Kim's POV- I got to school and headed to my first class of the day, math. The only good part is that I have Jack in my class. But, today he didn't show up at school. Later he wasn't at the dojo. Rudy said that Jack would be today, because he has the flu.

Jack's POV-

It started early this morning. I woke up around 3 and my stomach was really hurting. I made to the bathroom just in time to spill my guts. I heard the door open and saw my mom. She kneed down beside me and felt my forehead. She said I had 102 fever. Somehow she has a built-in thermometer. She made me go back to bed. Later she called school and Rudy and told them I wouldn't be there today. Apparently I have the flu. I know that I should have gotten that shot. I hate needles. Even more than I hate clowns.