widened and just before he reacted, he had heard Helios speak.

These kids are going to be the best damn heroes that ever existed!

AN: And so concludes my adaptation of the crossover that is Naruto and Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Thank you all so much for reading and be on the look out for the sequel.

Sun's Heir, Death's Guardian II: A Hero's Peril.

Speaking of which, here's a preview.

"I'm sick of you lying to me, Whiskers! Can't you just trust me?" Thalia asked as they stood in a dark corridor, the area lit by a torch. She was wearing his white and red flame covered jacket, a black shirt and black jeans underneath it. Around her neck was a chord with her tree adorned with the golden fleece, representing her 'first' year at Camp Half-Blood.

"I do, Thalia-chan!" Naruto retorted. He wore his usual carpenter jeans with two kunai pouches on either thigh, and a plain orange shirt with a black arrow pointing up. Around his neck was the same chord a different pendant hanging from it, one of a silver arrow representing his first quest to save his aunt. It wasn't a camp pendant, but a custom one made by his aunt in gratitude, as a way to show that he had her support. The blond Guardian continued, "I couldn't tell you about him then because it wasn't safe to! We were on a quest!"

"Then why didn't you tell me afterwards?" Thalia shot back, her eyes filling with tears as she looked at him, "I had a right to know!"

"You don't think I know that?" Naruto said to her with as much anger at himself that he had with the situation he was now in, "There was no safe time for me to tell you! Rai-Jiji might have killed me on the spot if I did!"

"Well maybe you should have anyway!" Thalia cried out, "He's my brother, Naruto, and you've known he was alive this whole time!"

"And it's been tearing me up inside that I couldn't tell you, Thalia-chan!" Naruto tiredly explained, grabbing her shoulders as he spoke to her. His words became muffled and unintelligible, but they resulted in the girl opening and closing her mouth before embracing him in a hug, burrowing her head in his chest. They stayed like that before the ground shook around them.

Naruto's eyes snapped open and he shot upwards in his bed within Camp Half-Blood's 13th Cabin. His chest heaved lightly with each pant and he put his left hand to his head. Groaning, he squeezed his eyes shut and plopped back down on his bed. That was the fifth time since April that he's had that dream and like the four times before, he was going to go mad all the upcoming day trying to figure out what the Hell it meant.

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