Welcome Back?

Jo wasn't expecting a big to do when she returned to the Palm Woods. She wasn't expecting to still feel so completely in love with Kendall. She also wasn't expecting him to still be so completely in love with her either. She wasn't expecting everyone to go crazy over her return. In fact she was trying so hard on the car ride to the Palm Woods with her parents not to expect anything because trying to predict what's going to happen at the Palm Woods is like trying to predict New England weather; You can't.

Though she couldn't help the absolute surprise when she walked up to the elevator pushed the button only to find Kendall kissing a girl when the doors finally opened. She was completely blindsided when she felt stabs of jealousy at the girl and the sudden urge to scream at Kendall. She wasn't expecting every feeling she pushed away when she left to come rushing back in one huge tidal wave that threatened to pull her under.

Jo hated the feeling that there was nothing she could do either. She and Kendall were broken up and she had been gone for a year and three months. They had decided not to wait. She had no right to yell or scream at Kendall or this girl.

When she asked if they were dating she expected Lucy to say yes until she passed it to Kendall who ran away. She was a little surprised by that as well, usually Kendall faces down his problems, and never runs from them. Jo couldn't help but feel a tiny glimmer of hope that he still felt something for her since he couldn't say he was dating Lucy and that he couldn't face them.

That hope was crushed though when she went to his apartment and found him hiding from her. She knew the guys probably had seen him and that Kendall was somewhere in the apartment. They were being good friends by hiding him. She didn't blame them for that but Kendall didn't want to talk to her. Why? Maybe he just doesn't know how to tell her he likes Lucy more than her now. She asked them to tell her she stopped by just to play along with the fact that Kendall isn't there.

She hadn't wanted anything big for a welcome back but a hello would've been nice or even a hug. All she wanted when she left New Zealand was to just see Kendall in person again. Now she's here and that's not even a reality.