Here is my second fanfic. Yes I am bad, I didn't finish my other writing yet, but I just couldn't stand it to write this down. The next chapter is coming very soon!

It was a beautiful morning in Nerima, the birds sang loud on the blooming cherryblossom trees, and the wind brought the scent of the flowers everywhere. Just like a perfect morning. But not only flowers could be smelled, from a restaurant tasty okonomiyaki smell came out. Ucchan made her breakfest as usual.

-I wonder when the first customer will come today. I don't have too much time until school.

Just as she said that, a strange old man with a big backpack came in. He had some poor, worn out clothes. *Hm I don't think I have ever seen him in this region, he has a very unique appereance so I think I would have remembered him.*

-Welcome! What can make you sir?

-That looks good on the cooking table what you just made darling, I want something like that.

-Oh this is an expensive one, you know, and you don't look as if you have too much money.

The man glared at her with an evil smile. *Man, is he creepy *-tought Ukyo.

-Well, it's true, I don't have too much money, but I think my request would interrest you. You know, I travel a lot, and have some interresting stuff here in my bag.-He began to vacate his bag on one of the tables.

The things made Ukyo curious, some of them looked really appaling and mysterious. Her eyes stopped at a little bottle, with the name: "Deepest Love"

-What is this?-asked as she lifted the bottle.

-Ah you have a good sense to quality my dear. That is a liquid what awakes the deepest love in someone for a period of time. You just have to put a pile of hair in it, and who drinks it will be in love with the owner of the hair. The time in which the spell is active depends on the person who gets it so I can't tell you the exact time but maximum 1 day. The effect will be more and more strong with the time, so at the beginning perhaps you won't recognize anything. Ah and yeah, and it begins after he/she fall uncoscious.

-That sounds great! We made a deal! How much do I need to get him drink?

-It shouldn't be more than a quarter bottle, that is the maximum, otherwise it would knock him out for the whole day and then you would have wasted the time.

-I see, thank you for the deal.

-My pleasure milady, thank you for the meal, have a nice day.-the old man headed outside.

-Come sometimes again!

I think i shouldn't do something like this to my Ranchan, but this is an opportunity I can't let go in waste. I will make him say he loves me, write it down so he can't later deny it and we could get married and live happy! Oh what a nice future!-with these words she went upside to prepare herself to school.

Meanwhile a short brown-heared girl left the okonomiyaki restaurant. She could hear the most of the conversation.

-I think this information will be interresting for my little sister.-Nabiki made her way home to warn her sister from the upcoming danger.

-Here are the vegetables you requested Kasumi.

-Thank you for helping me.

-Not a big deal, I had some bussiness on the way there anyway. By the way is Akane up yet?

-I don't think so, but you could just wake her, it's almost time.

-Okey, thanks Oneechan.

She walked upstairs to wake her sister.


-hhmmmrrr…..-Akane rolled to her other side.

-Hey Akane! Time to wake up!

-Mmmmhhh…. Nabiki… It isn't the time yet, let me please sleep a little longer.

-If you won't get up I will make some photos from you in bed and sell it for Kuno.

-Argh! Don't do that! I got it, I am awake… What do you want? I don't think you just woke me to make me angry.

She came in and sat next to her on the bed.

-You know today on my way home I heard something interresting at Ucchan's.

-I don't care what is she doing, that's none of my bussiness.

-Oh, you will care if I say, that it was about Ranma. A strange man was at her and he sold something to her that casts a spell on Ranma. Some kinda liquid, what makes you fall in love.

-Just as usual…

-Yeah, we can say that, haha! But now Akane, she wants Ranma to write down, that he loves her as a proof so they can be married.

-I don't think Ucchan would go this far… This is more like Shampoo.

-Well I have warned you, be aware my little sister.

-I am allways aware.

-Sure, see you at breakfest. –with a small wave she left the room.

*Not again some stupid spells… I am getting tired of this. And of course I have to be the one who has to keep control of everything. Hm… Should I tell this Ranma? I don't think he would belive me that Ukyo would do something like this. And anyway that jerk would keep asking me, why am I so concerned about who he loves… Well if I don't do it, who will? Not that I care, but I don't like these kinda manipulations. I think I will just make sure he doesn't eat anything what she gives him.*